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How To Run a Successful Business with Only Two Projects a Year with Dan Morris from BC Stack

Episode 21: How To Run a Successful Business with Only Two Projects a Year with Dan Morris from BC Stack

Do you know about BC Stack? It’s a bundle that comes out every year of different online marketing courses, and I have actually had a product in it for the last few years!

This bundle is unlike any bundle you have ever seen, so I am talking to Dan Morris, CEO, about how BC Stack got started and what his entrepreneurial journey has been like.

Every year, Dan searches the globe to find ordinary people doing extraordinary things in the world of making money online. Then, he invites them to team up by adding their very BEST online training to the “Stack” and lets them sell it for a tiny fraction of the retail price to tens of thousands of hungry and dedicated students for 7 days only.

This gives them a surge of new students in their business, Dan the opportunity to assemble the ultimate A-Z resource on what’s working in digital marketing today, and students the chance to learn from 65 vetted & approved experts for 1% of the retail price. This saves countless hours of researching and removes nearly all of the trial and error.

In Today’s Episode We Discuss:

  • Testing out different business ventures until you find the right one
  • Running a successful workshop model
  • Networking in different states and countries
  • Running only two big projects a year
  • Removing financial worries
  • Leveraging affiliate marketing
  • What makes BC Stack different from other bundles


BC Stack is one of the coolest concepts to me! I love that business owners from different locations and backgrounds are involved. It makes all the difference, and I can say that first hand because it has brought me so many fresh leads!

I hope you enjoyed this episode! Like I mentioned in the beginning of the show, it is unlike any other episode I have done before, so I hope you got some unique tips and tricks from Dan!

Bundles are available at on the BC Stack website starting June 13th!

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Resources Mentioned:

Speaker1: [00:00:00] Today, I have a very interesting show for you, I have a male guest on my podcast, and I think my husband might end up being a little bit jealous because I think he thought he’d be the first male guest I have on my podcast. But I brought on someone that I’ve known in the online space for about four years. We’ve never actually formally met. His name is Dan Morris and he runs something called VXI. It’s a bundle that comes out every year of different online marketing courses.

Speaker2: [00:00:29] And it’s

Speaker1: [00:00:30] Really unique. He does this

Speaker2: [00:00:32] Bundle in a way

Speaker1: [00:00:33] That’s different than any of the other bundles you see

Speaker2: [00:00:35] Out there.

Speaker1: [00:00:35] And I never knew the back story behind how Boise Stack came to be, even though I’ve had a product in it for the last three or four years. So this episode, we’re going to talk to Dan about how Stack got started, his entrepreneurial journey. It’s like no other episode I’ve done on the show to date. So I think you’ll really enjoy it and take them out of the box type tips and tricks away from it. So let’s dove in and talk to Dan.

Speaker3: [00:01:06] You are listening to the Empowered Business podcast. I’m your host, Monica Froese, a mom of two and your secret weapon to creating a six figure digital product business. I’m on a mission to help one thousand women make one hundred thousand dollars a year. That’s right. One hundred million dollars towards financial independence for women. As an online business expert, I am teaching you everything I know right here week after week so you can join us on the journey to one hundred million dollars. Sound good. Then let’s jump in.

Speaker1: [00:01:49] Dan, welcome to the podcast. Hey, well, thanks for joining us today. I would like to get started with your entrepreneurial journey where you started, how you became an entrepreneur and what you do today.

Speaker4: [00:02:02] Sure. That’s good stuff. I can’t imagine that it’s going to be too different from anyone

Speaker2: [00:02:07] Else’s, but everyone

Speaker4: [00:02:08] Has their own

Speaker2: [00:02:09] Steps. Well, in my opinion, if you took

Speaker4: [00:02:11] Every entrepreneur in the

Speaker2: [00:02:12] World you wrote

Speaker4: [00:02:13] Down the journey, I think you could probably see the same steps no matter what it is that they did. So anyway, mine started in two thousand eight.

Speaker2: [00:02:20] I had been a commercial developer.

Speaker4: [00:02:23] I had built sixty five Wal-Mart

Speaker2: [00:02:25] Stores in Arizona, California, Washington State, North

Speaker4: [00:02:29] Carolina,

Speaker2: [00:02:29] Tennessee adult. Sixty five projects.

Speaker4: [00:02:31] And those are big projects. And then here in Nashville, we tore down the mall and

Speaker2: [00:02:36] We built a Wal-Mart and a Lowe’s

Speaker4: [00:02:38] And built a Firestone, a bunch of other stuff.

Speaker2: [00:02:40] But twenty eight is when the

Speaker4: [00:02:43] Economy crashed and it crashed in a big way for real, because it was Lehman Brothers that pretty much took every down. So for us,

Speaker2: [00:02:49] That meant Walgreens, who was building 400 stores year, decided they were just

Speaker4: [00:02:54] Going to build eight stores a year

Speaker2: [00:02:56] For.

Speaker4: [00:02:57] Heck, it was a

Speaker2: [00:02:57] Long time, probably 10 years.

Speaker4: [00:02:59] And in fact, when I lived in Phenix working, developing for Walgreens, there was like I mean, there’s too many projects that there’s just no way to do. This is impossible. Even if we got more people, Walgreens was aggressive. So, in fact,

Speaker2: [00:03:11] We built some stores in the middle of nowhere thinking that neighborhoods

Speaker4: [00:03:16] Would grow up around them. And then a year later, there’s thirty

Speaker2: [00:03:19] Thousand homes around, just nuts.

Speaker1: [00:03:21] So a neighborhood would grow up around Walgreens.

Speaker4: [00:03:24] Yeah. Sixty seventh and all of in Phenix there’s a Walgreens. But when we

Speaker2: [00:03:28] Built it, there was some homes

Speaker4: [00:03:30] A block

Speaker2: [00:03:30] Away.

Speaker4: [00:03:31] But all we built was based on the building permits we saw. All these homes are going to be built. So we got done before the contractors and then the Walgreens just sat there. In fact, one of that for a year because it couldn’t find a

Speaker2: [00:03:42] Pharmacist who wanted to work in the middle of nowhere.

Speaker4: [00:03:46] But it didn’t matter to me when

Speaker2: [00:03:47] The developer Walgreens pays rent.

Speaker4: [00:03:49] So two thousand eight when the stock market

Speaker2: [00:03:52] Crashed and everything else, the guy

Speaker4: [00:03:54] That I was working for who is really

Speaker2: [00:03:56] Wealthy, he

Speaker4: [00:03:57] Didn’t exactly know what to do, you know, how long it was going to last. But he had he had

Speaker2: [00:04:01] Heart so e-, even

Speaker4: [00:04:03] Though I mean, we had projects

Speaker2: [00:04:04] We’re finishing up, but it was largely slow and

Speaker4: [00:04:06] He kept us on staff like paid us forty

Speaker2: [00:04:08] Five dollars. So from

Speaker4: [00:04:10] Twenty eight, twenty

Speaker2: [00:04:12] Thirteen I actually got paid to learn Internet marketing. And I say that because a lot of times there

Speaker4: [00:04:18] Wasn’t a lot

Speaker2: [00:04:18] To do.

Speaker4: [00:04:19] So in anticipation of this is probably going to go away, but it figure something out. I just started figuring out social media how

Speaker2: [00:04:26] To work and I got

Speaker4: [00:04:28] Involved locally with this

Speaker2: [00:04:29] Foursquare. I remember

Speaker4: [00:04:31] The app Foursquare and actually

Speaker2: [00:04:32] Became became an

Speaker4: [00:04:33] Ambassador for Foursquare the very

Speaker2: [00:04:35] Beginning. And then that took me

Speaker4: [00:04:37] To this meeting with this

Speaker2: [00:04:38] Lady that I

Speaker4: [00:04:39] Rarely ever see. But I

Speaker2: [00:04:40] Probably should. It’s probably

Speaker4: [00:04:42] 2013.

Speaker2: [00:04:43] And she

Speaker4: [00:04:44] She grasped one concept about social media that I hadn’t quite grasped, and that

Speaker2: [00:04:49] Was the hub and

Speaker4: [00:04:50] Spoke model of social media. I never heard it explained before.

