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women excited working on a VIP Day on her computer outside at a cafe

Episode 42: How to Use VIP Days to Get Your Time Back and Increase Your Income with Jordan Gill

Have you ever heard of a VIP Day? 

These offers are a fantastic way to manage our time better, get paid better, and get great cash influxes into our business. 

You may be thinking that this is something that only service providers can offer. That’s not the case! These are also great for coaches, course creators, agencies, and more! 

In this episode of the Empowered Business Podcast, I sat down with Jordan Gill to learn what VIP Days are, how you can make it work, and how it set yourself up for success from the start. 

Jordan Gill, operations consultant and founder of Systems Saved Me, helps overworked one-woman shows become streamlined solopreneurs. 

Her jam is creating a cohesive operating system for managing your tasks, files, and inbox. She’s been on podcasts like What Works and CEO Vibes sharing her love of replacing monthly retainers with one-day virtual intensives. 

She currently lives in Dallas, TX with her Cavapoo Vivienne and collection of 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzles.

In Today’s Episode We Discuss:

  • Jordan’s story of how she came to teach others about VIP Days
  • What a VIP Day is
  • How to set yourself up for success on a VIP Day
  • Why VIP Days are so attractive to buyers
  • How to know if VIP Days will work for you


Her story is truly inspirational. I love hearing about women taking their businesses to the next level! 

I am really glad that she joined me for this conversation about VIP Days because I know a lot of entrepreneurs can benefit from learning about them.

If you want to learn more about VIP Days, make sure to check out her website and social media profiles. They are all linked below! Jordan has endless content and even freebies for you!

If you are interested in finding your unique million dollar formula to easily sell digital products, check out my free training-The Passion to Profit Experience!

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Monica Froese  00:04

You’re listening to the Empowered business podcast. I’m your host, Monica Froese, a mom of two and your secret weapon to creating a six figure digital product business. I’m on a mission to help 1000 Women make $100,000 a year. That’s right $100 million towards financial independence for women. As an online business expert, I am teaching you everything I know, right here week after week. So you can join us on the journey to $100 million dollars. Sound good, then let’s jump in. Today, I have a very special guest who’s going to tell us how to manage our time better, get paid better for doing it, and get pretty good cash influx into our business. In one day, we are going to be talking about this concept of VIP days. And one of the cool parts is usually when I hear VIP day, I think of like a service provider who’s going to build a website for you. And they’re going to do it in a container of one day, instead of letting the service really draw out over let’s say like a six week period. But the cool part of what we’re going to talk about today is that we’re going to hear how even course creators and people who run memberships or agency owners can use this concept as like a premier level offer in their business. And it also provides this really great way to get cash and fluxes into your business. So I’m really intrigued by this conversation if you couldn’t tell. So let me tell you who we’re talking to. We’re talking to Jordan Gill, she is an operations consultant and founder of systems saved me she helps overworked one woman shows become streamlined solopreneurs. And her jam is creating a cohesive operating system for managing your tasks files in inbox. She’s been on podcast, like what works and SEO vibes, sharing her love of replacing monthly retainers with one day virtual intensives. So let’s welcome Jordan onto the podcast. And let’s hear all about how we can implement VIP days in our business. And also, we’re going to have a little bit of a talk about team building and the impact that we can make as business owners when we build a team. So let’s dive right in. Jordan, welcome to the Empowered Business Podcast. I’m so excited to talk to you today.


Jordan Gill  02:36

Yes, thank you so much for having me, Monica. I am so jazzed to talk about some of my favorite topics ever.


Monica Froese  02:43

Yes, the big topic that you’re known for, which I’m sure you’re going to tell us about when I asked the first question, which is I want to know about why you’re an entrepreneur, your journey, like where did you start? Why are you doing this? And what are you doing today?


