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The Power of Low-Ticket, High-Value Offers with Elizabeth Goddard

Episode 69: The Power of Low-Ticket, High-Value Offers with Elizabeth Goddard

Wondering how you can make high-value, low-ticket offers work for your business?

In this episode of The Empowered Business Podcast, I sat down with Elizabeth (Lizzy) Goddard to talk about her super unique approach to business using low ticket offers. Lizzy breaks all of the traditional marketing rules and has found so much success doing so. I’m so excited to share this conversation with you today!

Elizabeth (Lizzy) Goddard is a multi-offer online business strategist, with a twist. A UK-based educator for entrepreneurs and $9 Offers Queen, her focus is to help business owners simplify their strategies for maximum success by breaking the traditional marketing rules and in the process, have fun!

Over her eight years in business, she’s helped over 23,000 students learn how to do business the easy, fun, and profitable way.

Lizzy’s bold, experiment-driven approach has helped her scale her own business to over $800k annually, despite breaking traditional marketing rules. Her insights and expertise have earned her recognition from outlets like Forbes and CNBC, and she’s a sought-after speaker at prestigious online summits.

When she’s not working, you can find Lizzy watching trashy TV and connecting with her community on Facebook. She lives outside Nottingham, UK with her wife and two young daughters.

In Today’s Episode We Discuss:

  • How Lizzy found her voice in her online business
  • Why you don’t have to have a signature offer to have a successful business
  • How to pull people into the ecosystem of your business
  • How Lizzy approaches pricing her products 
  • Different types of low-ticket offers that can be done in interesting ways
  • What Low Ticket Live is and why you definitely want to be there
  • The power of having trust and confidence in yourself when it comes to your business

I hope you enjoyed this conversation with Lizzy! I would love to invite you to join us over at Low Ticket Live, where you’re going to get inspired to create your next high-value, low-ticket offer with creative ideas from the top innovative brains in the online business world, myself included. It’s happening the week of July 10th, 2023 over the course of 4 days. Make sure to join us!

Make sure also to check out everything Lizzy has to offer and follow her on Instagram! 

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[00:00:04] You are listening to the Empowered Business podcast. I’m your host, Monica Froese, and if you’re like me, you want to grow a business you love that gives you financial freedom and fits your lifestyle. Every week you’ll get strategy and unfiltered opinions from me and other successful business owners that will inspire you to make big moves in your business. When we work together, we not only grow faster, we also amplify each other’s voices. Are you ready to build your business on your terms? Let’s jump in. Hello. Hello. Welcome to a special episode of the Empowered Business Podcast. Today I am interviewing a good friend of mine in this online world. I’m interviewing Elizabeth, also known as Lizzie Goddard, and she is a multi offer online business strategist with a twist. She’s a UK based educator for entrepreneurs and $9 offers Queen. [00:01:00] Her focus is to help business owners simplify their strategies for maximum success by breaking the traditional marketing rules and in the process have fun. Over her eight years in business, she’s helped over 23,000 students learn how to do business the easy, fun and profitable way. Lizzie’s bold, experiment driven approach has helped her scale her own business to over $800,000 annually, despite breaking traditional marketing rules. Her insights and expertise have earned her recognition from outlets like Forbes and CNBC. And she’s a sought after speaker at prestigious online summits when she’s not working, you can find Lizzie watching trashy TV and connecting with her community on Facebook. She lives outside Nottingham, UK with her wife and two young daughters. And let me tell you, this episode is really special to me because Lizzie and I have such similar businesses, but we approach it from completely different standpoints and yet have the same end result, which I just think is a testament [00:02:00] to the fact that you can do whatever you want in your business and you can run your business however you want and however it makes sense to you and still have amazing results. So let’s dive in and meet Lizzie. Lizzie, thank you so much for joining us on the podcast today. I am super excited to be talking to you.

[00:02:18] I’m so happy to be here. I’m such a fan of you and your world and your podcast and everything.

[00:02:23] Is this the first time we’ve talked? No, it’s not. We’ve been on panels and stuff.

[00:02:27] We were on a panel together.

[00:02:28] But never once.

[00:02:29] So about low ticket offers. I think that’s what we’re on a panel about. Yes.

[00:02:33] And that was a good panel. Okay. But this is our first time talking like one on one.

[00:02:36] Yes. Yes. I think it is. Yeah.

[00:02:38] Awesome. Okay. So I’ve already introduced you to everyone they know, like your official bio. We’re more than our official bio, so they always like to start with asking people about their entrepreneurial journey and like, how they got started and where you are today.

[00:02:53] So I got started in 2013. Yes, 2013. [00:03:00] So ten years ago this year. And I at the time I have chronic fatigue syndrome. But at the time it was much more moderate. I had fibromyalgia, I was pretty much housebound at the time. Like I went out once a week and that was like way too much for me and I was living on disability benefits, kind of just like vegging out post uni because my body could not cope with life. And I had had a friend at uni who was very into the lifestyle design world and she had a newsletter and she used to email once a week thing. I was just fascinated by like the concept of a person having something where they emailed once a week and she was talking about, you know, all these people who were off traveling the world to like digital nomads, that sort of thing, and had [00:04:00] like businesses. They were making money from their laptops all over the world. And I just had this, like, epiphany. Hang on, hang on. If these people can make money to live from their laptops all over the world, that would mean that I could make money to live from my laptop, from my bed. I think I could do that. And it was just this huge light bulb moment. And I just went into the like world of online business. So I got slightly more of the like, spirituality bit of online business.

[00:04:36] Originally that was sort of the mindset that was sort of my entry point in. But you know, over time I found more people who I’m still, you know, friends with and working with today, like Lenny Dawson, Rebecca Tracy, I found Marie Forleo around that time and so on. And I eventually started a business for young people with chronic [00:05:00] illness. So it’s called the Pillow Fort, and it was for young people with chronic illness, and it had physical products that I sold, but it also had a really great Facebook community. I had a digital magazine. I started doing paid trainings. They were like. Gosh, like $5 or something, just like teaching things. And because I was, you know, in this world and like working on my mindset and stuff, my health got a lot better. And my lifelong Plan B had always been to be a math teacher, and they were going to give me this huge bursary to train to be a maths teacher because I had a first class degree in theology and they were so desperate for maths teachers that they would like give me all this money because they’re like, You’re clever, you can come teach maths. And so my health is a lot better. And I signed up for I got a place on a teacher maths teacher training course.

