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Episode 41: How Writing a Book Can Grow Your Business Exponentially with Jasmine Womack

Have you ever wanted to write your own book but the thought of actually doing it was just too overwhelming? 

What if I told you that you could write a book and increase your brand awareness and credibility easily in 30 days?

Jasmine Womack is joining me in this episode to share how to do that. She is a writing consultant and corporate trainer who helps high performing leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs, and executives connect with others, package their expertise, and maximize their message through storytelling.

Over the past three years, she has worked with over 400 authors to help them increase their influence and grow an expert platform through writing a book and teaching them how to expand their book into a profitable and scalable information-based business. 

Her personal belief is that you should use your gifts, knowledge, expert information, and skills to glorify God and impact the world, and when you do, your gift will make room for you.

In Today’s Episode We Discuss:

  • Jasmine’s story of how she wrote her first book on maternity leave
  • Self-publishing and selling on Amazon
  • Why you don’t need an audience to get started
  • How your book is the beginning of the game not the end game
  • How writing a book can impact your customer journey
  • How to market to the masses with your book
  • Tips for getting started writing your book
  • What Jasmine offers in her live events


Jasmine offers so much great information throughout this episode about how to explosively grow your audience and business through the power of books. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed over the idea of writing a book, I hope this episode relieved a lot of that feeling! For more from Jasmine, make sure you click all of the links below to her website, book, book tour and live event!

If you are ready to discover your unique million dollar formula to easily sell digital products, make sure you check out my free training- The Passion to Profit Experience! 

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Monica Froese  00:04

You’re listening to the Empowered business podcast. I’m your host, Monica Froese, a mom of two and your secret weapon to creating a six figure digital product business. I’m on a mission to help 1000 Women make $100,000 a year. That’s right $100 million towards financial independence for women. As an online business expert, I am teaching you everything I know, right here week after week. So you can join us on the journey to $100 million dollars. Sound good, then let’s jump in. I don’t know about you. But the thought of writing a book seems completely overwhelming. So when I brought today’s guests on the podcast, and she told me that you could write a book to build credibility, and brand yourself and do it within 30 days, and it does not have to be hard. It really got me thinking. So today on the podcast, I’m interviewing Jasmine Womack. She is a writing consultant and corporate trainer who helps high performing leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs, and executives, connect with others package their expertise and maximize their message through storytelling. Over the past three years, she has worked with over 400 authors to help them increase their influence and grow an expert platform through writing a book and teaching them how to expand their book into a profitable and scalable information based business sound a lot like digital products. I think so. So let’s tune in and listen to how Jasmine will teach us how you can write a book to build your brand and credibility and get yourself into the right rooms so that you can leverage your expertise to make a six figure business. Let’s dive right in. Jasmine, welcome to the Empowered business podcast. I am so excited to connect with you here.


Monica Froese  00:04

You’re listening to the Empowered business podcast. I’m your host, Monica Froese, a mom of two and your secret weapon to creating a six figure digital product business. I’m on a mission to help 1000 Women make $100,000 a year. That’s right $100 million towards financial independence for women. As an online business expert, I am teaching you everything I know, right here week after week. So you can join us on the journey to $100 million dollars. Sound good, then let’s jump in. I don’t know about you. But the thought of writing a book seems completely overwhelming. So when I brought today’s guests on the podcast, and she told me that you could write a book to build credibility, and brand yourself and do it within 30 days, and it does not have to be hard. It really got me thinking. So today on the podcast, I’m interviewing Jasmine Womack. She is a writing consultant and corporate trainer who helps high performing leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs, and executives, connect with others package their expertise and maximize their message through storytelling. Over the past three years, she has worked with over 400 authors to help them increase their influence and grow an expert platform through writing a book and teaching them how to expand their book into a profitable and scalable information based business sound a lot like digital products. I think so. So let’s tune in and listen to how Jasmine will teach us how you can write a book to build your brand and credibility and get yourself into the right rooms so that you can leverage your expertise to make a six figure business. Let’s dive right in. Jasmine, welcome to the Empowered business podcast. I am so excited to connect with you here.



Likewise, I’m super excited today. Monica, thanks for inviting me.


Monica Froese  02:12

You’re welcome. We’re going to be talking about a topic that I feel can, for me is overwhelming, but you’re going to I have a feeling simplify it for Saul, which is about writing books. Absolutely. Which is what you do. Okay, so where I like to start all these interviews, I like to hear about everyone’s unique entrepreneurial journey, like what made you become an entrepreneur? How did you get here and what you do today?


Jasmine Womack  02:37

Oh, that sounds so yes, that’s a journey. So I was a middle school teacher. So I was a language arts teacher, I taught sixth, seventh and eighth grades over the course. Oh, 12 years.


Monica Froese  02:53

Wow. And I know that Oh, yeah.