Speaker2: [00:04:54] Vaynerchuk Pretty much.

Speaker4: [00:04:55] And she just drew me this picture circle. She put it down in the middle

Speaker2: [00:04:59] With the website. And then she drew

Speaker4: [00:05:01] Like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn around on the

Speaker2: [00:05:03] Outside. She said, all right. So basically she was an

Speaker4: [00:05:06] Entrepreneur, but grasp this concept. So anyway, she says basically your business is in the

Speaker2: [00:05:12] Center and then you use

Speaker4: [00:05:13] All these things to talk about your business, to drive traffic

Speaker2: [00:05:16] Back. So like

Speaker4: [00:05:17] All of the social media, things are like

Speaker2: [00:05:19] Your spokes. They’re driving

Speaker4: [00:05:20] Traffic to

Speaker2: [00:05:21] The center. And then one lunch,

Speaker4: [00:05:23] That whole thought process, every like every piece that I never wanted to up to this point made sense. Now it all makes sense.

Speaker2: [00:05:30] This is what I’m

Speaker4: [00:05:31] Trying to do. I’m not building a business on

Speaker2: [00:05:33] Facebook is this.

Speaker4: [00:05:35] And I’m using Facebook to drive traffic to the business. Oh, yes, this makes sense. Get it. Now was a good lunch.

Speaker2: [00:05:42] Sounds like it. So then

Speaker4: [00:05:45] Twitter was new and I was actually

Speaker2: [00:05:46] The number

Speaker4: [00:05:47] Two Twitter user in the state of Tennessee at the time.

Speaker2: [00:05:51] And all these different companies

Speaker4: [00:05:53] Had apps

Speaker2: [00:05:53] And stuff. And I was to

Speaker4: [00:05:55] The most followers, the most engagement to the most. And I had a lot of time talk. So I do like talking to Twitter. And then I swear it was like two months later and all of a sudden country music stars on Twitter. And then it

Speaker2: [00:06:06] Was all, yeah. And it was like

Speaker4: [00:06:07] Garth Brooks got a million followers. Well, yes.

Speaker2: [00:06:09] I’m not going to book stood

Speaker1: [00:06:11] You up,

Speaker4: [00:06:13] But while I was there in the early

Speaker2: [00:06:15] Days, I ended up talking to

Speaker4: [00:06:16] Kelsey Grammer for a while. He posted

Speaker2: [00:06:18] Something about his

Speaker4: [00:06:20] Show that he ended FRASIER. Yeah, yeah. So I just sent him an early note on Twitter. It was like, I cannot believe that I’m writer.

Speaker2: [00:06:27] But I

Speaker4: [00:06:27] Said, dude, have you noticed a difference in demographics between your cheers audience and your favorite

Speaker2: [00:06:32] Artists fans?

Speaker4: [00:06:33] And then we ended up having this long Twitter conversation about what an interesting question sounds like. It is, isn’t it? Well, the younger and older and then Gary Coleman join the conversation and it was just cool with time.

Speaker2: [00:06:47] So sort of got. All of a

Speaker4: [00:06:48] Sudden, this really

Speaker2: [00:06:50] Shallow love

Speaker4: [00:06:51] For the social media based on nothing other than I was talking to Gary Coleman like, whoa, that’s cool. And Ricky Schroder and Frasier, they’re all in this conversation.

Speaker2: [00:06:59] So then I actually joined in them. OK, which one?

Speaker4: [00:07:04] It’s a good question. It was

Speaker2: [00:07:05] A travel.

Speaker1: [00:07:06] So MLM is multi

Speaker4: [00:07:08] Level marketing

Speaker1: [00:07:08] Level marketing. I was like I almost froze on that because some people might not know the term

Speaker4: [00:07:13] Mlm a first attempt and it was a travel one. Can I remember the name? But basically they gave

Speaker2: [00:07:19] You a

Speaker4: [00:07:19] Clone of

Speaker2: [00:07:20] Expedia is your site, and if

Speaker4: [00:07:23] Anyone booked

Speaker2: [00:07:24] Through it, you make

Speaker4: [00:07:26] It

Speaker1: [00:07:26] So OK. Kind of like affiliate marketing in a way.

Speaker4: [00:07:29] Yeah, but then you recruited people to also be part of the thing and then you made more money recruiting

Speaker2: [00:07:34] Than you did. So I approached

Speaker4: [00:07:38] One

Speaker2: [00:07:38] Friend and

Speaker4: [00:07:39] He shut the door and at that moment he wasn’t a friend anymore. So that moment and we’re just talking a few

Speaker2: [00:07:45] Months in, I told my friend about

Speaker4: [00:07:46] This thing. He was like, MLM, I’m out the door. And then we haven’t ever spoken since.

Speaker2: [00:07:51] And that was

Speaker4: [00:07:52] The moment where I realized,

Speaker2: [00:07:53] Ok, I’m

Speaker4: [00:07:54] Not down for this. I’m not down for moms.

Speaker2: [00:07:57] I like my friends. I don’t need to annoy them.

Speaker4: [00:07:59] So I created a blog and letters from Dan Dotcom, which doesn’t exist now.

Speaker2: [00:08:04] I remember that

Speaker4: [00:08:05] And went to the NAMS conference in Atlanta, which

Speaker2: [00:08:09] Was what year

Speaker1: [00:08:10] Was this?

Speaker4: [00:08:10] You meet 12, 14, maybe.

Speaker2: [00:08:12] Ok, maybe two 2013.

Speaker4: [00:08:14] I guess at the same time as when my boss decided, I guess we’re out. Walgreen’s is not coming back. So. So you see, I decided. All right. Well, I tried the MLM thing for a couple of months. I realized that’s not for me. And then decided, all right, well, I’m just going to make a business on a book as one

Speaker2: [00:08:32] To do so. I went

Speaker4: [00:08:33] To this NAMS conference and where its niche affiliate marketing conference and I didn’t know a

Speaker2: [00:08:37] Lot, but I

Speaker4: [00:08:38] Did know

Speaker2: [00:08:38] Twitter was

Speaker4: [00:08:39] Really good Twitter. So I actually created a bunch of Twitter seminars at this conference in which I was not in charge. But I would teach people in the hall and then on any breaks, I said, hey, come down to this big table in the middle of the hotel and I’ll teach everybody what I

Speaker2: [00:08:55] Knew about Twitter. And all of a sudden, I mean, I had I’ve got pictures

Speaker4: [00:08:57] From people that took from over

Speaker2: [00:09:00] 50 people learning about

Speaker4: [00:09:01] Twitter. So I just teach in Twitter and then people are asking other questions. And then I found myself with fodder for the blog or like, oh,

Speaker2: [00:09:09] I know I can teach

Speaker4: [00:09:10] Twitter. And then my Twitter account

Speaker2: [00:09:13] Just got Twitter.

Speaker4: [00:09:14] Shut it down.

Speaker2: [00:09:15] I still know why, but I had

Speaker4: [00:09:17] Experimented with so

Speaker2: [00:09:19] Many apps and things

Speaker4: [00:09:21] Like if you tweet this, it will automatically go to this social media account, like

Speaker2: [00:09:26] One of those

Speaker4: [00:09:26] Days. Those authorizations were all throughout this site to be able to tweet on your behalf or whatever. So I had so many of

Speaker2: [00:09:32] Those connected to

Speaker4: [00:09:34] My Twitter account that I couldn’t get into anymore that somehow I

Speaker2: [00:09:38] Figured out how to

Speaker4: [00:09:39] Get into my Twitter account through

Speaker2: [00:09:41] An app. And I was like,

Speaker4: [00:09:42] How did that just happen? How do they just do that? So I went back and figured out exactly what it is that I did. Somehow I bypassed the blocks that Twitter put on the account and I got into my account. So then I wrote a book like How to Get into your Twitter account if

Speaker2: [00:09:56] It gets hacked and then it

Speaker4: [00:09:57] Involves you

Speaker2: [00:09:58] Going out and getting accounts

Speaker4: [00:09:59] At these other places so that you could navigate your way back in. All of that has obviously been close at this point.