[00:05:58] And had about six [00:06:00] months to kill before. The course started and I looked at my skill set and, you know, I had made my own website. I understood MailChimp could play in Canva like all those things and was, you know, had done a lot of courses and trainings at this point and was quite active in this world. And I’m just like, I’m going to be the end for six months. I’m not going to charge much. I’m going to get some clients and I’ll do it for six months just to occupy my brain and mind. And then I’m going to go be a maths teacher. So, you know, I advertised, Hey, I’m a VA and because I was quite well networked and in communities and memberships and stuff, I found clients quite quickly and quickly got quite fully booked and raised my rates. And it was just magical to me because I was getting paid to faff around on the internet all day. And I’m like, That’s literally what I was doing before, but now I’m getting paid. So this is so good. And. A couple of months went past and, you know, I’d raised my rates quite [00:07:00] a lot, had a good stream of clients and was just like, Do I actually want to be a maths teacher or do I maybe want to do this? And I had a tarot reading around that time and I said, Should I be a maths teacher or should I be a VA? And it gives me chills thinking about it.

[00:07:18] She said, I think you’re going to be a teacher. I just don’t think it’s going to be in a school. And now all I do every day is I’m teaching, but obviously it’s not in a school. So eventually I emailed to say, I’m not coming to be a maths teacher. Thank you, but no thank you. And I was an accidental permanent and feel like a lot of people start as a virtual assistant very quickly, move on to a business coach or something else. Whereas I was just like, No, I’m just a virtual assistant and I’m going to stop doing this entirely, but accidentally became more permanent virtual assistant and, and so that things were going really well with that. [00:08:00] And then I was quite an early adopter to ConvertKit, the email marketing software. And I started, you know, I did my own migration. I started helping clients with it. I was the very first person to have ConvertKit specific services and, you know, set up a page about that which like dominated on Google until very recently. And I emailed ConvertKit and I said, Hey, I love what you’re doing, I love working with you, doing ConvertKit things. Do you have any plans for a ConvertKit certified expert program or anything like that? And they replied and like, no, we don’t.

[00:08:38] But it’s so great to know you’re enjoying it and maybe we can have a chat about other things. And it was honestly, it was less than a month later. I think they had made me an admin in their official Facebook group and they had invited me to become one of the first four ConvertKit certified experts. [00:09:00] And I just feel like I just manifested this into existence, like this thing didn’t exist and I’m like, I want it, so I’m going to ask them for it. They told me no and then they did it anyway. And I really leaned into ConvertKit over the next few years. So like I really I just spent hours a day like happily, happily spent hours a day answering questions in the official Facebook group, launched a membership around ConvertKit. I just like became the queen of ConvertKit for several years. I really started like growing my audience in that way and then over time I just had things to say that weren’t specifically about ConvertKit and also, you know, still working as a VA and still have clients and. And there’s a transition quite often happens when your where your clients will start asking what you think. They will start saying, well, what are your other clients doing? What are you seeing? Because you have such a unique perspective as a [00:10:00] behind the scenes service provider.

[00:10:01] So I started telling my clients a little bit more as well. Here’s what I think you should do and generally worked very well. Like intuitively my advice. So like a combination of these things in terms of like I was giving people advice more than just doing what they asked, plus wanting to talk about other topics. I started creating. I did a couple of things like the first non ConvertKit offer I did was a paid live training about affiliate marketing because I was making good money each month with affiliate marketing and that was quite successful. So I charged $47 going up to 97 and I must have sold like 50, 60, 70 within a few months, which at the time was a decent number of people. I had a very small audience and stuff and I just kept doing more of that and I just kept creating particularly these paid live trainings and then, you know, [00:11:00] selling the recordings afterwards and just talking about more and more different things. And my audience started growing beyond just ConvertKit users. And then over time, the work faded away, the ConvertKit focus faded away. And, you know, like the more general online business stuff came to the forefront and. Particularly in kind of like 2020. My business exploded in 2020. Obviously, people were coming online. I’m like, I can help you with that.

[00:11:33] My business exploded in 2020 and really started to find my. Voice. So I started sort of whispering in 2020, I don’t like whispering. I don’t think a signature offer business model is the only way to go. I think there’s another option. And people started just really responding to me saying this and like, Well, what do you mean? This is what we’ve been taught by everyone for years. And I’m like, I [00:12:00] think you can create like lots of different offers and lots of different price points and well, people around in your world. And this just really resonated with people. And I really started to like find my unique, distinctive voice and come up with a lot of, like, innovative ideas and experiment with things. And then I’m very quick to turn around and teach the things that work. And so that’s where I’m at now. I have lots of different offers, lots of different price points, mostly courses and trainings, and one to many stuff that’s definitely my focus. I don’t really do any 1 to 1 or anything like that very much with a focus on multiple offers at multiple price points, not signature offer, not essential model, but more like a swirly ecosystem of offers and encouraging people to have fun and experiment and play in their business. That’s where I’m at now. [00:13:00] So that’s where I came from.

[00:13:02] Something very interesting occurred to me because I had mentioned before start recording that you describe things. We do things very similarly, yet yet different, but kind of arrive at the same outcome. But you describe things so uniquely and like when you’re saying your ecosystem was swirly. So for me, so I have my master’s in business, so I was like and I worked in corporate for 11 years, so I am very like corporate trained. So for me, when I talk about that, I’m like the value of a repeat customer. It feels like you’re talking about. And I’m like, Let’s talk about churn rates and things that like we used to talk about in corporate. Haley actually sent me a real recently and she’s like, Uh oh. And it was basically like this guy mocking all this corporate jargon. And she’s like, I think this might be you. And it was it was fury. And I was like, all the things that like low hanging fruit and the 8020 rule and all this stuff. And I’m like, Oh my gosh, I am that person. But different people.

