Monica helped me find my momentum and my want to pursue my business again.

I was burned out and at an all-time low. I really just wanted to quit and close my blog down. But I hated the thought of admitting I was a failure and for my daughters, I wanted to show them they can be a stay at home mom and also be a business owner.

Using Monica's strategies, in the first quarter of 2021, I have made more money on my digital products than I did all last year!

Thank you for pushing me out of my comfort zone and into a place where I have momentum and growth. I can't wait to see how the rest of my year explodes.

-Ruth Rackley


Jessica has a subscription box service (physical products!) and wanted to start adding digital products to her business to generate more income and become more profitable.

Learn why she took the dive and joined the Lab. She finally took action and has seen AMAZING results!

Meet some more of my amazing students...

I wanted to make money with my blog that didn't involve a million ads on the page and affiliates.

The Lab showed me how I could make money investing in myself and my own brand.

I created not one, but THREE products to sell to the world!

The EBL team are second to none and absolute delights to work with. They put their all into their teaching and students.


EBL will guide you step-by-step and provide a working blueprint for each process necessary to sell digital products. Plus the community is fantastic and will be a sounding board and cheerleader for your success.

Within 2 1/2 months, I've added over 1,200 names to my email list using the free opt-in, sold over a dozen of my tripwire printable products, AND gained 4 new customers for my core offering (travel service consultation).


Monica is focused on getting you up and running as soon as possible. She educates you on the reasons things work so well (or don't) and gives you the tools you need to make the proper decisions for your business.

Empowered Business Lab has given me hope for a future on my own terms and peace in knowing that I now have the tools and support I need to turn the dream into something that lives and breathes. THANK YOU, Team Monica!


I learned to really dig deep and analyze what I can offer my readers, and the many ways that I can provide free value as well as paid resources.

I now have a product that I am proud of and believe in. I also have plenty of future products now brainstormed that I would never have sat down and focus on to this level.


I feel like I finally have ALL the tools and processes I need to run a successful digital product business. I didn't have to piece all the info together and that was worth the price of this course.

If you want to know the steps and the tech of how to create an online business selling digital products, this is the best course out there.


Learning how to validate your product was SUPER helpful. I've had amazing feedback and testimonials from strangers, which show I have a good product.

This program has been an amazing resources and the limited-time access forced me to actually make my product which was good.


Annemarie was bogged down with all the things and wanted to focus on something OTHER than blogging, SEO, and social media.

"I was going through a popular blogging course and while I was learning a lot, I was frustrated that there were so many things that I "had to do" before marketing and selling my products online.

Monica's systems showed me that focusing on the part of my business that I love is actually the part that has the most earning potential. I get up every morning so excited to start working--I even put in 4-5 hours every morning/evening of my spring break beach vacation because I am enjoying this so much and am so motivated to see this through.

If you are ready to start or scale your online business, this course is for YOU! I can't say enough about the value of Monica's strategies. I got way more than I expected. I so appreciate the team's organization, attention to detail, explicit step-by-step instructions. I could go on and on! If you sign up for this course, you will NOT be disappointed!"

-Annemarie Johnson

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