And so throughout my career, as a teacher, I always had the desire to have a business of my own. For number one, you know, I definitely want more money. And I just wanted more options. And so I started out with multilevel marketing, you know, programs, you know, or companies. And I didn’t do great at that. And so I was just trying to do different things. At one point in time, I started a non emergency transportation company, I had a partner at the time, we had the business for a year, and we had maybe two or three vans, then I was like, Okay, this is not for me. And so I went back in yet. So that was my third year teaching, I took a year out to put into my company, then went back again, after my third year. And after that, I’m like, You know what, I’m just gonna try to go into administration and all those types of things. So around, let’s say, my 10th year teaching, I always had the desire to write a book this whole time for my first year. So when I left and tried that, that business that didn’t go well, and I came back, I had been telling people, I’m working on a book, I’m working on a book, and I never came out with it. So it was just like, when I will come back the following here. My co workers will say hey, how’s your book going? I’m still working on it. What was the book about this was that was my first book. So that that that ended up being 20 pearls of wisdom, a woman’s guide to self preservation, it literally took me 10 years to write that book. It was a book that I had wanted to write since college, and I had all of the overthinking all of the you know, the perfectionism especially being an English teacher all this doesn’t sound right. Let me go back and read. I went through that whole process and it wasn’t until I gave birth to my daughter. Her father and I divorced literally 10 months into our marriage. We divorce. This isn’t me On a self discovery journey, I end up getting remarried, and I was on bed rest with my son, which was my second pregnancy. And I said, You know what, I need to have something to show for this time, I’m literally at home. And my book was in the back of my mind. And I said, You know what, let me start playing around with this. And I put together a plan. And in 12 days, the book was done. So I literally went from struggling for 10 years to finishing the book in 12 days with a simple mindset shift. And, and I didn’t work on it all day, every day was an hour a day, for 12 days, and I finished finally finished the book that I struggled with. So um, the book came out. And I honestly say, like, the rest was history, I, the book came out, and that that’s when I was going into my 11th year of teaching. And that’s when I got into online marketing online business. So I leveraged Facebook, and Instagram at the time to sell my book, I started building my audience. And then people started coming to me and asking me to help them with theirs. They were like, Yeah, we know you’re an English teacher, can you edit my book? Can you do this? Can you do that? And when I got the confidence, after good talking to by my husband, and a good friend of mine, I started taking clients. And a year and a half later, I was leaving my job.


Monica Froese  06:32

Isn’t that crazy?



Really, how that happened. I mean, from the time I wrote my book, I turn the book into a challenge, then we turn it into a membership community. Then after that, I start providing editing and publishing services for others. And it was a year and a half after my book came out, I left my job, I was making six, I started making six figures in my business while I was still working. And then, yes, 18 months later took the plunge. And when it’s a full time,


Monica Froese  07:03

I have so many questions. First of all, one of the things that you said that really stood out to me is when you were on bedrest, and you said, Well, I have to have something to show for this, which is just talk about a go getting attitude. And very, that’s a very ambitious attitude. And so what I’m also curious about is what was the slight mindset shift that happened? Where it went from 10 years working on it to an hour a day for 12 days? And it was done? Like, what was that shift? In your mind?



That’s such a great question. I always knew that. I think it was a divine inspiration or divine push for me, there was like something in this gut in the gut, have my in the gut of my solar plexus, so to speak, saying you need to do this, like it was gnawing on me. I couldn’t get it away. And so I was at home, like, you know how? Well when I was carrying my son, I went in for one of my normal visits, and she was just like, basically, you’re about to go into preterm labor. You can’t go to work tomorrow. And so I found myself living day to day normally, and then with everything being flipped upside down, literally within 24 hours. And so after a couple of days at home, I’m like, you know, I’m at home, watching TV all day. This is getting Oh, like, I I’ve been working on this. This has been a goal of mine, I need to have something to share for my show for my time. Now. I will say during that time, Periscope was popular back then. So over that I had, I was on Periscope. And I started listening to these people teaching these. I don’t know how I found them. But here we are searching, things will start showing up. And so I had listened to someone and she was saying she wrote her book while she was on maternity leave. And I was like, Oh, that’s a good idea. And so I think I was just at home one day not doing anything looking at the wall. And I said I need to have something to show for this time. I’ve had this push to get this done. And I’m going to be really upset with myself. If I go back to work in four months and five months, and I go back the same way that I lived.


Monica Froese  09:18

And that is that changed your whole life.