[00:13:59] Resonate [00:14:00] with that.

[00:14:00] Like, yeah, that’s just.

[00:14:02] That has worked like that worked for a lot of people. And there are people like we have a lot of overlap in our audiences. Yes, but there’s people who prefer the like, methodical, systematic approach to deciding what to do next. And there are people who feel maybe constricted by that or whatever, and they prefer my sort of message, which is just like, do what feels fun. Do it, try it, see what happens, and love it.

[00:14:31] Because it’s so interesting because I am completely methodical. Like my decisions are made based on data. I have spreadsheets galore. People know this about me and I knew because I fell along what you do and like you call the shower gods, you have this shower god idea. And when you have a shower God idea, we’re not talking about small ideas which is going to leave because one of these big ideas is what we’re going to be talking about, which is an event called Low Ticket Live. And when you come out with the shower [00:15:00] God ideas, every time in Slack, I say to Haley, she stresses me out. Not like not in terms of like what you’re going to do is great, but like I cannot execute on big things like that at the drop of a hat. And you’re just like, Yeah, I’m really take on this huge, massive thing. No biggie, no biggie, no big deal. And I’m like, You are not.

[00:15:19] The first person to say that to me. The way you do it completely like stresses me out. It’s the exact it just feels the opposite. Like, I think the signature business, the signature offer, like business model, the Ascension ladder, all of it. It works. It’s great for a great many number of people. But like, if I were to try to do that, it literally feels like my soul is dying, like I cannot do it. It is not who I am. But I’ve also had other interviews with other people and, you know, I’ll just sort of say, so I did this launch and then, you know, the [00:16:00] next day I set up the evergreen funnel and she’s like, Wait, what? And I’m just like, Yeah, I just did that. And like and people I think it’s just I find it so interesting how different things feel safe and comfortable to different people because and the opposite things feel safe and comfortable and secure and reassuring. So to me, kind of like allowing myself to do whatever I want and trusting that that’s going to work, feel safe and comfortable. Whereas to someone like you following the data. Feels safe and comfortable and gives you the results you want. And the way I do it gives me the results I want. We both get the same results. It’s just fascinating.

[00:16:45] I think this is going to help people listening because I have a lot of like, like you do like a lot of, like, loyal people who stick around and listen to every episode. And we’ve just done like about 12 episodes all in digital product shops. Okay. So [00:17:00] here’s the interesting thing. As I’m listening to you, I’m like, okay, I like to be in control of everything. The shower gods, if they come to me, it’s happening. Maybe next year because I have a plan that’s on my wall over here, Lizzy And like, there’s already a launch plan in place and we’re not moving it. So, like, I need a controlled environment. I need solid data to read. So the whole thing I talk about with digital product shops is I’m like, you multi-passionate so many things that I know that I want to talk about. But then I was stressed out by having a million different ways people could go to find my stuff and buy my stuff. So I’m like a shop solve all my Problem gave this central call to action and the added benefit is here’s all my data. It’s nice and packaged and I can read it and I can predict things and be in control. And so that makes sense to me. And it makes sense for how I teach your swirly world where you get people to buy from you. You’re just like, We make sales every day. That’s something you talk about, make sales every day, but we swirl our people different. So how do you swirl your people? How do you get them to buy all these things when [00:18:00] they’re not in the central location that like?

[00:18:03] So I have lots of different strategies, things over the years that I’ve like come up with and experimented with. And looking back, I can see that they’re like the framework of this system. So I have an everything page, I call it an everything page where it lists in order all my freebies and all my paid offers and they can go and look. So that’s kind of like the central hub of here is everything that’s going on. I have a client student only group, so I don’t have a free Facebook group. I don’t have Facebook groups. For most of my offers. I have one group for anyone who has ever bought anything from me, worked with me, got my thing in a free bundle or whatever. They get to come into that group and that is, you know, people like showing up on different social media. For me, I love showing up in that Facebook group like it’s five and a bit years [00:19:00] old now, and I’ve shown up in there just wittering away like random thoughts near-daily for over five years. And people love that group. And you know, when I launch something new and I’ll tease about it in there and talk about it and get everyone involved.

[00:19:20] So when I launch something new that’s got a place where all my superfans already are and they can all like hype each other up and swirl each other around as well. I have Lizzie credit quite a lot in my business, which is basically like gift certificates, gift codes for so you can get like $10 Lizzie credit. Or if you buy something through my affiliate link, you’ll get, you know, $250 Lizzie credit, which you can spend on nearly anything I sell for like six months or whatever. So that’s another way that when people have when you know, you know, when you’ve got a gift certificate for somewhere, you’re so much more likely to pay attention to the emails from [00:20:00] that shop, what they’re doing. So that kind of like keeps pulling people back in. And I just have all these I have a very long evergreen nurture sequence which has lots of links to my offers and my freebies. So just like I’ve just created all these ways, wherever you come into my ecosystem, I will like pull you in further and then keep pulling you back in and pulling you around and swirling them around, sorting them out.

[00:20:30] Kind of like. And it kind of makes a lot of sense. So I need to be in control. You need kind of like the freedom to be unique and stuff. So it makes sense. Like I have all these entry points and I swirl them around and it just works. Whereas me as I’m like, Let’s control where they come, how they come, and then they’re going to go to this one place. But I have to say, have to give a plug for your training on Lizzie credit because it inspired something that has changed my business and I have to show you how to print it. Mine’s Monica.

[00:20:55] Oh my God, I love that.