Speaker1: [00:10:04] But I was going to say, well, you wrote a book about it. I imagine that Twitter decided to close that off.

Speaker4: [00:10:10] So I made mine on the book and I was like, well, this is working all right. I lost my job and I’ve already started to make money on something that I knew.

Speaker1: [00:10:17] So is this like your first digital product that you created?

Speaker2: [00:10:19] Essentially, and I sold

Speaker4: [00:10:21] It to the people at NAMS.

Speaker2: [00:10:23] Now, I didn’t have a list, but what I did

Speaker4: [00:10:26] Was there when I was teaching Twitter is I took I had everyone write their name in this iPad and told them that if I learned anything else. So I started to create moments. And then the second

Speaker2: [00:10:37] Year I asked

Speaker4: [00:10:38] The guy that ran the conference the next year if I could create a

Speaker2: [00:10:42] Guidebook for the

Speaker4: [00:10:44] Conference and he said

Speaker2: [00:10:46] Whatever.

Speaker4: [00:10:46] So I created this guidebook and then on Twitter advertised it and it would come to my site to get the guidebook and then it put their name in email and it was all from me. So I was in them creating a list of all the attendees that were coming to them based on hashtags. So I’d written about who the different speakers were and what they knew about

Speaker2: [00:11:03] This whole workbook. So that was

Speaker4: [00:11:05] Kind of the start.

Speaker2: [00:11:06] And then Rachel at the

Speaker4: [00:11:08] Time, my wife, Rachel Martin, and she

Speaker2: [00:11:09] Wasn’t my wife at the time. She was running,

Speaker4: [00:11:11] Finding joy that she had started, I

Speaker2: [00:11:13] Think, 2010. And it was a

Speaker4: [00:11:16] Pretty big motherhood’s and and one of the conferences where I was asked to speak about Twitter, I met her

Speaker2: [00:11:21] There and then I didn’t really pay

Speaker4: [00:11:23] Much attention. When you’re speaking at conferences, get lots of people come up to you after this question.

Speaker2: [00:11:28] She was one of

Speaker4: [00:11:28] Them, wrote her name down

Speaker2: [00:11:29] And stuff. And then I went and looked

Speaker4: [00:11:31] At her site

Speaker2: [00:11:32] Was like, whoa, she’s got like one hundred fifty

Speaker4: [00:11:34] Thousand followers or something on her blog. That’s a pretty big deal. So I wrote her back and I said, I think that

Speaker2: [00:11:40] I maybe I didn’t

Speaker4: [00:11:41] Pay you enough attention. Like, I didn’t respect what you built.

Speaker2: [00:11:44] I just was saying

Speaker4: [00:11:45] A little bit, probably should have been more expected. And so we ended up. We started a mastermind

Speaker2: [00:11:49] Group, which is

Speaker4: [00:11:50] Something everybody should do, and the mastermind

Speaker2: [00:11:52] Group was Raichel had goals, I had goals, Craig and

Speaker4: [00:11:56] Erina

Speaker2: [00:11:56] Goals, but we didn’t really

Speaker4: [00:11:58] Have anyone to, like, see the goals out

Speaker2: [00:12:00] Loud. Have people questioned,

Speaker4: [00:12:01] Talk about ideas? It was really, really helpful.

Speaker2: [00:12:04] So one of the

Speaker4: [00:12:05] Things that Rachel said was people keep asking for if she has her blog posts in book form.

Speaker2: [00:12:10] And I said, what are they asking you?

Speaker4: [00:12:12] She said they want them in a book. Well, that will take us five days. Let’s make a book. So I had her just copy and paste her blog post into a word doc. And then I paid somebody on

Speaker2: [00:12:23] Fiber to make it look fancy. And then we

Speaker4: [00:12:25] Sold three thousand units in the next

Speaker2: [00:12:27] 90 days, maybe

Speaker4: [00:12:29] At nine bucks apiece.

Speaker1: [00:12:30] What year was this.

Speaker4: [00:12:32] Two thousand fifteen maybe. OK, so she wanted to sell it for five or seven and I was like, we should sell for nine. They’re asking for it. They want it. So we sold it. We sold it for none. And we actually put on the page if you’d like to buy the blog posts that you reading in a form, it it’s like there you new that the book was

Speaker2: [00:12:51] Free and they

Speaker4: [00:12:52] Wanted to buy them in a book. So we had a PDF, that’s all it was bought

Speaker2: [00:12:56] And sold three thousand. So then at some point

Speaker4: [00:13:01] In time we decided, you

Speaker2: [00:13:01] Know, we should do is we should

Speaker4: [00:13:03] Turn this into a business like

Speaker2: [00:13:05] You and I. We should put

Speaker4: [00:13:06] On workshops like how you built the blog and social media sites.

Speaker2: [00:13:10] So we started

Speaker4: [00:13:11] Doing workshops around the world. We did one hundred and

Speaker2: [00:13:14] Fifty, maybe

Speaker4: [00:13:15] Not three

Speaker2: [00:13:15] Hundred twenty. Wow.

Speaker4: [00:13:17] Workshops and workshops.

Speaker1: [00:13:20] Ok, this is where blogging concentrated came from.

Speaker4: [00:13:22] Yeah. So we named a blog

Speaker2: [00:13:24] Stream because she was a blogger and started doing the workshops and we used not only my Wogan’s

Speaker4: [00:13:29] Experience, but now I had a bunch of social media clients and other people because when the kingdom of the blind, the one eyed man

Speaker2: [00:13:35] Is king.

Speaker4: [00:13:36] So I knew the most about

Speaker2: [00:13:37] Twitter and my peer

Speaker4: [00:13:38] Group. So I was the king of Twitter.

Speaker2: [00:13:40] And you will find that in every industry

Speaker4: [00:13:43] That knows the most, whether is everything doesn’t really

Speaker2: [00:13:45] Matter, God knows

Speaker4: [00:13:46] The or the galaxy’s

Speaker2: [00:13:48] Queen to be sexist. So what we

Speaker4: [00:13:51] Figured out quickly with blogging

Speaker2: [00:13:53] Concentrated was I don’t

Speaker4: [00:13:55] How exactly how we figured this out, but I figured out how to not pay

Speaker2: [00:13:58] For the news. I don’t exactly

Speaker4: [00:13:59] Know what went into me figuring that out, but I did figure out how to not pay

Speaker1: [00:14:03] Per where you were hosting the

Speaker4: [00:14:04] Workshops. Yeah, OK, so we did, like I said, one hundred and twenty. I only paid for a venue once and then we also figured out how to get

Speaker2: [00:14:12] People to get buy tickets. So then it dawned on

Speaker4: [00:14:14] Us at one

Speaker2: [00:14:15] Point were like, wait a second, if we know how

Speaker4: [00:14:17] To not pay

Speaker2: [00:14:18] For venues and we know how to

Speaker4: [00:14:19] Get people to buy tickets, like why don’t we just pick places we want to travel

Speaker1: [00:14:23] And then you can write it off

Speaker2: [00:14:25] And then we’ll just travel it. So like we

Speaker4: [00:14:27] Did seven

Speaker2: [00:14:28] Workshops

Speaker4: [00:14:28] In New

Speaker2: [00:14:29] Zealand twice

Speaker4: [00:14:31] A year. Yeah, we did seven in a row.

Speaker1: [00:14:33] And we these workshops, what were they like?

Speaker4: [00:14:37] So we did eight hour workshops where Rachel

Speaker2: [00:14:39] And I talked

Speaker4: [00:14:40] All day and we created a curriculum for each workshop. So one was about traffic,

Speaker2: [00:14:45] One was about social media

Speaker4: [00:14:47] Or whatever it was. And then we would market. We’re coming to town

Speaker2: [00:14:50] And we’re going to do this particular

Speaker4: [00:14:51] Curriculum on

Speaker2: [00:14:52] The Saturday. And there’s all the subjects that we come. And yeah, we

Speaker4: [00:14:55] Would fill the room. It was great.