It shifted me I said I have to get it. I’ve been Hey, I’m doing this. I’m doing that for nothing. I have to get it done. And I just said you know what? I’m just gonna stop overthinking it. And for me a lot of it was me doubting myself and overthinking the process. And one of the keys to me writing was getting to the point where I said, I’m not gonna edit as I write. That’s been one of the things that stopped me. I’m just gonna brag. I’m just gonna get it all out. And that’s what I did. I got it all out. And that’s just a guy that is


Monica Froese  09:56

absolutely my problem with writing. I edit As I go, and I was definitely that trouble in school where there was no such thing as a first draft to me, you know, like, as I was writing, I was doing the final paper, I don’t think I’ve ever really done anything, where it was, I was always editing while I was writing. And that’s probably why I’m so overwhelmed, because it stops my, you know, the flow of the ideas when you’re editing at the same time. And I mean, I feel like we’ve been told this our whole lives by our English teachers like you. And I’ve never listened to it. So, okay, what the book was about though, turned into a membership community, but that is not what you do now at all right? Like, right,



yeah, I don’t do that. Now. i all i, that was back in 2016. And, okay, that book, I use it to launch I did a 21 day challenge. And from the 21 day challenge, I launched a membership community. That’s a whole entirely different story with I launched a membership community and, and that gave me like, my first taste of like, making money online from home. And I was like, Wait, you mean to tell me like, I don’t have to go get a part time job. I don’t have to do all these things that I’ve been doing all of the years, to make the type of money to just supplement my income that I would like, Now Mike, well, listen, where how, how deep Can we go with this becomes addicting, doesn’t it and you realize it does. Because you’re you realize that you have the power to create. And it’s like people are interested in what I create in, people are interested in my thought process behind things and they’re willing to pay for it because it’s helping them get results. So it was just it was, it was a breath of fresh air was real blessing. Because, of course, as a wife, and as a mom, I didn’t have I could I could supplement my income from home on my terms, without having to leave my job or having to find someone to watch my kids. So it was just a real blessing. For me. The same.


Monica Froese  11:58

That’s basically what my business did for me, too. I, my first daughter will say, for the first few years of her life, I was in corporate and I sort of, for me, I had her when my career was taking off. It was like this really weird intersection. So I started traveling more. And I had an infant and I had postpartum and I had all these things happening. And like the first few years of her life, I felt like I kind of missed it, it was just a blur of survival. And this business allowed me I had my second daughter, I was to about two years in full time in the business when I had my second daughter. And I see, it’s like I didn’t miss any of her life. Because she’s, she’s here. And just like the flexibility that it provides us and then being able to help other women achieve that, which is what you’re doing with helping other women write books. So I have questions about this. So basically, did you become basically an agency for a while helping women launch their own books?



Initially? Yes. So I came out with 20, pearls of wisdom that turned into a membership. And then people started asking me to help them with their books. Now, in the beginning, I was scared to help because I was like, I listened. I just want to write my books. I didn’t want to do anything for my What if I helped people not start messing up. And so it was one of my friends. She was, uh, she had her own publishing agency at the time. And it was my husband, and they were like, listen, all these people are coming to you, my friend was like, why are you sending these people to me? You know how to do this, you know? And so I say, You know what, let me just stop being scared. And so I had a coach at the time, he sent me a client. And he was like, he told one of his clients who want to write a book, he was just like, go to her, she does it. I was like, Why did you do that? He was like, because you know how to. So it was really one of my coaches pushing me out there to kind of push me into it when I was too scared to do it on my own. And they sent me my first client, and she was in Ireland. And so Wow, yes, though. She was in Ireland. And then my second client was in Canada. And when I do my first two publishing clients were international. And then I was like, Well, I can definitely do this, because I just helped someone all the way across the world, you know, published a book, it’s on Amazon, she’s doing these amazing things, and with their testimonials, and then they were promoting it out to their audiences. And then people started coming to follow me on Facebook. And it just began a win a whirlwind, where everybody’s like, Oh, you do this? Can you help me? And so I was like, I was building the plane while I was flying. Don’t we all processes in place? I learned how to start automating things, you know, and I just learned and I just, it just started taking off. So this publishing, right? Oh, yes. Initially, this was a this was self publishing. So I was publishing people’s book authors books for them, and I was helping them to get it on Amazon and then they needed to know how to market so I would give them some strategy But then as things grew, and as the demand became bigger, I’m like, Oh, I can’t do this by myself. So I had to hire a team of editors, I had to hire a team of designers. And then I’m like, Listen, this is great. But this is taxing. I’m like, my true gift is teaching. I love teaching. I was a teacher for 12 years, I come from a family of educators. And so for me, I said, you know, I wanted to reduce expenses, and I want to help more people at scale. So that’s how I turned the agency into a coaching program, where I then I’m like, instead of me doing it for you, let me teach you how to do it yourself so that you create a steel. And now you can create any book that you want, when you want it, because now you have the resources, and you know how to do it. And now you don’t have to depend on anyone. And that was the other thing, too. A lot of my clients were coming back, because they wanted to write and publish additional books. And I’m like, listen, I can teach you how to do this yourself so that you don’t have to be dependent on someone else to do it for you. So that silence, right. So that’s how we evolved from agency into coaching. And at certain times of the year, I still do offer the the agency model, but generally is for people making over $500,000, because they don’t have the bandwidth to do it themselves. So they just rather have someone do it for them. And we’ll do it within 30 days.


Monica Froese  16:26

Oh, my goodness. 30 days. Yeah.