[00:20:57] And it’s like yours. Is that, like, animate it as well? [00:21:00] And I always. So we have a QR code. I send these all the time out to like our top customers in the shop. So amazing store credit we treat it so Lizzie credit and Monica money they operate a little differently just because of our systems right because I have a shop and and you don’t but the concept of how we got to the Monica money. Okay so like I talk in terms of like cash flow and keeping money in the business and all that stuff. Holy Cannoli. Did this change so much about how we can keep customers happy, have them coming back? So you’re like, I just need I just need them coming back into my world swirl swirling. I’m like, Well, why aren’t you going back to my shop? Because if I get you to my shop, I can get you to buy more things because it’s just like. But this was all inspired by you. We ordered we made them in Canva, we ordered them from Canva. And so I have like I run a top customer report and I will send handwritten notes to like our top customers and some Monica money. I got the affiliate offer thing from you too, where someone buys through my affiliate link. I give them Monica money in our website. [00:22:00] So that training, unbeknownst to me when I took it like I took and I like, you know, I listened to it on an audio because we me and you are both big on giving audio access its seeds to our to our stuff which by the way think is a game changer which I’m very I consume so much more and I remember you know how like sometimes you hear something and you can remember where you were, where you.

[00:22:21] Yes, yes. I’m exactly the same.

[00:22:23] I remember the walk I was on when I listened to Lizzie credit. And it was like at the time I was not quite sure what I was going to do with it. It was like I knew that this was like something that was going to be a thing. And it was like probably a year or two later when the shot became a thing, that Monica money became a thing. And I was like, This is it.

[00:22:43] So many of the stories I’ve had so credit to a business. It’s a $9 course. I announced it was going to be a $9 course, and it’s a pretty decent course now. Like it’s everything you need to know about this is another thing like approach I have like every [00:23:00] and I think you’re similar with this every single I only have one offer per topic. So I think you’re fairly similar. Like if you want to learn this thing, this is the only offer. It’s not like, do you want the little version, the big version, the supported version, like all the different versions? It’s like if you want to learn this thing, here’s the thing. And I created this as a $9 offer. And I know without a shadow of a doubt, I could charge 4.97 for that course the results people get from implementing it and also implement having permission to like implement it in their own unique ways. Because the things my students have done with that are amazing. But. The commitment to make it $9 strategically in my business has like thousands of people have bought that course because there’s not another course out there on it. And it’s kind of total aside. But like, you know, the quote charge or worse or charge your worth and then add tax and I’m sure you’re not a fan of that quote either. But I [00:24:00] sort of like to play with that idea in terms of.

[00:24:07] Because I know my worth, because I’m a human being and have infinite worth, because I know my worth. I can charge whatever I want. And that includes charging really low for something I could charge much higher for. And I think that almost like disruption in people’s brains when they buy a low ticket thing from me and they’re like, Oh, this is really good. This is not fluff, this is not trying to sell me something else. Like Lizzie said, she was going to teach me how to set up my credit system, and that’s what she taught for $9 and they come back for more. So like the number of people who have bought offers like that and gone on to buy from me again and again and again, like it’s been so good. And I think there’s so much, you know, low quality, low ticket stuff out there. But when it’s what you said, it was going to be without the intention of them buying something else and you [00:25:00] actually deliver the complete solution in a low ticket price point. People love it. And then you’ve got a super fan and they come back for more and more, which is what the strategy was meant to be all along. But some people along the way started making low quality, low ticket offers.

[00:25:15] Don’t get me started on the low. The carpets have poured out there and, you know and and then they wonder why like like they end up being one hit wonders and they don’t actually have a business. It’s kind of like the whole Facebook thing where like, you could have one funnel that produced really well and then Facebook ads imploding. You didn’t have a business anymore because you didn’t know anything. Yeah. So I find this I’m going to guess you run into this a lot because we’ve talked to lots of business owners on a daily basis and a lot of them come for our feedback. People get insanely hung up on price. They do. Holy cow. It is like and I find it so interesting now business be here. A digital product to me is an asset in my business. It’s also [00:26:00] something you put effort into once and you can sell infinite. And unless there’s like some sort of level of support you’re providing, obviously like but if you’re selling a $9, like when I do a workshop once and I can sell that workshop a million times, ten times, it doesn’t matter.

[00:26:14] And it costs me, aside from processing fees, when the order goes through, really, and some customer service that can happen on the back end with access issues and stuff like that. At the end of the day, I always find it fascinating when I have and it happens all the time. Students will come and be like, I created this thing. They pour their like, they pour so much into it and they’re like, There’s no way I could charge less than X dollar amount. And I’m like, Well, do you want it to sell or do you want to be putting your. And listen, you can do whichever you want because it’s a great thing about being in business. You get to make up your own mind. But it’s like they their objectives are always out of line with what they think they should charge. Like what they’re telling me is I want to make X amount of money. The market’s telling them they’re not going to pay what they would think that the thing’s worth and they’re unwilling to budge on the price. And it’s like, but why like [00:27:00] to me.

[00:27:00] Do they have such short term thinking? They’re thinking like, I’d put all this effort in if I sell it at this price and I get this many people, I’ll make this much money. Is that worth it to me? Yes or no? And I’m like, You can sell this for years, years and years and years. Why are you not calculating into the future money Like I did a paid live training in January 2020 and I charge $97 in advance. And then it went up to 197 and I had like 42 people. And I’m like, That’s very nice. To date, that course has made me well over $100,000. It’s now a $997 course, the same training in a course format. And I’m just like, but if I’d have just been like, No, this is this is really good stuff. Like, I need to charge 497 from the get go. And then you know what? Like five people buy it. And I’m like, Oh, this is rubbish. I’m never going to sell it again. Like, no, like [00:28:00] the long term, don’t create your offers for like the first launch. Like, that’s just the start. The potential is in everything that an offer can become. And some offers don’t go the distance like some offers don’t ever really take off, but some of them really, really do. And if you priced it too high to start, I’m my advice is always I’m sure you’re fairly similar like well mine’s got my twist on it but it’s like price as low as you can without feeling resentful Resentful that like how dare people get this for this price? This is not fair that they’re getting it. So like charge as low as you can without feeling resentful but your price can go up as the offer grows in all the different ways.