Speaker1: [00:14:57] How many people in a workshop?

Speaker2: [00:14:58] Twenty five to thirty. How in New

Speaker1: [00:15:01] Zealand. And these people were following. Rachel, are you like how did you find them.

Speaker4: [00:15:05] No, no, no.

Speaker2: [00:15:06] We had a different model. OK, yes.

Speaker4: [00:15:09] This is the genius of the model. So this model requires that you have no you

Speaker2: [00:15:13] Must say, OK, you can

Speaker4: [00:15:15] Put away your ego and realize that you’re going to make money and

Speaker2: [00:15:17] Travel, then this

Speaker4: [00:15:18] Will work for you. Great. OK, so basically the

Speaker2: [00:15:22] Concept is you find a mover and shaker in the place that you want to go, whether it’s

Speaker4: [00:15:27] In real estate or business. You find somebody who is like, he’s got the billboards, he’s got the name is trying to grow. And then you say, look, I want to come to your town.

Speaker2: [00:15:35] We’re going to put on this workshop.

Speaker4: [00:15:37] We’d like to do is we’d like to put the workshop on in your name.

Speaker2: [00:15:40] And we like

Speaker4: [00:15:41] We’re going to be your

Speaker2: [00:15:42] Guests. So you’re going to introduce

Speaker4: [00:15:44] The day you could talk to maybe about your business at lunch. You invite all your business partners, friends, all the people that want to learn about social media and marketing online. And it will be your event, like David Stern’s

Speaker2: [00:15:55] Event

Speaker4: [00:15:56] Featuring Dan and Rachel Kronborg concentrated. And then we’ll sell the tickets to it on our site. So you just drive them outside. What’s your name? They’ll say David Stern’s

Speaker2: [00:16:04] Event, and then you will fill in the

Speaker4: [00:16:06] Seats. We’ll make the money. It’ll be a big name for you. You bring in this innovative concept town. We’re going to teach these people stuff.

Speaker2: [00:16:13] You’ll be the super hero and we’ll use your office or we’ll

Speaker4: [00:16:17] Use, you know, somebody in town. I’m sure you do

Speaker2: [00:16:20] That as conference facility

Speaker4: [00:16:21] That they’d be willing to lend us. We can let that person talk about their facility at lunch because it’s all going to be locals. And then basically we pay for lunch.

Speaker1: [00:16:30] You didn’t even pay the people. We let you use their name and their audience now

Speaker4: [00:16:35] Once when we never paid any.

Speaker1: [00:16:37] And you did this over one hundred times. Yeah. I don’t even this is mind boggling to me

Speaker4: [00:16:43] And it works

Speaker2: [00:16:43] Great. And everyone’s

Speaker4: [00:16:45] Happy because.

Speaker1: [00:16:46] But how would it. I don’t even. So, like you live in the states, so let’s talk about New Zealand. How do you even begin to find these people to reach out to?

Speaker4: [00:16:54] Oh, we’ll just use our networks or contact

Speaker2: [00:16:57] Networks, actually.

Speaker4: [00:16:58] Rebecca in New Zealand, reset us. Would you like to come New Zealand?

Speaker2: [00:17:02] Yes, we would. Well, then you must have

Speaker1: [00:17:04] Started getting

Speaker2: [00:17:05] Word of mouth eventually. Oh, yeah. Yeah, for sure. And the website

Speaker4: [00:17:09] Started getting traffic and the traffic came from places. And then we got questions about can you come to the city? And then we’re like, sure, we can come to boys. So then we’re like, all right, boys, who do we know? Amboise well,

Speaker2: [00:17:19] Cookbook, let’s talk

Speaker4: [00:17:21] Cookbook. Maybe they have a training facility we could meet in their training facility. And then in San Francisco, Twitter.

Speaker2: [00:17:27] Let’s meet at Twitter’s offices and in Philadelphia.

Speaker4: [00:17:30] Guess what? Awareness is there? We’ll talk to AOL so we can meet there.

Speaker1: [00:17:33] Did you do Twitter’s offices,

Speaker4: [00:17:35] All of these places? And in North Carolina, eye

Speaker2: [00:17:38] Contact is there. We’ll see if they

Speaker4: [00:17:40] Have a training facility, will meet in their training facility at eye contact.

Speaker1: [00:17:44] This is when you’re saying that this is a very umpa for how corporate marketing works. I don’t know why I’m so shocked, because this is actually what I did for 11 years. But this is like for some reason, such a foreign thing for me to consider in our space that I’m kind of thrown for it. But like we would host vendor workshops all like Cisco would host us in their ROLLI headquarters. And it’s not a foreign concept to me what you’re saying, but in this world it is for something.

Speaker4: [00:18:10] And when I told people that we’re meeting at Twitter’s offices, that even

Speaker2: [00:18:13] Helps the sales go, yeah, I’m sure. Or we’re meeting at AOL and people are cool.

Speaker4: [00:18:17] That’s cool. And then they give us a

Speaker2: [00:18:19] Tour because they want everybody

Speaker4: [00:18:20] Using whatever.

Speaker2: [00:18:21] I mean, everybody went

Speaker4: [00:18:23] So as we did. But while we were in New Zealand, I had mentioned Gary Vaynerchuk at one point

Speaker2: [00:18:28] And many

Speaker4: [00:18:29] People in the room had

Speaker2: [00:18:30] Never heard of Kate.

Speaker4: [00:18:31] And I thought to myself, I thought the Internet and Facebook were the great equalizer.

Speaker2: [00:18:37] How could they be

Speaker4: [00:18:38] In our world and not know that

Speaker2: [00:18:40] It’s so on the

Speaker4: [00:18:41] Plane? On the way back, we started

Speaker2: [00:18:43] Talking about how, even though it was

Speaker4: [00:18:45] Strange that we didn’t know Vaynerchuk, it was strange for some of

Speaker2: [00:18:48] Them that we didn’t

Speaker4: [00:18:49] Know their

Speaker2: [00:18:50] Top people. Sort of like, what if we put

Speaker4: [00:18:52] Together

Speaker2: [00:18:52] A project where we somehow

Speaker4: [00:18:54] Introduce all of our experts to their audience and all of their experts to

Speaker2: [00:18:58] Our audience, like, what

Speaker4: [00:19:00] Could we do where everybody could get a new audience? We could learn about people we haven’t met.

Speaker2: [00:19:05] So this is

Speaker4: [00:19:07] How the idea of B.C. stuff

Speaker2: [00:19:09] Came around was like, all right, we’re going to find a

Speaker4: [00:19:11] Bunch of experts in different parts of the world and hopefully nobody knows from this part of the world so that we can introduce

Speaker2: [00:19:18] People from the left to the right.

Speaker4: [00:19:19] And it was important to

Speaker2: [00:19:20] Us because when we were in New Zealand,

Speaker4: [00:19:22] I would help people with that. It would

Speaker2: [00:19:23] Proceed and they would

Speaker4: [00:19:24] Not be using us. They would not have any of the normal plugins that we use. They would have different plugins. Maybe you guys have different plugins

Speaker2: [00:19:31] Than we have, even though it’s the

Speaker4: [00:19:32] Same thing. Like, how do you not know about Yoast and then how do we not know about this?

Speaker2: [00:19:37] So I realize we need like more.

Speaker4: [00:19:39] There’s a lot of inbreeding. We need more cross contamination is what we need.

Speaker2: [00:19:43] So that’s what we did. We found sixty five

Speaker4: [00:19:45] Experts from all around the world

Speaker2: [00:19:47] In our travels and we got

Speaker4: [00:19:48] A product from

Speaker2: [00:19:49] Each person that was like the beat is I

Speaker4: [00:19:52] Thought was like, we’ll take

Speaker2: [00:19:53] A product and then we’ll sell this

Speaker4: [00:19:56] Whole group, this whole stack of products together. And then in order for it to work, if Terry Fisher from Canada is selling a product about how to get your podcasts onto Amazon, Alexa, as

Speaker2: [00:20:08] A briefing, then if that’s in the

Speaker4: [00:20:10] List of things that you are allowed to download once you buy,

Speaker2: [00:20:13] If you choose that, then you’d

Speaker4: [00:20:15] Probably be a good

Speaker2: [00:20:15] Person in Terris

Speaker4: [00:20:17] Audience. That would be a good person. But if you

Speaker2: [00:20:19] Skip it, which is great, if you

Speaker4: [00:20:21] Skip it, then that’s great for Terry because he doesn’t need you in his audience if you don’t care about. And I always tell people it’s like the salad bar. You buy the whole salad bar, but I’m never going to put beats on my salad, even though I already paid for those put beets there on there. But I’m not put. So all of the experts, when they put their products in here, the product is like the beet.