So I recently bought back that component. But yeah, that’s how we got into coaching. I just turned that agency into, I taught what I did, I created a course, documenting the publishing process. And that became initially automate easy.


Monica Froese  16:49

Okay, now, so are all your clients that you’ve coached now still self publishing? Or do you work with traditional publishers as well? Oh, that’s



a great question. So. So now I actually teach not only the publishing process, but I teach the writing the publishing the marketing process, and how to use your book as a bridge to your neck. So it’s evolved so much over the past few years. But um, we still primarily work with self published authors. But what I found recently is that I have experts who ended up getting traditional publishing contracts, and they still need help. So they’ll hire me on the backend, to help them develop their content, and help them to create a plan for them to write their content and even to help them with the marketing strategies, because many of them still have to market their own books. So okay. I don’t talk about that a lot. But yes, I still do have people who get traditional publishing contracts, who still need help. And they’ll hire me on the back end for some consulting work.


Monica Froese  17:56

Well, because I mean, basically getting a book out there is all about marketing, right? I mean, at the end of the day, so here’s, here’s a question, then do you enjoy the piece of helping people gather their ideas and write the book? Or do you like the marketing piece better? Or do you just love the whole thing?



I say, for me, it’s an ecosystem, like you can’t separate one part from the other. So I love helping, I love helping these leaders and coaches takes take an idea and turn it into something tangible, that they can then use to, you know, influence. Millions of people around the world, I did that I think that is the fulfilling part for me, like, and to help people that were in where I was where I might listen, you’re making money, but you’re still working a full time job. And like literally helping you to package your expertise, and showing people the power of creation, that you have the power to create. Whatever it is you want to create, as long as you believe in yourself. And as long as you have the fortitude and the patience with yourself to learn the skill and actually implement and execute it. You have the power to create anything that you want. That is the part that I love.


Monica Froese  19:12

That sounds I mean, you make you make me want to write a book even though I said I never would. Which is funny, it’s a hard thing to do. Okay?



It’s not hard. So that’s the first thing you have to shift. You have to say, it’s easy. It’s easy. I can do this. You can do this.


Monica Froese  19:30

Do you need an existing audience to do this?



When I wrote my first book, I didn’t have an audience, writing my book, and marketing. It helped me to build my audience. Now, some people will say you need to go and build your audience first. But I think that when you’re building an audience, it has to be very strategic. Like you don’t want to just be a popular influencer and you have some of everyone following you. And is they’re not following you for any particular reason other than your popular buy. They might not convert into buyers. So for me, writing my first book is what helped me to build my audience because I knew who I was speaking to, I knew the problem that I was solving. And I had, I was creating content around that. And that content that I was creating around, that is what attracted people. It’s what helped me to get podcast interviews is what helped me to get speaking engagements. And that is what started to build my audience. So I think that it’s, whenever someone says, I have to build my audience first, I always counted them, I’m like, well, writing your book is going to help you build your audience, because your book is a marketing tool. And you can create content based on your book and people who resonate with that content, they’re going to come and want their wants, they’re going to want to come and learn more, you know, writing your book, and when you create content related to that topic and into the things that you’re talking about, it’s going to position you to speak, it’s going to open you up to go speak to coaching communities or organizations. And that’s what’s going to build your momentum being seen being heard, whether it is virtually or in person and promoting what you’re doing. So the book is a marketing tool, but it’s not the end game. It’s absolutely not the end game. It’s the beginning game. And I think that a lot of people see the book as the end game. And it’s not is is the beginning of the journey, because you should be able to sell your book to the masses and take a rear and bring them into your ecosystem and turn your reader into into a client or into a customer. It’s like the like, like we were chatting about earlier is the same as with a podcast, right? So it serves the same exact purpose. You’re creating information, a body of work, where you have packaged your information and your expertise. And once someone reads that, and they like what you put, they like what they’ve read, what you’ve read, helps them move the needle in some aspect of their business or their life. They’re like, Okay, well, what else can I watch? What else can I buy? And it’s just going to pull them in.


Monica Froese  22:19

So do you recommend then if someone Okay, so we talk a lot about customer journeys and sales funnels? And, like, I attract people to me via the podcast, but this is not, I’m leading them into my programs, right? So that is the so it’s so funny, you didn’t give me a complete mindset shift about for some reason, I was not seeing if I wrote a book was part of my marketing funnel, it seems like it’d be like a product, but it’s not I get that it’s more front end. So do most of your people already have defined what their what they want to do after the book? Or do you recommend they know what that is, before they write the book? Well,



it just depends on the level that they’re in, that they’re on. So some people come with a course or program already created. But honestly, most of the authors that I’ve worked with, up until this point, they have been corporate professionals, they’re excellent at what they do their leaders, they lead teams, and they know that they want to do something they’re not sure how to put it together, you know, so we help them to package it. So, yes, you have your book you have you know from the book, yes, you put your marketing pinpoints in the books of bringing people from the book to your email list, you know, so that that way they get into your ecosystem and that you can continue the relationship building process with them, you know, and then you can offer a class you can offer a masterclass, you can offer a four day intensive, a not four day, a four hour you know, what we refer to as a four day intensive and then from there, bring them into your coaching program. So is, is a book is a tool to which you can market to the masses, you know, so like, I tell my students, if you sell 100 books, or if you sell 50 books, and my 50 books is $1,000 it’s pretty easy to sell 50 books, you know, if you are, you know, consistent about being visible, and getting the information out there, if you pull five of those, those readers into clients, then you can easily make 15 to 20k Depending on your price point. Yeah, it’s kind of like