[00:28:52] So the interesting part about having a shot for me is that I almost don’t even have a resentful price for any for any [00:29:00] product anymore because of all the things that happen in the shop that allow average order value is what I care about. So my mind really shifted to that. That’s a lot of what I teach in the shop because at the end of the day it really is. How many things can I get you to add to your cart for that final value? So talk about how like when we do flash sales, if I’m having to click on a $9 link, it manifests into a $300 order I’m actually looking at. And it’s because people always it’s the short, the short term thing. It’s like, oh my gosh, you want me to mark that down to $9? I’m like, Well, do you want the click into your shop? Because once you get the click into your shop, all the other things that you’re supposed to be doing happen. And what I’ve found with Low Ticket and I think we agree, we’re probably both chronic over deliverers and almost everything that we do.

[00:29:38] And so the thing that ends up happening is when you give access to your brain and what you do at such a ridiculous price point. You create those superfans like you said, that just they’re like, wow, if she will give me this at that price, I can only imagine if she’s charging. Like right now my top tier is a $2,000 horse. [00:30:00] And so many people will say, Wow, like I did a quick win workshop on this a year ago before I even thought it was going to be a signature offer. And the testimonials are consistent with they’ll come in and say, Wow, I took your Quick Win workshop, which is like 100th of what is in the main program. It changed so much about my thinking. I got such great results that when you offered the bigger program for $2,000, they were like, How could I not want that? Because like, you gave me results with a $47 product. Some people even got it for less than that because the flesh sells, you know? So yeah, yeah.

[00:30:33] But it’s also like what you say about overdelivering. We both are overdeliver, but I’m pretty sure neither of us stuff additional stuff we are both so focused on. This is the goal of this offer. I will get you there as quickly and as painlessly as I possibly can. There was I’m sure neither of us have got your offers. Some of them, neither of us have fluff and think so many people. There [00:31:00] was a trend, I think, with lower priced offers where they had just so much stuff in them. And I’m like, if you sell a lower priced offer and someone buys it and they can’t get through it and they can’t get the result, they are never going to buy from you again. Like, I don’t know when so much stuff became a selling feature. I’m like, the shorter the offer is to get to the result. That’s more of a selling feature. And just people haven’t really cottoned on to this yet.

[00:31:28] So Facebook ads I think are what did that because Facebook you’re hitting all these cold people like the.

[00:31:32] Yes that’s true the cold traffic is what did it and so it.

[00:31:35] Was like let me give you more, more and more. And it’s like too like there was that that thing that more means valuable. And I’m going to give you all of this, but for a $27 price point and it’s like the same thing, like when people come and say to me, I’ve even had people say, Well, how many videos are in there? I’m like, okay.

[00:31:54] That’s all kind of like price it based on I’ve got a course with this many videos, what’s the price point? I’m like, that’s that’s not [00:32:00] how we do pricing.

[00:32:01] How how much you charge per page in your book. I’m like, I could care less if you give me an e-book or a 100 page book. I care about the end result that I’m going to get and how you’re going to get me there. I mean, I will pay some. Give me a 14 page book that could solve a huge issue in my life. I would pay umpteen dollars for that. I don’t care how long it is, as long as it gets me the results. I think that’s what we like. A lot of people lose sight on is that your product’s actually supposed to give someone a result? Yes. And that the thing that matters, not like the mechanism doesn’t matter. You create it with a mechanism that gets them that result that they they need. Why they’re buying the product. Okay.

[00:32:40] Offers for your customers, not for you creating an offer like feel like agree people get. Very twisted about these things.

[00:32:50] Okay. So one of the things with you and me too, because we think we’re very similar in this regard, which is so weird. We really are very similar. Just yeah, yeah, different angles, but the low [00:33:00] ticket thing. So we’ve been in online business long enough to know that there’s a lot of cyclical things that go on. So like when Facebook ads were real cranky and it was all about whether we call it the slow funnel, the self-liquidating offer, and that’s of course, low ticket selling volume. And then it was always like how much you’re spending, how much you’re getting out and the Facebook ad machine. And then there was like a rebellion against that. And then it was just like, everything’s high ticket and signature offer and like, don’t charge your worth, right? And yeah, and then now we’re kind of seeing a swing back to, I feel like low ticket, but I feel like low ticket live. And correct me if I’m wrong, but I feel like you’re now I want to talk about the event that’s going to be low ticket live is not just meant to tell people sell low ticket it’s no for them to understand this business ecosystem that you’re talking about.

[00:33:51] I think so. So like I posted in my clients journey group earlier this year that I’m calling it, 2023 is the year of low ticket being [00:34:00] used in new and innovative ways. And everyone immediately asks me what new and innovative ways. And I’m like, Well, that is going to decide who is successful this year and who is not. So I’m not going to tell you the answer to that. And then it was probably like a month later, the shower gods very, very clearly told me, do an event called Low Ticket Live. It’s going to be like a summit and it’s going to have all these people talking about low ticket stuff in new and innovative ways. And this was very inconvenient in my timeline. But like it was, it was such a clear like now it’s happening, now it’s the next thing you are doing. And I’m just like, okay, let’s like look at my calendar and clear it and like, Oh my God, I’m going to have to do it here. I’m going to have to open applications tomorrow, maybe. So then I’m like, That’s just how I roll and that is what we did. But I really there are no ticket. Like people are low ticket live and they feel into the speakers fall into two categories [00:35:00] mostly and neither of the categories are here is how you create your offer. Like there is an assumption for attendees of low ticket live that you largely know how to create a course or training a digital product sort of thing. But the two categories they fall into is one, the type of low ticket offer they’re creating and people who are being quite like unique and innovative and they’re they’re charging a low amount of money. And the, the threshold I’ve set is about 100 the charging less than $100 for something that I found interesting. So we’ve got Evelyn Weiss talking about mini memberships and they’re blowing up at the moment. I don’t even know.

[00:35:47] What that means. So I want to I want to hear, yeah, mini.