Speaker2: [00:20:39] It’s like saying, hey, I’m an email marketing expert in this course

Speaker4: [00:20:42] Me to teach you email marketing so that if you need marketing expertize, then you get that and then you become a member of his audience. So everybody gets this filtered audience of people interested in their particular product. That’s just the last filter. There’s obviously a few more filters to even get to the sales

Speaker2: [00:20:58] Page, but that’s the idea

Speaker4: [00:21:00] Is that each contributor at the end would end up with a new audience of people that couldn’t be otherwise, and then all the buyers would end up with all these

Speaker2: [00:21:07] Products that they

Speaker4: [00:21:08] Couldn’t get for that price or they didn’t even know existed at that point.

Speaker1: [00:21:12] Well, before we start recording, I mentioned to you that I couldn’t figure out why, because Stack leads because I’ve had a product in there since twenty seventeen every year. I couldn’t figure out because I tracked the leads and I couldn’t figure out why those leads always did better because I’ve been in numerous bundles. I didn’t know anything about the origins of where it came. I found out through a mutual friend

Speaker2: [00:21:30] About it and I think

Speaker1: [00:21:32] I emailed you once. I was I remember being in Disneyland actually when I emailed you. So I didn’t know anything about about what it was like. Sure, I’ll do this bundle by doing a lot of bundles, so I didn’t know. But now it makes a lot of sense

Speaker2: [00:21:42] Because all the

Speaker1: [00:21:43] Clarity came across all the other bundles there, like polluted

Speaker2: [00:21:47] Water. It’s like

Speaker1: [00:21:48] Recycling the same people

Speaker2: [00:21:50] Over and

Speaker1: [00:21:51] Over again. And I did not realize that you were pulling people from such

Speaker2: [00:21:55] Varied, not just geographical,

Speaker1: [00:21:57] But just different backgrounds. And so that’s why I actually get fresh people.

Speaker2: [00:22:02] There might

Speaker4: [00:22:02] Only be 10

Speaker2: [00:22:04] People who are

Speaker4: [00:22:05] In it

Speaker2: [00:22:05] Every year. Might be.

Speaker4: [00:22:07] But otherwise I try to have 80 percent new people who

Speaker2: [00:22:10] I don’t even know. And 90 percent, maybe ninety

Speaker4: [00:22:14] Five percent of everyone that’s

Speaker2: [00:22:15] In the stack is a cold call for me. And that’s all.

Speaker4: [00:22:18] I mean, let’s back up a bit.

Speaker2: [00:22:21] So if

Speaker4: [00:22:22] We back up a little bit in order to make stack work, which is kind of where you got, I started making what I called the universal spreadsheet, which is something

Speaker2: [00:22:31] That I teach everybody that we

Speaker4: [00:22:32] Work with to do, and that is figure out what

Speaker2: [00:22:35] Nature first and then make a spreadsheet of every

Speaker4: [00:22:38] Person who’s in

Speaker2: [00:22:39] That. So that means go to the

Speaker4: [00:22:41] Bookstore and find everyone who writes

Speaker2: [00:22:43] About the top or Amazon.

Speaker4: [00:22:44] Get top Amazon authors, go to LinkedIn, who are the top people?

Speaker2: [00:22:48] Find ever top marathoners,

Speaker4: [00:22:50] Whatever it is, top people in movies who are making documentaries about this topic, top people on Twitter like figure off the entire

Speaker2: [00:22:57] Universe so that you know all of

Speaker4: [00:23:00] The players.

Speaker2: [00:23:01] And in theory, you will find

Speaker4: [00:23:03] The Oprah and Tom

Speaker2: [00:23:04] Cruise of your

Speaker4: [00:23:05] Niche. Like you’ll know who the top players are. You probably and I will say that if you don’t know the top players and they don’t you, then you’re not.

Speaker2: [00:23:12] So, like,

Speaker4: [00:23:13] For instance, I don’t know Tony Robbins. Tony Robbins doesn’t me.

Speaker2: [00:23:16] So I hate to say that, but

Speaker4: [00:23:18] He’s the top of the funnel

Speaker2: [00:23:20] He’s in and giving it to Russell

Speaker4: [00:23:22] Brunson. They’re like the top, right? Not there, but I’m working there are down the list. And in fact, Tony Robinson

Speaker2: [00:23:29] Was in the SEC last year. Oh, I do remember that.

Speaker4: [00:23:32] We remember that we’re working on with their lives. But if you don’t keep your eye on the prize, then you never ask Tony Robinson. Right. Right. We have the spreadsheet and I add to it all the time, every single bundle that

Speaker2: [00:23:46] I see, I write down

Speaker4: [00:23:47] Every single person

Speaker2: [00:23:48] Who was in the product of that

Speaker4: [00:23:50] Because I don’t want that product stack against already.

Speaker2: [00:23:53] And then some of

Speaker4: [00:23:53] Those people I will go after next year, like I’ll wait for years like that. But I just keep expanding

Speaker2: [00:23:58] So that I have a list of

Speaker4: [00:23:59] Everyone who’s in it. And the list is a spreadsheet. It’s not like I’m using some fancy database. I actually have a spreadsheet which I have to

Speaker2: [00:24:06] Spreadsheets, but I have to

Speaker4: [00:24:09] Convoyed how much money we’ve paid these

Speaker2: [00:24:10] People, how many

Speaker4: [00:24:12] Leads they brought in,

Speaker2: [00:24:13] What products,

Speaker4: [00:24:14] What year were they in the stack, what year were they in?

Speaker2: [00:24:16] Other things I have a bunch

Speaker4: [00:24:18] Of physical addresses to do, send out a lot of physical postcards just to say

Speaker2: [00:24:22] Hello at birthday

Speaker4: [00:24:23] Or Merry Christmas or whatever, because trying to do a little bit differently. And now we’re on year seven. And I

Speaker2: [00:24:28] Will say this year is different

Speaker4: [00:24:29] Because we’ve

Speaker2: [00:24:30] Decided for the most

Speaker4: [00:24:31] Part, we’re trying to get sixty five brand

Speaker2: [00:24:33] New products like product launches.

Speaker4: [00:24:35] Things that haven’t ever existed is the goal. So it can be kind of like the world’s largest product launch. It’s kind of my thought.

Speaker2: [00:24:41] I wanted to do something different this year. We haven’t done that.

Speaker4: [00:24:44] So I think that’s going pretty well so far. We just finished our pre sale in May and we had more pre sales than we’ve ever had in by about ten.

Speaker1: [00:24:53] Yeah, I think that’s kind of interesting too, that you presell. So every year you buy, you have the opportunity to buy next year’s bundle.

Speaker2: [00:24:59] I’m pre sale. That’s the first thing you do, right?

Speaker4: [00:25:02] We have four tiers of price, OK? And the tears are associated with the risk. OK, when you buy stock

Speaker2: [00:25:10] Next week, you will

Speaker4: [00:25:12] Have one

Speaker2: [00:25:13] Up. So there’ll be two. But the first

Speaker4: [00:25:14] Upset is going to be would you like to

Speaker2: [00:25:17] Prebuy Steck

Speaker4: [00:25:18] For next year? And the reason that exists is two fold.

Speaker2: [00:25:21] One is

Speaker4: [00:25:22] The very first year we did it, it was twenty seven dollars and I promised

Speaker2: [00:25:25] Everyone that they would always

Speaker4: [00:25:27] Be able to get it for twenty seven, even though I realize at the end of year one that wasn’t enough money to pay

Speaker2: [00:25:31] The affiliates and pay for all the advertising.