Jordan Gill  02:56

Yes, where do they come from? Yeah, so you know, it’s, it’s interesting, because I always knew I was gonna be an entrepreneur, not because I was the typical, like lemonade stand, you know, Girl Scout Cookies kind of gal. But because I’ve always liked doing things on my own time. Very maybe TMI example is, when I was being born, I was about two weeks late. And my mom was like, I was literally going to induce you the next day. And that’s the day you came, because you heard that you were gonna be forced out. And you were like, Nah, like, this is on my time, I decide when I come. And so basically, from then on, my parents have had to deal with that kind of attitude. But there’s well as an entrepreneur, but for me, I had a background in kind of two areas journalism, and like writing, but then also in operations. So in my very short, like pre online business career, it was mainly in sports operations. And so there’s a lot of moving pieces, when it comes to the football games that you see on TV, you know, there’s all the things are there enough towels on the sideline, and is the right microphone on with the announcer right. So I really enjoy the details and coming out of sports really, because you don’t get paid a lot in sports. I knew that I wanted to start kind of thinking about my entrepreneurial journey. And I started by getting in employee position with Melanie Duncan, who kind of wasn’t really in this space anymore. Um, she’s doing some other cool stuff. But I became her head of content. And that’s a very like, journalistic writing role and very systematic, like you have to understand how to build courses, essentially. So think of her as like Beyonce, and I’m the songwriter, sort of scenario and it was an awesome experience. I loved every second of it. It was a total dream job for me, was there for two years. helped them grow. And, and it was awesome because it was it was an eight figure business. So I got to see really behind the hood of what it takes to run an eight figure online business before I even started my own business, which is a pretty big privilege. So for me when it was like, okay, entrepreneurship, let’s make it happen, kind of came about as a sign of obedience, for me. So, for me, it’s a God thing for people to universe or gut. But for me, it was God being like, it’s time to go. And I was like, interesting, I, as a type A person, I would like plan, I would like to save up, maybe some more like all of the things. And it was like big time ago. And so again, I obeyed. And I gave six weeks notice because we were about to go into a big launch and started my business. And it was, it was an interesting start, in a sense that I was ready to like, you know, do the hardcore entrepreneurial thing and live in like the dentist’s office basement and eat ramen, which would suck because I have celiac and can’t eat gluten, but like I was here for it. And like I was like, yes, like, this is the hardcore stuff. And that was not my experience. Right off the bat, I was able to secure about $12,000 in monthly retainer revenue within the six weeks of me transitioning, and that was really solely based on relationships that I had built in the online business space while I was working for Melanie Duncan. I wasn’t working for anyone, but I just would go to events and meet people and hang out. And so when I needed somebody and needed to raise my hand and say, Hey, I need help. I need clients, I need to make this transition. People knew me and knew what I was great at. And were like, awesome. Like, here’s a list of people like get on sales calls with them. I know they need somebody. And that’s exactly how I started my business was through connections and relationships, which is totally what I preach still to this day.


Monica Froese  07:01

Yeah, I talk actually a lot about how I did not like networking and corporate. I think, in hindsight, I know it’s because it was playing it was in tech, it was playing a white man’s game, and I didn’t want to play and yeah, and that’s why I hated it. And I thought I wouldn’t want to do it in the business. I thought, Oh, Mr. Panda computer by myself. Great. Yeah, that’s not how any business runs. If you want a successful business, it’s all about relationships. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling services, or products, info products, physical products, you name it. It’s all about who you know, it just is. It really is. And, and you know what, I’ve embraced it now. I think it’s fun now, but it’s also on my terms. You know, like, I’m not playing somebody else’s game. And I’m not trying to get a seat at someone else’s table. You know, right. So What year was this that you started the