[00:35:49] Memberships like $9 a month memberships. Okay. I’ve had one years ago but was such a trendsetter clearly. But they’re really but strategically like [00:36:00] Evelyn teaches it super strategically as part of your bigger business we’ve got someone talking about low priced, you know, 1 to 1 Voxer chats, which would you would consider completely unscalable. But she’s doing it in such an effective way in consideration of the rest of her ecosystem. So all sorts of different so someone who’s selling. One specific KDP journal that is bringing in leads into their other business, into their main business. So all sorts of different people doing a type of low ticket offer in an interesting way. And then there’s a second category of speaker that are talking about basically how to sell more of your low ticket offers and how to sell more of your low ticket offers in conjunction with the rest of your business. So your talk is very much in this category around digital products. There’s people talking about, you know, optimizing the sales page, having [00:37:00] shorter sales pages. There’s just all sorts of using testimonials to sell more low ticket offers. So one group, the first group is to like inspire people to experiment and play. That is my whole thing. And then the second group is like, Let’s take what you’ve got and sell more of it and sell more of it strategically in your broader business.

[00:37:20] So of course I’d fall into the second group because I’m like, the first side is like, Well, does that fit my calendar? The second side, Oh, that’s something I can be in control of. Yeah. Okay. But envision that low ticket live is also going to give people lots of shiny objects going out there too, because it seems like it’s like just the few things you already said. I’m like, This sounds interesting. Oh, that sounds interesting. Like, in theory, I want to. Do all the things like you do. But then in practice, I can’t. Yeah. So that’s going to be it. So when is Low Ticket live happening? It is the 10th.

[00:37:55] To the 13th of July.

[00:37:57] And how many people do you think you’re going to get to join? What is your goal. [00:38:00]

[00:38:00] On the sponsor page? I said I’m hoping for somewhere between 5 and 10,000 plus. That is my goal. But I’ve been, you know, like I’m investing because I’m a genius and get people to sponsor my events these days.

[00:38:15] Like me, like me, like.

[00:38:16] Monica.

[00:38:17] For one, signing up, I’m like, I want that spot, Please. Thank you.

[00:38:21] Because I’m a genius and I got people to sponsor big collaborative events. Do these days I’m able to invest quite heavily in other areas, so I’ve invested in someone to do PR and I’m going to invest in Facebook ads and all the things to like go big or go home with these events. Like feel like I’ve got a reputation for doing good big events at this point. So go big or go home.

[00:38:43] I think you’re going to blow that out of the water, honestly, I really do. So let me just this could spark something for some people. I sponsor your events, one, because I like you, but honestly, we’re a business. So yeah. And just sponsor your event because like you all do, do also you have an audience [00:39:00] fires, you attract buyers and you attract buyers who would also be interested in my stuff. So it is a very logical thing and just anyone listening, take that away. Where can you spend? Like for me, I’m taking what used to go on Facebook ads and I’m spending it on things like this. So it’s just advertising dollars I would have spent in my business that I’m moving over in a more and right now in this market a more effective way. But one of the things I’m very interested in is in the grand scheme of your business. So I get so when for a couple of years now you’ve run Lizzie’s Christmas party, which is a free bundle, also there’s a paid bundle and I mean it exploded in 2022. I also sponsored that and it was great. I mean, we were just looking at what your what the leads because we divide out when we get leads from sponsorships, people who are existing on our list and new and we are following what new people came from Lizzie’s Christmas party.

[00:39:49] Every link you give me comes with a UTM. And I’m just like, That’s so Monica.

[00:39:54] Let me just tell you that that sponsorship has made us tens of thousands of dollars. That’s amazing. It [00:40:00] is. I mean, well worth the investment. And so, but you always said with Lizzie’s Christmas party and this is what I’m really curious about, that it was kind of like a gift back to your community, a way for you to highlight the people in your community, gather them up in this big event, let them have, you know, like really like leave. Jen Like you were trying to create this lead Jen thing for, for as a thank you. That’s where it was founded because I listened to like your debrief. What is the point of low ticket live in your business? Like what do you hope to get out of it for your business?

[00:40:28] So in September last year, I did a presentation for a summit on small but mighty $9 offers, and I repurposed that into a course, a $9 course. I love a meta moment. I have a tripwire training on tripwires, like I created a $9 offer on small but mighty $9 offers and and it just like blew up the like thousands of people have bought this have got this have used this have had huge success with it. You need to make one sale [00:41:00] of your offer and you’ve made the money back like the ROI is bananas and what happens like when it’s happened a few times in my business, but like there will be a wave and I’m just like, I’m just going to ride this wave. I’m just going to ride this wave and see where it goes. And this year I’ve really leant into like $9 offers particularly, but low ticket offers in general. And then it was part of my prediction and like, I love how my audience just play. So I made a prediction 2023 is going to be the year of low ticket offers. And then I create a whole event to make that prediction come true.

[00:41:36] And everyone just plays along with me and I’m like, You guys are the best. That is true. And that is also the shower God, the shower God’s told me to do it. And I learned a long time ago that if the shower gods tell me to do something, I do it. I don’t question it. The less sense it makes, probably the better it’s going to be. The more inconvenient it is, the better [00:42:00] it’s probably going to be. So I think it’s going to be good for my business in terms of hopefully it grows my audience, it grows my audience with people who are interested in low ticket, which is something have a lot of offers related to. And I also like doing these larger events for visibility credibility, like I like to put on events that people think like that was cool. There were some different things there, like this is doing good stuff in the online business world. There’s not a big strategic thing. I’m just like, Yeah, that sounds fun. And the shadow beads told me. So here we go.

[00:42:39] Yeah, it’s so funny because like, I always think to what the outcome is going to be. Control so when like I Haley one. And actually I still have. I just ran into him in my bathroom. My daughter keeps stealing him, but she got me shower notes because I’m just like, especially when you have little kids. Like my time to think is in the shower. Like, let’s be real. That’s why nobody’s interrupting me. And so she got me these, [00:43:00] like, waterproof.

[00:43:01] I love that shower notes.