Speaker4: [00:25:34] So we had to raise the price. But how do I raise the price and keep the promise.

Speaker2: [00:25:37] I’ll just make twenty seven dollars

Speaker4: [00:25:39] Be up sale price

Speaker2: [00:25:41] When you buy stuff and it’s twenty

Speaker4: [00:25:42] Seven for the reason, because I promise, but also

Speaker2: [00:25:45] Because it is a lot of risk. I mean that’s a year

Speaker4: [00:25:47] In advance, right. You have to have faith that we’re going to be a lot of that.

Speaker2: [00:25:52] We’re going to be making

Speaker4: [00:25:53] Products that the products can have good

Speaker2: [00:25:55] Stuff in it. All of that stuff that computers

Speaker4: [00:25:57] Are still going to be

Speaker2: [00:25:58] Around. You have to have twenty seven

Speaker4: [00:26:00] Dollars of faith so you get a reduced

Speaker2: [00:26:02] Price. And then we do

Speaker4: [00:26:03] A Cyber Monday, which is thirty four. And then about a month before Stack comes out, I do some videos where I talk about some of the

Speaker2: [00:26:10] Products and some of the

Speaker4: [00:26:11] People that are in tech. So now we’ve taken away a little risk because now we’re only a month away, like obviously it’s going to happen. And then I’ve also told you a few of the products and people.

Speaker2: [00:26:20] So it’s a

Speaker4: [00:26:21] Thirty six dollars. It’s higher than twenty seven because there’s less

Speaker2: [00:26:24] Risk you have,

Speaker4: [00:26:26] But it’s still you have to buy it without

Speaker2: [00:26:28] Knowing it. So I still get a thirty

Speaker4: [00:26:30] Versus forty seven and then the week of Stack it’s forty seven and you start over, you get the up sale for next year.

Speaker1: [00:26:35] How many people buy on average

Speaker4: [00:26:37] Every year now and about ten thousand three.

Speaker2: [00:26:41] Wow. And that is

Speaker1: [00:26:43] Your main project that you work on now

Speaker4: [00:26:45] And always that it will be the only project.

Speaker1: [00:26:47] What happened to the workshops? I mean, aside from its covid, what did the workshops in or

Speaker4: [00:26:54] So I

Speaker2: [00:26:55] Was married at the time that

Speaker4: [00:26:56] We were doing

Speaker2: [00:26:57] The workshops and the

Speaker4: [00:26:58] Marriage was rock. And then doing workshops with

Speaker2: [00:27:02] Rachel did not help, even though we took

Speaker4: [00:27:04] Every single precaution that we could like instead of staying in hotels.

Speaker2: [00:27:08] We always stayed with bloggers or

Speaker4: [00:27:10] Somebody that we

Speaker2: [00:27:11] Knew in the air

Speaker4: [00:27:12] Not to save money, but we wanted to respect our spouses to say, hey, we’re not just sleeping

Speaker2: [00:27:17] Among the

Speaker4: [00:27:17] Top bunk bed in the

Speaker2: [00:27:18] Room and she’s in the guest room

Speaker4: [00:27:20] Of their

Speaker2: [00:27:21] Pictures. And we wanted to

Speaker4: [00:27:22] Know we’re not a funny business going on. It’s just but it’s hard even if you have a good professional relationship.

Speaker2: [00:27:29] It’s difficult on a marriage. So the marriage ended. And with that, then all of a sudden,

Speaker4: [00:27:35] You know, we’ve got kids and we’ve got to figure out the schedules. And I have

Speaker2: [00:27:39] Weekends like I have the kids every

Speaker4: [00:27:41] Weekend and then from Wednesday

Speaker2: [00:27:42] To Sunday. So doing Saturday

Speaker4: [00:27:44] Workshops

Speaker2: [00:27:45] Was nothing like that. And then shortly after

Speaker4: [00:27:48] That was

Speaker2: [00:27:49] So kind of. Yeah, those two things

Speaker4: [00:27:52] Contributed to that.

Speaker1: [00:27:53] So you don’t think you’ll revive him any time soon.

Speaker4: [00:27:55] So growing up, I grew up military

Speaker2: [00:27:57] And my dad is in the Air Force and brothers in the Air

Speaker4: [00:28:00] Force. Now, my grandfather was General Patton security

Speaker2: [00:28:03] Guard and we’re a military family.

Speaker4: [00:28:05] My dad would come home every day at five, five, fifteen, and he would be home and he’d play

Speaker2: [00:28:09] Basketball with me like that. I didn’t

Speaker4: [00:28:12] Have that. As an

Speaker2: [00:28:13] Entrepreneur, you’re on at all

Speaker4: [00:28:14] Times.

Speaker2: [00:28:15] And then the workshops, even though

Speaker4: [00:28:18] I mean, there were weekends and then I went home

Speaker2: [00:28:19] Most of the time, but we’d be gone for

Speaker4: [00:28:22] A weekend and come back. I still realized

Speaker2: [00:28:24] I missed some time with the kids.

Speaker4: [00:28:25] So that realization was hitting me like, wow, I have a lot of time with the kids now. A lot of the kids. Sixty five percent of the time, maybe 70

Speaker2: [00:28:35] Percent of the time. So they’re like the

Speaker4: [00:28:36] Main focus of life at the moment. But what I also found was last year I really disliked client work as client work involves deadlines and meetings and times, and I wanted to get away from that. Well, the workshops, as fun as they are to be on stage, have that. I mean, there’s a lot of what is a chemical that’s going on in your body

Speaker2: [00:28:53] When you’re on stage and endorphin adrenaline that all of that

Speaker4: [00:28:57] Is so fun right now

Speaker2: [00:28:59] On stage. Do you think

Speaker4: [00:29:00] People are paying you like there’s a lot of ego and fun involved with that? Oh, yeah. And I would never want

Speaker2: [00:29:07] To run from them, but at the same time, the opportunity to just do STAC and then we do one

Speaker4: [00:29:12] More in October called

Speaker2: [00:29:13] Podcasters to just do two

Speaker4: [00:29:15] Projects a

Speaker2: [00:29:16] Year and then spend

Speaker4: [00:29:17] The rest of the year.

Speaker2: [00:29:18] Is it. That has been very

Speaker4: [00:29:20] Attractive to me at this stage of my life. So as much as I’d like

Speaker2: [00:29:23] To go back, what I really would like to

Speaker4: [00:29:25] Do is I’d like to make sure that

Speaker2: [00:29:26] We get STAC and podcasters

Speaker4: [00:29:28] To get to the point where we don’t have to do anything else.

Speaker2: [00:29:31] That’s our income for the year, including now.

Speaker1: [00:29:34] You still Rachael still has our site, David.

Speaker2: [00:29:37] Yeah, but

Speaker4: [00:29:37] What I don’t want to do is I want to take away all the financial pressure from that site. So like she had a penguin Random House

Speaker2: [00:29:44] Deal for a book and she got paid pretty good money for that

Speaker4: [00:29:47] And got on the show and all those things. But there is kind of still that constant pressure for writing

Speaker2: [00:29:52] And then page views

Speaker4: [00:29:53] And then add

Speaker2: [00:29:54] Income, which she has that

Speaker4: [00:29:55] Built into her brain. So if we get busy homeschooling or

Speaker2: [00:29:58] Something and there’s not

Speaker4: [00:29:59] As many pages that

Speaker2: [00:30:00] Month as that, it’s hard on her.

Speaker4: [00:30:02] If she doesn’t like to do that. She likes to contribute.

Speaker2: [00:30:04] She wants to be that person in the family.

Speaker4: [00:30:06] But since we both do stack and podcasts, I want both of them to take away the financial worries. So then she could just write. She can do more things, she can pay attention or audience. We can sell books, we can make money.

Speaker2: [00:30:18] But I also take away the bummer part, like the stress,

Speaker4: [00:30:22] Oh, I have to get back to work so she doesn’t have that anymore. So it could just be fun instead

Speaker2: [00:30:26] Of a job. That’s my I don’t

Speaker4: [00:30:27] Know if that’s her. That’s mine.