Jordan Gill  07:49

business? 2016? So may 2016. And was it bornus? System saved me? No, it was born as my first business name was personalized procedures. Okay, I thought I was a medical sales company. I was not. And that quickly, about seven months later changed to the Culatta group. And it was spelled Kayo La da, but it was a a hint toward pina coladas, because the brain group that I was working with were like, you know, why do clients work with you? And I’m like, well, they want to be able to sip pina coladas on the beach and not worry about their business imploding, right. And so the pina colada kind of became the symbol of my business and pineapples still are to this day, which is really fun. And I had the colada group for about a year and a half. And then finally I caved, and system saving was always my podcast name. But I was afraid of putting systems in my actual business name because people were afraid of systems. And I put that in air quotes. And so I was like, I didn’t want to scare people about what I was doing. And I’m like, okay, whatever. Like, this is dumb. So I caved and moved into the system naming, naming and that’s been so beneficial, and I’ve loved every second of it.


Monica Froese  09:05

Okay, so what is it that system save me was born as like, what were you doing to make me be able to go sipping pina colada on the beach?



Totally. So I started out with people really in the online business space. So seven figure entrepreneurs who needed help with their systems or so I would go in and like restructure their customer support systems, or their membership delivery systems or things like that. And on an ongoing basis that about like five or six months in my business, I call it launch mageddon Because three out of my four clients we’re launching at the same time and it’s one thing to be a part of one seven figure launch is another to be a part of three in the same month with clients who don’t care that you’re in other seven figure launches that month. And I was like, this is for the birds. I was like never Again, will this ever happen and I let go to clients. The next month, I went down to two clients. So I had four starting out in May, Lego two clients immediately had two clients and was like, I need to figure out a different way to run my business because this isn’t working, not interested here. But I still like working with clients. And I enjoy the work that I’m doing. But I just don’t want to do it in that way anymore. And so I realized that client management systems are actually what I enjoy the most, out of all the different systems because systems are everywhere your makeup routine is a system, your workout regimen is a system. But I really liked client relationship management systems. So I think of like dubsado Active Campaign even a little bit HoneyBook, those sorts of tools. But I really like creating a client delivery system that is consistent and is done in the way of like, pure excellence. And so that’s really when the IPAS came about, and whatnot, they entered my world and started this whole empire, I suppose. But yeah, so I was helping people with their client relationship management software, when I was transitioning.


Monica Froese  11:13

All right, to tell me about this VIP date thing, because I feel like this really changed a lot of people’s lives that I know. And the industry is like, spread like wildfire. And let me tell you, I’ll say it after you tell us what it is. Because some people might be like a VIP day, what are you talking about? In the form of what is it?


Jordan Gill  11:32

Yes, yes. So how I define VIP days, you may have heard them as day rates intensives. Other like, they’re all pretty similar slash the same. But how I define VIP days is that they are a four figure offering, like to leave with the money. They are a four figure offering that lasts three to eight hours that lead your client through a transformation or method. And that’s different than a strategy session, or like a discovery session that someone’s paying, just to like ask you anything, or pick your brain, a VIP day day, right intensive, really is leading somebody through your framework or your method. And so think of it like someone can build your website in a day or someone can create, you know, your child sleep training plan in a day, like it can kind of range and whatnot, because VIP days are super flexible and awesome. But I would say that’s the the easiest way to define VIPs.


Monica Froese  12:31

So when you came across this idea of a VIP day, you were actually the service provider doing the VIP day. So what were you offering for your VIP day?



Yes. So I was working with seasonal, mainly offline businesses online, oddly enough. Yeah, seasonal offline businesses. So think of like wedding planners, hail damage consultants, great consultants for like wineries, because there’s an off season of harvest and busy times, tax professionals like so it was a very, honestly, I look back, I’m like, how did that happen? But but that’s who I normally worked with. And I worked with them during their off seasons. And so again, that’s where they’re resetting for the next busy season. And they’re wanting to get their systems in order. Because they’re past on season, our busy season was chaotic, and they’re wanting support to make that not happen again. So I would help them build their client management process and delivery and try to automate about 6060 to 70% of what they were doing to keep the client delivery consistent. And again, keep that level of excellence that I love talking about and allow them to stay in their zones of genius with their clients instead of like all the manual minutia that kind of drowns us as service providers.