Monica Froese  24:33

a front end funnel on Facebook, you know, all these tiny offers that we see and small products. But the end game is not that product. It’s that if even if even if you break even on that front product, the goal is that a certain percentage go on to pay more money on the back end. In your higher level programs. It’s like the same thing



is exactly the same thing. But here’s the thing about books, books all are have inherent value. Yeah. So people are people, when someone sees a book, there they come prepared to it. Nobody goes in Barnes and Noble expecting to get a free book. Like when people see books online, and like, even if it’s an e book, people are prepared to pay for, if it’s information that they want. And they know the general price range of a book is normally between 10 and $25. So I love books, because it’s not even necessarily breaking even. Because the cost of a book might to get the book printed might be between two and $3. To get the book print, you add shipping on to that it’s like another $3. So you paid $6, you know, to have the book printed and shipped. But when you sell it, you’re selling it for what $25? Yes, you’re making a profit off top on the front end.


Monica Froese  25:56

Wow, kind of convincing me into this. Okay. So when someone comes to you, and the idea of writing a book is just super overwhelming to them, just where do I even start? Where do I how do I download my brain? How do you help them do that?



So the first thing that you have to do is like really determine what you are going to write about. So if you’re already coaching, or you already have some level of expertise, my suggestion is to write about what you already know. Right? What it is, you know, right? What it is you do, I find that people generally tend to go into the weeds once they tried to think about or can or they try to package their life story. And then they have all these questions. What should I write about? How much of my personal details should I include? And you don’t have to do any of that? Like, yes, you can include some of your experiences into your book, but your book should not be centered around your personal life story. Right? What it is, you know, right? What it is you do, make it seven to 10 chapters? Well, one of the great things about it is that if you already have a body of work, like like you do, Monika, like you have the podcasts or you have blogs, you can take the medically related podcast, you can have them transcribed, have an editor to go through the document, they’re going to tell you how you need to develop it, you go in and do what they say, boom, you have a book.


Monica Froese  27:26

Do you have editors you recommend for this? Yes, I



do have editors that that I’ve built a relationship with honestly, the editors that that work with me in my agency? Are I still have a working relationship with them where I still recommend their services, because I work with them directly. So yes, I have specific editors that that I work with, and I refer my clients to, but a great way to find an editor if you don’t know how to find an editor, find an English teacher. Because they edit they edit papers all the time. Yeah, for a living. So find an English teacher, or someone who you know, you know, has some experience with professional writing. Because English teachers, they generally are they know how to edit in regards to the copy editing. And they know how to, to developmentally edit as well, because they have to do it. They’re writing and grading papers all the time. And editing essays, not a math teacher, not a science teacher. Right? You want to ask someone who has a background in writing, that’s that that’s one of the easiest ways and it’s really easy if you have kids, or if you have a family member who has children.


Monica Froese  28:44

Yeah, that’s actually a really good point I would never have thought about and



a lot of teachers, especially these days are looking for ways to make money outside of their job. And a lot of them are already doing it on the side, of course, you wouldn’t know because, you know, if you’re just going in for a parent teacher conference, you’re not asking them but if you ask, most teachers are doing something on the side to supplement their income, particularly, especially if they’re not married. And even I know a lot of the ones who who were married, that still did something on the side to supplement their income and make some extra money. They’re always looking for ways to make money from home. So do you do your editors


Monica Froese  29:23

that you worked with? Were they teachers?



They’re still teachers?


Monica Froese  29:26

They are.



They’re still teachers. So, um, the editors that I work with, like, one is, he’s an administrator. I’m like, why don’t you just do this full time? Because he edits for celebrities and everything. He was like, Listen, I have a certified paycheck. I don’t want to be a full. He does not want to be a full time entrepreneur, although he makes well over six figures from entrepreneurial activities. Well, I don’t want he’s like I don’t want the pressure of being a full time entrepreneur. So I think that’s important to understand, too that not that there are a lot of people out there who have businesses, they don’t desire full time entrepreneurship. It’s


Monica Froese  30:06

such a weird concept for me I, I’m like, why would I want to keep a job if I’m making over six figures in my business, but



he makes it he said he makes six figures on his job. And his job is easy. It doesn’t require anything extra from him. And he wants to guess what he wants to do Peck


Monica Froese  30:24

I mean, yet a guaranteed paycheck. Okay, so how long is your coaching program?