Speaker1: [00:30:29] So how big is podcasters Kate compared to Jack?

Speaker4: [00:30:33] Guess with kids in year three compared to B.C. Stack, which is in your

Speaker2: [00:30:37] Set, so I would say it’s a quarter of the size. OK, and I’m not going to say

Speaker4: [00:30:42] I will say it was an error. It was an oversight or it was a lack of truly thinking it through when we started.

Speaker2: [00:30:47] Podcasters, kid, but the

Speaker4: [00:30:49] World of tech stack the world of email marketing and digital marketing and marketing. The buyers who become the affiliates STAC,

Speaker2: [00:30:57] They have

Speaker4: [00:30:58] Lists and understand lists. Podcasters do not exist or there’s very few of them.

Speaker1: [00:31:03] Interesting.

Speaker4: [00:31:04] So I get 60 people, 60 podcasts on board with podcasting courses, which is hard to find, I must tell you. And then I start to get some affiliates in the podcast

Speaker2: [00:31:13] Help and they all have a

Speaker4: [00:31:15] List of other people. It’s different than Willie Crawford is going to meet.

Speaker2: [00:31:19] It’s a different world. So what I went

Speaker4: [00:31:21] Into it with was totally in a leverage basis to make podcasters grow is what

Speaker2: [00:31:26] I found is that there aren’t that many

Speaker4: [00:31:27] People in the digital marketing world who think of podcasting like they think of Twitter is not going to start a podcast. It’s more difficult. It’s its own. And so there is over. The overlaps is not great. I mean, it’s 20 percent, not 80 percent. So that was something had to

Speaker2: [00:31:42] And it’s

Speaker4: [00:31:43] Growing, but it will take longer to get Twitter’s techies than static.

Speaker1: [00:31:48] Ok, so for people listening, what is the value proposition? Why should someone buy stock? What makes it so different to you?

Speaker4: [00:31:56] What we do is

Speaker2: [00:31:57] Very it seems simple,

Speaker4: [00:31:59] It seems like you can go get click funnels, you can drag and drop, and then you’ve got something working, you’ve got this funnel. Now you can sell pot, but it’s not that simple.

Speaker2: [00:32:09] The parts are one thing, but the skills

Speaker4: [00:32:12] Behind the parts are something else. So for me, every

Speaker2: [00:32:15] Entrepreneur who’s started online but isn’t making

Speaker4: [00:32:19] The money that

Speaker2: [00:32:19] They want to make, part of that

Speaker4: [00:32:21] Is

Speaker2: [00:32:21] Because they’re missing a skill like they’re

Speaker4: [00:32:23] Either not

Speaker2: [00:32:23] Good copywriter or they’re not good at traffic

Speaker4: [00:32:26] Or they don’t have all the pieces set up that need to be set up and they need that in one of the stumbling

Speaker2: [00:32:30] Blocks is human behavior. That is,

Speaker4: [00:32:33] You tend to focus your time where you’re good. If you’re on Twitter, you spend time on Twitter, good on email, you spend

Speaker2: [00:32:38] Time on you. And that means

Speaker4: [00:32:40] That the things like e-commerce, like setting up an e-commerce site, which sounds

Speaker2: [00:32:44] Very difficult, and most people are

Speaker4: [00:32:45] Like, oh, I don’t know about that. I’d rather just sell digital products. It sounds difficult, but what if you just

Speaker2: [00:32:51] Learned and if

Speaker4: [00:32:52] I put that in

Speaker2: [00:32:53] Front of you, I give

Speaker4: [00:32:54] You that option. You can learn e-commerce, you can learn Alexa, you can learn clubhouse.

Speaker2: [00:32:59] If I take away

Speaker4: [00:33:00] All the barriers

Speaker2: [00:33:01] To learning, but not only the

Speaker4: [00:33:02] Barrier of I mean, one of the big

Speaker2: [00:33:04] Moves is paying for all of this

Speaker4: [00:33:05] Education. So we we take away that barrier immediately. Just pay one price for education. But the other barriers, you learn clubhouse and then you

Speaker2: [00:33:13] Still you like

Speaker4: [00:33:14] Go start to do it, but then that means you start

Speaker2: [00:33:17] Learning like now you’re not on

Speaker4: [00:33:18] The next

Speaker2: [00:33:18] Course. You’re not you’re not trying to

Speaker4: [00:33:20] Build an entire thing.

Speaker2: [00:33:21] You’re just learning

Speaker4: [00:33:22] Clubhouse and you’re going to use. But what I want you to do

Speaker2: [00:33:25] Is I want you to have for

Speaker4: [00:33:26] The rest of twenty twenty one is in your mind that you’re going to get your entire business, you’re going to take this Pinteresque product, you’re going to figure out what it is I need to do on Pinterest. You’re not only going to go start it, but then you’re going to put it on the calendar every Tuesday. I’m going to do these

Speaker2: [00:33:39] Nine steps and I see it every

Speaker4: [00:33:40] Tuesday, images, nine

Speaker2: [00:33:41] Steps and one o’clock. And then at two o’clock,

Speaker4: [00:33:44] I’m going to do these email marketing steps I learned in this marketing course. And every week I’m going to be doing them, adding these things into my portfolio. And because all of the courses are right in front of me, I don’t have to look for them. And I have to wonder what I need to learn. I don’t have to figure out who I need to learn from.

Speaker2: [00:34:00] I can just

Speaker4: [00:34:01] Learn and I can actually get my business in the place where it needs to be, because you can’t just do social media books all day. You can’t just spend your time on Facebook. You can’t be creating content all day. It’s not the name of the game. It’s not

Speaker2: [00:34:12] Content creation.

Speaker4: [00:34:13] Content is what helps drive the traffic back to business. So if you create content for content sake, you end up losing out on the business. You’re like, no, no, no, I got to do five blog posts. Why? Why do you have to do

Speaker1: [00:34:25] A podcast episode? I did ranting about this. Actually, I do not understand the concept of blogging without the intention of what the end result is like. That doesn’t make me so sad.

Speaker4: [00:34:37] Is the shot is your one shot and I don’t like them and I’m like, this is your shot to get sixty five. And really there’s actually there’s actually a I don’t ever tell anybody this but because every once somebody is unsatisfied the product or they tell me I already have this, can I get my money back. And I say I promise you sixty five but I gave you eighty so use the other seven.

Speaker1: [00:34:57] That’s very smart

Speaker2: [00:34:58] Because you know people can be

Speaker1: [00:35:00] But here. OK, so I told you before we start recording, I’ve been in a lot of bundles, I’ve bought a lot of bundles, really crappy ones like products that I don’t.

Speaker2: [00:35:10] When people

Speaker1: [00:35:11] Say when the bundle owners

Speaker2: [00:35:12] Say that they, like, approved

Speaker1: [00:35:14] Them, I’m like, what, were you blind? I mean, because I’ve gotten some really bad ones. But I’ve actually it’s very rare for me to consume other people’s content at this point, like learning content.

Speaker2: [00:35:23] I really just don’t anymore.

Speaker1: [00:35:24] But I do. There’s a few I always liked. I am selective with what I’m not going to go on sixty five people’s email list. I don’t need to be. So I’m selective when I get the stack of what I select and I’ve not had one yet that I was like, what was Dan thinking? So how do you manage that?

Speaker4: [00:35:40] Well, we have people, we have two people in particular, my wife and my mother.

Speaker2: [00:35:44] Ok, well, I go

Speaker4: [00:35:46] Through and make sure all the

Speaker2: [00:35:47] Things work interesting.

Speaker4: [00:35:49] Then there’s problems. And in fact, a few years ago we actually had a product where the

Speaker2: [00:35:55] Traffic strategy

Speaker4: [00:35:56] Was to make fun of someone online. Oh. And then get other people on board with that and this big controversy and it turns into traffic.

Speaker2: [00:36:05] And I was like,

Speaker4: [00:36:08] I mean, your product is well

Speaker2: [00:36:09] Thought out, but I don’t think that I’m

Speaker4: [00:36:11] Allowed to promote that idea.