[00:43:02] And then my daughters kept stealing them because she’s like, I would always go into Slack. She actually gave me a brain dump channel because I was overwhelming with my shower ideas. But then I look at my shower ideas where you embrace yours and I’m like, Oh my gosh, I’m stressed out. I need to know that doesn’t sit in. I need to know That’s how that’s going to how that’s going to work out. And so have a I’m going to ask a very selfish question because it’s my podcast and I’m just very curious. I’m going to ask it. Me and you were in Mariah causes high ticket program together and you did. And it’s funny because I think we’re very similar again in ways where we join programs to take certain things we want from it necessarily exactly how they’re teaching it. She is a very when she was teaching that as her primary thing, it was very much like your business is high ticket me and you went into that not to make our business high ticket it was to glean the strategies maybe for you you ended up launching like high ticket. Yeah and I would say it was nice like some of those high tickets were like 2030.

[00:43:56] So it wasn’t.

[00:43:57] Like five.

[00:43:58] Grand a month program.

[00:44:00] And [00:44:00] it’s called The Playground. And you’ve had it since like 2020, correct?

[00:44:04] Yes. So it will be coming up three years. Profitable playground. Yeah.

[00:44:08] And I am so curious about this. I cannot help myself. So watching how you do things. So I’m so fascinated about how other people run their business and you always can learn. And I really encourage people like you don’t have to do it like me. You don’t have to do it Like Lizzie. Maybe you have a combination of both of us, but I love watching how you, like, do things and. And I admire how you have the shower gods and you execute. So the playground thing is very interesting because you calm your playground ears and they are like your top tier, like these people are your fans and they are singing your praises and then you do special things for them or you highlight them in your emails or when they’re in Lizzie’s goodie bag, they were labeled as playgrounds and they’re like, You bring them to the top of the page. So now you decided to just close the program? Yes. And it kind of came think you even said it really came out of.

[00:44:57] Yeah, yeah. Didn’t know until I knew. And then I’m like, oh, we’re [00:45:00] doing that now. Okay. Yeah.

[00:45:01] So. But like, why? Like, like Haley and I were both like. Totally blown away when you announced it. We were like, Why would you close the thing that has her people that love her and praise her?

[00:45:13] And I was sorting out renewal, so I was just doing some admin for her and. I know. I just know. The time has come to wrap it up. Like, it’s not that I was running out of clients. It’s not that it doesn’t sell. It’s not that I don’t enjoy it. It’s like none of those things I just knew. And there comes an element of. The knowing comes first and then the logical nous can come after. So I can back up that decision with various logical reasons. But it was just the knowing, and it’s exactly the same as when the gods tell me something. I do it like when the knowing comes. I don’t. I don’t resist [00:46:00] the things that I feel and I know and just come to me like I don’t I don’t resist that. So I can’t really tell you why. But I can say that like I have confidence in myself and in future, Lizzy, that this will be the right decision and something else will come that can only come when I’ve made the decision to close playground. And because, you know, that’s been my big call. I don’t call it a signature program. I call it my extravaganza program. It’s kind of like sits atop of every it’s sit on top of my ecosystem of offers because they get everything and all of that. And there will be other things and there will be other ways. And I just knew. I just knew. And I’m not worried about the like, logical implications of that. [00:47:00] And I know that sounds ridiculous.

[00:47:02] No, but okay. So just to just to compare, when I knew the writing was on the wall that I had to get away from Pinterest and having Pinterest advertising course being like my main thing, but my my control freak agents, we built a house and, you know, like we had just closed on it. And I was just like, it was always like, I can’t, you know, have response, all these responses. This is my top earner in the business. I could not I felt so trapped by it and so miserable. One day my daughter came home from school and I was in her bedroom. So my work time is very sacred to me and it’s even different how we work. You kind of like you work at all different times. I’m like, I work these hours. That’s like have to be in control, right? And she came home from school and she was so used to like work times, work time. I was I was watching Outlander in the dark in my bed, and she thought it was deathly ill. Like she was like, oh, my stomach, like, what is going [00:48:00] on? And and I was like, No. And she was like, real creeped out by the house going on. It took me four solid months of basic depression before I actually came to terms with. I was shutting it down. Now, once I made up my mind, it was like nothing was holding me back and it went real fast and it was what it was. But like, I don’t I agonize so much longer. And so I also like even though by the time I did it, I had all the logical reasons, I had all the messaging ironed out. And so like, there’s some benefits to that. Obviously, to have all that ironed out before I make the announcement. But also, you know, I admire the fact that you’re just like, I just know and you just.

[00:48:40] I did sleep on it. I did sleep on.

[00:48:42] It one night. I gave it one night.

[00:48:44] I was like I was ready to post. And Emma was like, you can post now, but maybe one of the people. And I’m like, because this is a really big one. I’m closing my main program after three years, I will sleep on this and I want to do it in the morning still, but then just post it in the morning. But normally, like think it’s just [00:49:00] for me. I have such a highly tuned, attuned, like intuition and I don’t I’m not particularly like woo or spiritual, but I just it’s it’s a deep, deep trust in myself and trust in my current self and confidence in my future self and those together. I truly feel I can never make the wrong decision because whatever path or decision I make is the right one. Because future Lizzie will rise to that decision current Lizzie is making. And it just it just means that. Everything’s going to be okay and like a really wanky way. But that’s just how I feel.

[00:49:48] Well, no, then you would resonate. Probably my saying is don’t do failure. Have it on my shirt all the time. And guess we approach it. We approach it a little bit differently how we arrived there. But at the end of [00:50:00] the day, I always say I can always know how to make money online. Exactly. Exactly. I know my ability to make money online, whether it’s in this business or I could spin up another one. I have notebooks of ideas of like when.

[00:50:10] You’re sat somewhere just, you know, just having a nice day out and just just like, yeah, but if they did this and then they did that, they’d make so much more money. Or like if they could monetize that, that’s a you can’t turn it off, you can’t turn it off when you can see ways to make money.