So I have to I have my coaching program, and a mastermind mastermind is one year, my automate easy coaching program is six months. And it’s six months, because we want to give people enough time. If life happens, you know, if things happen, you’re, especially after COVID, you know, happened, you know, people have had personal losses, you know, and things like that. So, it’s six months, because we want it to give that consideration in time in the event that life happens, but also, because we’re not just focusing on writing books. So you can write a book, you can, you can write a book in 30 days, you can publish it within 45 to 60. Easily if you’re going to self publishing route, but when it comes into prepping your audience to launch your book, you know, prepping for your post launch activities, where you are, you know, launching a mini offer, that takes time to build out that takes time to create those assets and make sure that everything is up and running so that we give six months for that full entire process.


Monica Froese  31:39

So it’s like the first two to three months is actually the book process. Then the last three months as book the launch runway, essentially.



Right, exactly.


Monica Froese  31:50

Okay. So I have an existing audience, right. And, to me, I feel like if I did write a book, I mean, I would have a launching pad already for it. How would I sell it though? Like, what kind of marketing activities? Do you recommend that? No,



I think that would be really easy. Like, even it could be something as simple as mentioning your book at the beginning. And at the end of your podcast, that’s a great place for people to start. So people always want to know, where can I start, instead of sending them to a checklist or something, purchase my book, this is a great place for you to start, because it’s going to I hate to use this word, but it’s going to immediately indoctrinate your your audience like more so than a checklist or some other type of lead magnet, not only will they be able to learn something, but they are they’re going to become familiar with your voice, with your teaching style with your methodology, you follow me? So normally, you’re seeing people to download something or get something, hey, purchase my book. And I would even say that, if you were, if you were conscious about fulfilling the deliverable of a physical product, one of the great things I love about creating actual books is that you actually need the e book to create the physical copy. So if you want it to just sell the ebook version, then you could you could direct people to purchase the e book, hey, you can start here, but purchase


Monica Froese  33:27

my ebook. And it’s a credibility thing when you write a book, right?



Absolutely. But I feel like everyone needs to have a paperback, not just an e book. Because when you go to speak, when you have those in person events, nothing converts better than a paperback book where people can actually see it, they can feel it, they can put it in their hands, they make the connection between you and your book and you. And even if they put it in their seat or their purse, they might not pick it up. But that book is going to sit there and look at them in their face. And they’re going to remember that they saw you at this particular event and you said something that stuck in their minds. And you know what, I’m at this place where I absolutely need to read this book, because I’m tired of being here. So I’m very different than sending someone to an email, you know, to enjoy your email list to get some lead magnet and then it just sits in their email and they never open it or they never see it again.


Monica Froese  34:26

And you know, people can share books on social media. I see that all the time with a lot of self published authors I follow and well and that’s actually I, I find out they actually have a book because they’re sharing stories. Other people are tagging their book and have them reading it like on the airplane and stuff like that. That’s it I you know, one of the things about being a digital product creator that I miss out on is the lack of the tangible evidence of what I do, like just having something and that’s that’s one of the reasons that writing a book has always It appealed to me, but I always felt like it was out of my reach, or that I had to have a publishing deal to do it or, you know, it’s just like one of those things that people don’t know a whole lot about. So it just seems difficult.



You know, it’s, it’s, it’s difficult, if you tell yourself is difficult. I taught myself for two years, it was difficult. And I told myself for two years, oh, I can’t write this book. I’m not living what I’m writing about all these things. But with a simple shift, I said, you know, what, it’s time. Let me let me get out of my own way. And I just sat down and did it. And I let the editors have the rest. And so, you know, I think that is, I think that is so important, especially in a digital age, it’s important for connection isn’t as important for brand building for credibility. It’s just, it’s another simple bow.


Monica Froese  35:57

Yeah, and I’ve been hearing a lot of about how if you’re not on video, then, you know, like, with reels and Instagram, prioritizing that we got tic tac coming out there, you know, and it’s like, I kind of really resonate with this whole, like, go back to the basics, like, where did we all get started with eggs?



I’m like, I’m not dancing. I’m not, you know,


Monica Froese  36:22

I know, either.



I’m not. And I feel like, you know, there’s always going to be something new. And I like the tried and true methods that it doesn’t matter what happens. It works. You know, tick tock might be isn’t popular today. It might be gone tomorrow, to be honest with you, like periscopes gone, live periscopes gone. And personally, I’m 37 years old, I don’t want to be a 37 year old mom. Dancing. No,


Monica Froese  36:51

I’m not like that. Either. I I’m 36. And I watched reels. And like, here’s the thing, I there are some amusing things on there. And, you know, I can go down the rabbit trail of it, but I just can’t imagine doing it.