Speaker2: [00:36:13] That idea sounds like a bad idea.

Speaker4: [00:36:16] So some things we get rid of, some things we add to that products which a offend. And every once in a

Speaker2: [00:36:23] While somebody tries really hard and then the product is a little thin. And I actually

Speaker4: [00:36:28] Don’t have the heart to tell them, though. So I make it a bonus instead.

Speaker1: [00:36:32] Oh, smart. Yeah, I have to say so. When are that available? This year.

Speaker4: [00:36:37] The thirteenth to the nineteenth

Speaker2: [00:36:39] Of June and any

Speaker4: [00:36:40] Time around the thirteenth you should start checking

Speaker2: [00:36:43] Because once my

Speaker4: [00:36:44] Sales pitch is done I turn it

Speaker1: [00:36:46] Over to link to it in the show notes as well. I know you always have a wait list for it.

Speaker4: [00:36:50] Yeah, I respect New Zealand

Speaker2: [00:36:52] Time zone, so I

Speaker4: [00:36:54] Try to get it open. As soon as

Speaker2: [00:36:55] Possible, when it’s the 13 for them, which is like the day

Speaker4: [00:36:58] Before, so this is the 12th beyond, just refresh the screen because at some point on let it fly and then it stays open until Hawaii time, midnight on the 19th.

Speaker2: [00:37:10] That is very nice of you.

Speaker1: [00:37:11] I will say I tend to close things down on Eastern Time and people don’t like that. I know I have an employee who is in Arizona, so she often because, you know, closing it down. Yeah, there are automated ways for me to do it, like with that, like, funnel and stuff. But I’m really type and I’m particular with how we close things down and I can’t see up to three. So I have gotten flak over the years for closing my stuff too soon.

Speaker4: [00:37:35] Oh yeah, I like the money part so.

Speaker1: [00:37:38] Well I do too. So I guess I just get on all these other time zones.

Speaker4: [00:37:43] I mean we, I see very little stock because it’s a world wide.

Speaker1: [00:37:46] Oh I can only imagine.

Speaker4: [00:37:47] And the affiliate

Speaker2: [00:37:48] Requests, they’ve been coming in really quickly this

Speaker4: [00:37:50] Year, which is surprising to me.

Speaker2: [00:37:51] But they come in like every minute.

Speaker1: [00:37:54] Well, you incentivize the two tier thing with the affiliates, which

Speaker4: [00:37:58] Is good, and we give away twenty five thousand dollars cash bonus.

Speaker1: [00:38:02] Yeah, you have one of the best even of like big, big affiliate launches like the to McLarens of the world.

Speaker2: [00:38:10] You have like

Speaker1: [00:38:10] The best incentivized

Speaker4: [00:38:12] We. How much does he give?

Speaker1: [00:38:13] I think, you know what I launched at the same week as him this year. So I don’t even look,

Speaker4: [00:38:18] I told myself next year I’m going to do some crazy like one hundred thousand dollars.

Speaker1: [00:38:21] Twenty five thousand. Pretty good. And I know a couple of my friends always are vying for that top spot. I just let them have

Speaker4: [00:38:27] It because I don’t think she’s going to participate this year. I think she’s on hiatus.

Speaker2: [00:38:32] So she’s won the

Speaker4: [00:38:33] Last two years. I means the door is open for someone.

Speaker1: [00:38:35] Oh, I know someone who’s going to want it. It’s not going to be me.

Speaker4: [00:38:39] And it’s thirteen layers

Speaker2: [00:38:41] Deep, so

Speaker4: [00:38:42] It’s not like the

Speaker2: [00:38:42] Top five. And then there’s the most

Speaker4: [00:38:45] Sales on a

Speaker2: [00:38:46] Wednesday, those kinds of things

Speaker4: [00:38:47] During the week.

Speaker1: [00:38:48] So OK, so I’m going to link to the stack page. So even if it’s closed, you can sign up and get on the list and you’ll get an email from Dan when it opens. Even if it’s not open, this podcast, people are listening in real time is going to be out two or three days before the page should open.

Speaker4: [00:39:02] Put your name in a little form and then I’ll send you an email. Right.

Speaker1: [00:39:06] Is there anywhere else you would like us to send people other than the BK Stack page?

Speaker2: [00:39:12] You can send

Speaker4: [00:39:13] Me directly to my house and that would be OK. But other than Stack, I’m in on Twitter then armorers.

Speaker2: [00:39:19] Ok, we’ll link to that.

Speaker4: [00:39:21] And I have a podcast called

Speaker2: [00:39:22] Tracing the Path. Yeah, I

Speaker1: [00:39:24] Went down that rabbit trail a little bit earlier when I. Yeah. When I saw I was expecting it to be about marketing, but it’s my history.

Speaker2: [00:39:31] Oh it is. I grew up

Speaker4: [00:39:33] A huge fan of Paul Harvey

Speaker2: [00:39:34] And Charles Kuralt.

Speaker4: [00:39:36] I love those people that just tell stories and then you’re like, well that was awesome. Yeah, but I started

Speaker2: [00:39:41] Telling those kinds of stories and I

Speaker1: [00:39:44] Added it to my list. So I’m going to I listen to podcasts on my walk. That’s the only time I allow myself to listen to podcasts. I put you on my list

Speaker4: [00:39:51] Twice because it takes a hell of a lot of research.

Speaker1: [00:39:54] Oh, I can imagine. I we my husband’s into bingeing a lot of YouTube lately and we are watching this one guy. He’s so informative, like really great at telling stories like off the Wall Street. I can’t even like they’re just so off the wall that research that must go

Speaker2: [00:40:08] Into it and the graphics

Speaker1: [00:40:09] And stuff is like, yeah, I’m always thinking about monetizing everything. So I’m like, if he’s making enough money off of this to be doing all this work,

Speaker4: [00:40:17] That’s funny because I want

Speaker2: [00:40:19] Stac to be so big

Speaker4: [00:40:21] That I can just keep doing the podcast

Speaker2: [00:40:23] Without worrying about.

Speaker1: [00:40:23] Well I think this should be a lot bigger because like I said, I think that is the only bundle I’ve ever bought that actually I used to be honest with you,

Speaker4: [00:40:32] There’s

Speaker2: [00:40:32] Actually a there’s a quiz

Speaker4: [00:40:34] Product that I’m a huge fan of. When we helped, we were working with the quiz funnel

Speaker2: [00:40:39] That we put for him, ended up making him ten thousand a

Speaker4: [00:40:42] Month in e-book sales. And that was from YouTube.

Speaker2: [00:40:44] Bleats That was for

Speaker4: [00:40:45] Fitness

Speaker2: [00:40:46] E-books.

Speaker4: [00:40:47] So I’m excited about the quiz product. And I think there’s challenges product, how to do challenges. And then Dan Miller from Forty Eight Days, The Work You Love, The New York Times best seller, he’s a huge mastermind guy is a seventy five hundred dollars a month to join his mastermind and he sees how to do a mastermind. Shows you that. I’m like, oh, interesting.

Speaker2: [00:41:08] Yeah. And these are just

Speaker1: [00:41:09] People that I would never be in a bundle with. So it’s interesting. I think you do a really great job with the kids. So my kids are about to barge in and interrupt our interview anyways. So I have little ones. You have adult ones that maybe you can tell to stay out. But when my three year old comes home, there is no staying out of mom’s office. So we’re going to get interrupted now anyway. So what I will do is, like always, we drop all the links in the show notes. And thanks for telling us your story and how business started. Very fascinating. Thank you.

Speaker4: [00:41:39] It was cool for some.

Speaker1: [00:41:40] I’m sure it was. I was very interested in it. Thank you. Thanks for tuning in to another episode of the Empowered

Speaker3: [00:41:48] Business podcast, Let’s Stay in Touch. I just opened a brand new Facebook group for digital product creators. Whether you are new to digital products or an existing digital product creator, our new Facebook group, Digital Product Insiders, is perfect for you. Head on over to Monica Fros dotcom forgood group to join for free. See you here again next week.

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