[00:50:24] I have a nerdy side of me that goes to some conventions that people would not even guess that would be. Yeah, they just it’s my and I save it for my my few friends. But me and her, she’s in advertising and, you know, I run my own business. So she works in the corporate environment. I don’t we set those events and we are constantly like, why do they do it? Like we could make them so much more money. And then we’re kind of like, they should hire us. I mean, we would make them millions of dollars, like, but you can’t turn it off.

[00:50:52] Then you created a whole agency in your head that you’re going to like. Not only should they hire you, but like you will create a whole business, an agency [00:51:00] that does this just on the side. Like I went to Dragcon and I 100% like all of the how their stalls were set up and their merch and I’m like, where are the mailing lists? And then like I’ll look at their Instagram and I’m just like, I need, I need like an agency that like sort out the marketing for drag queens. And I live in a parallel universe for like, you.

[00:51:18] Know, a couple.

[00:51:19] Of hours and then come back and be like, Oh yeah, this business. I remember this one.

[00:51:22] Our carwash here upsells the crap out of everything. I mean, like you would it’s I was waiting for them to offer me like a meatball sub at the end of their. So I said to the girl the one time we’re going through it because my daughters, of course, loved the carwash, you know, And so we go through it and it’s upsell, upsell. I’m here for a basic car wash. And at the end of it, literally, you’re selling me a kit, too. Yes. I said to the girl, I go, You’re upsells, they’re impressive. And she looked at me and he goes, By what? I go, You’re upsell. One of the things that you just offered me, I’m like, it’s called a sales funnel. That’s basically what you’re doing just in person. And she was like, So like you said, she was like, I feel like you’re talking a different language. I’m like, [00:52:00] Probably. But really, it’s the world even I was talking to someone relating to them on, you know, was like, you know, church is a big sales funnel, right? Because they have to get you through the door. It’s like lead gen to get more people in the congregation and they’re like. Really? Do you see everything? Everything’s a sales funnel. Even church. And then they want your money from tithing. It’s like. It’s a gigantic sales funnel. So that’s funny. That’s really. I’m glad I’m not the only one because sometimes got really weird when I’m out there and I’m just like, critiquing everything and like, you could do that.

[00:52:33] Just how our brains work. Like when you can see it, you can’t unsee it. But it does mean that because we will never be able to unsee it, we will always be fine financially, I’m sure.

[00:52:45] This is this is true. And every time I just got a huge tax bill, I don’t know. I cringed when I said I’m like, but you’re just going to make that money back. It’s fine. You know, like you don’t have to. Okay. So I feel like circling back to low ticket, like I know that there’s going to be so many [00:53:00] ideas that come out of Low Ticket Live. I’m excited to watch and I will tell you, I rarely watch summits. Like, rarely. But I know that like you’re aggregation of the people who are speaking are going to be amazing. And the ideas are just so they sound so fresh, which is.

[00:53:15] Like that was a really big criteria. So had a well over 200 applications and I really very particular and precisely what I was looking for. And if like there was two applications on the same thing, it’s not like unique enough or like specific enough or like, yeah.

[00:53:36] So how do people sign up?

[00:53:39] So they go to your affiliate link for it and sign up. So you will.

[00:53:46] Actually and we’ll make it. But you just gave it to me and I wrote it down.

[00:53:50] It’s low ticket live.com/monica.

[00:53:53] Yes it is that.

[00:53:54] And tickets are free you get 24 hours access to each including on a podcast [00:54:00] feed this time. So on the free ticket you will get 24 hours on a podcast feed. And then there is you can buy a regular play pass or an ultimate play pass and they get you lots more goodies. And one thing I’m really excited about, the week after low ticket Live. If you buy the ultimate play pass, you also get $100 Lizzy credit in the ultimate play pass to experiment with that fun thing. But the week after low ticket live I am doing what I call a get it done week of my small but mighty $9 offer course. So you can if you buy the ultimate play pass, you get to come into a pop up group. You get a training on coming up with like the perfect $9 offer and you create it in the week with the support of everyone in there. And then at the end of the week, if you do it, I will promote it to my full list, which is currently about 30,000. I’m hoping a week after low ticket live. It is bigger than that. And I’ve done these, get it done weeks [00:55:00] before I do them often in my business and people hate them, but they love them because they get it done. So I just did one in my new program. Over 100 people did it, and they’re all telling me like, I haven’t promoted it to my list yet, but I’ve had sales from you promoting it to yours. So it’s just a really good opportunity to put into practice some of the things that you’ve just learned. Like you can go on and do all the things, but just like one specific low ticket offer the week after low ticket live and just like and I will promote it and it’s going to be really good fun and you can get it done.

[00:55:36] That is awesome And I feel like I want to get my act together to have something in that. And now I’m thinking, Oh boy, because here’s my brain. Yeah, what is my calendar look like? How I need to know. Clear the.

[00:55:50] Week. You want to do it?

[00:55:51] Okay. So now if people want to just connect with you outside of the event, how can they find you?

[00:55:57] So I’m trying to be better on Instagram, [00:56:00] which is Elizabeth Goddard underscore UK. And also if you go to Elizabeth Goddard co.uk/pod pod, there will be some relevant current ish links there about what I’m up to.

[00:56:14] Awesome. Well then we’ll make sure we link to all of that. Thank you for sharing all of your wonderfulness with us. It was a really good I just thoroughly enjoyed talking to you and I hope everyone thank.

[00:56:22] You so much for having me. I love talking to you too.

[00:56:24] Of course. I hope you just enjoyed that conversation with Lizzie as much as I did. And I would love to invite you to join us over at Low Ticket Live, where you’re going to get inspired to create your next high value, low ticket offer with creative ideas from the top innovative brains in the online business world, myself included. I’m super excited to be having a chat all about digital product shops, of course, but I am super excited to hear all of these interesting and creative strategies from the other speakers that are joining me. It is happening the week of July 10th, 2023 [00:57:00] over the course of four days, and there are 28 amazing speakers. I hope you’ll join us. You can head on over to low ticket live.com/monica to get your free ticket today I’ll see you back here shortly with another episode.

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