I don’t want to do it. Like, I just don’t want to I don’t want to use my time in that way. So no, no, no offense to anyone who does, you know, oh, yeah, you work it. But for me, it just doesn’t work. I just rather do something else. So there was one other thing that you said that I want to speak to, I think that people feel like they need a traditional deal in order to be verified or be credible. And I don’t necessarily agree with that. Because with me being having self published books, I have been featured in Forbes, I have, you know, spoken to audiences of 1000s, I have partnered with New York Times bestselling authors where they’ve asked me on their platforms to teach this process. And so I think that it’s more so just about you having a high quality product. So yes, although you’re going down a self publishing pathway, your book doesn’t need to quote unquote, look and mature or look self published, it needs to have the presence so that you can be perceived, you know, on that higher expert level, if that makes sense. So you need to, you need to look on the level that you want to be perceived. So yes, you can have a self published product, but it can still be very high quality, which is where your editing is going to come in. And it can still have a very polished, professional, high level presentation so that you can be treated and seen as the expert that you are. Do your authors


Monica Froese  38:39

make it to these big lists that everyone talks about, like the New York Times bestselling list? Is that a thing you can do self publishing you



when it comes to New York Times bestseller, like I haven’t personally had any authors that have gone there, because I don’t teach that. Like, I’ve never been to New York Times bestsellers. But I’ve been teaching at Forbes, they have predominately partnerships, and on the platforms with the New York Times bestselling authors, and I get their audience and they become clients. So you know, I mean, when it comes to a lot of the bestsellers list, a lot of best algorithms, like how many people purchase your book within this certain time frame and things like that. And when people say, hey, I want to be on a New York Times bestseller list, my immediate question is why? That’s a great question. Why? A lot of times it doesn’t even necessarily boil down to credibility. It boils down to just because I want to be so my Okay, well, let’s look at let’s let’s delve into that a bit deeper. Does this make you feel like you would be more of an accomplishment? Does this fit make you feel like you have a greater level of respect or esteem, like let’s get down to the nitty gritty of the why, you know, do you feel like You could command more with this particular label or with this particular title, you know, or if you learn the skills to sell high ticket, you know, and you could go create a 20 to $30,000 program or service or offer. If you could do that, and you knew that you could do that, would you still want to be on this list?


Monica Froese  40:23

Well, you know, it’s just like podcasting. Because if I had said, and that’s all algorithm driven to, you know, how many reviews you get when you launch get on new and noteworthy. And when I launched, we actually we had, we got over, I think, 115 reviews in the first seven days. And that’s just the Testament because I had an existing audience. I mean, I listen to podcasts that are on, I don’t think we ever made a list or whatever I wasn’t trying to, and I didn’t let it stop me. Because I’m not trying, I don’t need the accolades of like, oh, I made this or whatever. So it’s very similar. It’s so funny. If you really do so many parallels with me, between the books and the podcast. It’s like, why I can understand I understood this for the podcast, and I went ahead and did it anyways. So why did I think that the, that a book had to be so different, but it’s not in your, in your right, you don’t need to be on the New York Times bestselling list to to have it give you the credibility. And as you’re building your brand, I just



had a client. And she released her book. And she wrote a book where she was detailing the journey of African American doctors, when they go into predominantly white schools and just sharing, you know, some of the experiences that they have from just a different perspective as they are on the journey to what she calls the white coat. And she, you know, is going into different schools to talk about this, you know, from a diversity and inclusion perspective. So she was very, very clear on, you know, the goal for the book, and, and the topic and things of that nature. She had she had lived, she didn’t have really an audience. But she had the positioning with her book, she so $505,000 in pre orders within two weeks, and in less than a month has already secured her first bulk order 600 books, which got her over $10,000. It’s about it’s really about your your audience, your target, understanding your messaging, the solution that you’re providing, and being able to position yourself as the authority on that topic. Wow, wow, she’s been able to do that literally in 30 days of her launch. So yes, she’s not on any bestsellers list, but she’s definitely making back pocket type sales.


Monica Froese  42:52

Yeah. And, and it’s getting her the credibility to get into those rooms that she wants to be in for her topic.



Absolutely. Because she’s being asked to come speak, to do workshops, and to do all these things literally in the first 30 days.


Monica Froese  43:06

That is very impressive. Okay, I want to ask you about your live event. I am very curious about this. So you have you have the six month coaching program, you have a mastermind, and now you have this live event. What is the live event?



Ooh, listen. So the the event is the six figure storyteller live experience, and I’m so excited about it. Um, so this is a brainchild for for many, many years. So the idea of it actually started years ago, when I had my agency, and one of my clients said to me, it would be great if you would create a conference where we could all come together with our books. I said, You know what, that’s a great idea. I’m gonna think about that. And I stuck it in the back of my mind. And so, over the years of working with clients, to help them write and create programs and all these things, I said, you know, what, we need a conference, like we need a high level conference, I was looking at an industry now and not when it comes to books, people like put together these low budget events, you know, people don’t feel special, you know, they don’t know, I’m not gonna say they don’t learn anything, but they do learn things, but it’s just, it’s not really propelling them into that next step of your career into making six and seven figure business and to making a six or seven figure business from your book. So we’re actually supposed to do the conference last year, but COVID shut everything down. So I say you know, what, we’re moving forward in 2021. At the end of the year, is going to be what it’s gonna be. We have to move forward on this. And so I’m so excited. Because this is over the course of three days, we are diving into everything that coaches and leaders need to know to create the foundation of a best selling book and six figure coaching business. So this is where we’re tying it all together. So on day one, we’re talking about six figure, storyteller mindset and storytelling strategy. What are the mindsets and the thoughts and the habits that you need to have to go from being stuck for 10 years, to getting it done in 12 days talking about more. So those mindset shifts to not only making that happen, happen, but to also go from feeling like, you have to sell your book for $10. And like, you’re not worthy to be able to sell premium price programs, what are those mindset shifts? So we’re talking about that on day one, and also diving deep into strategy, where you can create your six figure storyteller outline. Day two is all about branding, marketing and messaging. So how do you position yourself as the expert in your industry? What what are the branding strategies that you need? How do you create those relations? How do you build the audience and create the relationship with them? What are those marketing strategies that you need? Like? How do you create the visibility and get your message out there? And what how do you create the messaging so that you can not only convert your readers into clients, but also attract the audience that you want? And Day Three is all about monetization? How do you create a six figure business from a book? How do you make money like a lot of 80% of independent authors make less than $1,000 a year, and many of the authors who work with me and in our programs, they scale way past that, you know, and I’m sharing some of the strategies that I teach my clients, this is what these are the things we do to help you make money. So whether you’ve already written your book, and you haven’t gotten the results that you want, you’re in the process of writing your book, and you’re trying to figure out what to do next, so that you have the best results, or you’re just something that you’ve been thinking about. These are the things that you need to know so that you can make sure that you put yourself on the fast track to getting the desired results


Monica Froese  47:07

for yourself, essentially teaching people how to create a book funnel. Yes, exactly what which is speaking my language.



People don’t resonate with books.


Monica Froese  47:20

Yeah. I’m breaking the name of your event is much more catchy than calling it how to do a book fun. All right, so definitely you’re you’re appealing to your much while you’re an English teacher, so you’re much better with your words, then then the literal and practical, it’s a book funnel.



It’s absolutely a book funnel. And, and that is, I want to help people shift how they see books, you know, like, you’re not selling the book to sell the book. It’s a marketing tool. It’s a branding tool. It’s a positioning tool. Having the book will open up doors of opportunity for you, it has for me, and I want everyone to experience you know, the things that I’ve experienced.


Monica Froese  48:04

I mean, honestly, if sold me on it, I’m I did not expect to come into this conversation thinking that I’d want to write a book at the end. I really feel like people listening may also feel like me, which leads me to, if they want help they work with you now.



Yes. So yes, come check out my website, Jasmine Womack, calm, I have a free five part video series that teaches you how to turn your book into eight to 10k per month. So you can check out that video series. My book is published and paid, how to write self publish and launch your nonfiction book in 90 days or less. So you can check that out at published and paid book.com. And of course, the sixth week of storyteller live experience, that’s going to be October 21 to 23rd. And you can check, check that out and learn more about it at six figures, storyteller live.com.


Monica Froese  49:05

We will be sure to link to all that now. Do you think you’ll run them the live event more than once?



Yes, so we’re already we already have our dates planned for next year. Oh, awesome.


Monica Froese  49:14

That’s great. Ah, that actually excites me. Because I, I do a lot of travel for the business and I tend to over commit myself, but I am really intrigued by this event. So I’m glad you’re gonna be running it again. Oh,



awesome. Yes. We’ve actually had a lot of people saying that like this, and I can’t come this year. But I definitely want to want to come next year. More So of the people there and my international audience. Yeah. So yes, we already have our dates for next year. And those dates will be out immediately after this year’s conference. So we’re actually almost sold out so I’m really excited.


Monica Froese  49:51

Well, I’m so excited for you. I’m I’m really excited for you. But that’s amazing. That’s amazing to see all your hard work come to fruition and in a live event too. I’m sure it’s gonna be amazing to witness.



Oh yeah, we’re gonna have a good time.


Monica Froese  50:05

I really appreciate you sharing all your wisdom about writing books, and I’ll be sure to link to everything in the show notes so people can find you. And if they’re interested in writing books, they can come learn from the absolute best out there. Um, so thank you so much. I really appreciate your time.



Thank you so much, Monica, and everyone listening. I look forward to connecting with y’all.


Monica Froese  50:26

Yeah. Thanks for tuning in to another episode of the Empowered business podcast. If you want to get started creating your own digital products and don’t know where to start, we have a brand new training that can help. It’s called the passion to profit. How to discover your unique million dollar digital product formula, head on over to empowered business.co forward slash profit to join the training for free. Plus, we’ve added on a private podcast feed to make consuming the content even easier. You can choose to consume it via video or a private podcast feed. I can’t wait to see you back here next week.

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