Monica Froese  13:57

And you did this in a three to eight hour container. Yes. Okay. So, I’ve been how, but I guess, in my mind, the bigger question is how much legwork had to go into like prepping, so that you could get it done in that container? That seems like a pretty massive undertaking for a day’s work? Yeah.


Jordan Gill  14:20

So I didn’t work with new businesses. So we weren’t really starting from a blank slate. And that’s helpful. So I was really doing and sometimes there would be where I had to integrate them into a new software. Sometimes they had the software, they just weren’t using it, you know, or maximizing it as they could have been. So there’s ways to again, when you start from a blank slate, yeah, that is a lot. That is a lot of work. And when I was working with people, they generally already knew what was broken, what was chaotic, what was messy, what was slow, I would find additional things, but there really was, it was a really pretty yellow brick road. And so I created my own framework that helped me to take any business and put it into my framework, and I was able to clearly see where the gaps were, what was missing what needed to be created. And my pre work usually took like a couple hours for my clients. So I needed to know all the software they were using for everything I needed to know, again, where not only the business owner thought the gaps were, but okay, the core team members that you have, what was their opinions of what was missing and messy. And so I was unable to, again, when you have a framework or a method, that automatically speeds up the process, because you’re not having to rely on your brain. As much as we all like to do that our brain is not the most reliable source of truth, because you’re having so many thoughts and things going through it. So three, it’s about the framework. And it’s about asking the right and enough questions up front to where then I’m set up for success on the actual day of the VIP day.


Monica Froese  15:57

But yeah, it makes sense to work in a framework to because can you imagine if you’ve had to do custom, like start from scratch every time like that? There’s no way you probably could do it in a container of a day, or you’d burn out? Yeah, that sounds awesome. So Tell, tell me if I’m wrong here, but I believe that what happened was that you were finding you were making a lot of money and not working very many days is that


Jordan Gill  16:20

yes, that’s exactly what happened. So yeah, I, you know, I have a couple of chronic illnesses, chronic fatigue being one of them. And so I cannot really work past six hours, my VIP is or six hours, otherwise, I get really exhausted. And that will last for days, even up to a week. So I have to manage my energy, like it’s not really a choice for me, I cannot prescribe to the hustle, I can’t pass it like I can’t prescribe to the grind. And so, for me, I had to figure out a way because those longer term containers monthly retainers were so draining to me. And because it was based on hourly, it was like, I had to like work the amount of hours in order to get paid, but like I’m really efficient with my time. So it actually takes you less time and now it’s awkward. So, you know, I was really grateful that with VIP days, I really worked with clients for maybe six a month. That’s four to six days a month. I worked three day workweeks Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursdays. And so I spent a couple days marketing one day delivering and then I would have 40 weekends every weekend. And people were like, What are you doing? Like what’s happening? And I was making like 20 25k months, and your overhead was probably like, No, exactly. I didn’t have any team members. I really just needed like zoom dubsado acuity.


Monica Froese  17:51

Honestly, really, like a pretty good model? If


Jordan Gill  17:54

yes, me. I know, right? Sometimes I do question. I’m like, why am I doing all this? So simple before but and that really helped me heal because I was kind of coming in again, with the launch mageddon that I had, like, that was extreme burnout for me extreme exhaustion, and I had to do a lot of healing. And that took time. So you know, I’m just really grateful that I was able to create that space and still have a business that supported me taking the space that I needed to


Monica Froese  18:24

heal. So when did the brilliant idea come to teach other people how to do give us a time frame here when that happened?


Jordan Gill  18:33

Totally, totally. So again, I have my first VIP day at the end of 2016. And then you know, pretty much was like, alright, like, I’m all in on VIP days, and I let go my final two month retainers early 2017 have not taken them on through Taylor since it’s felt so good. And so I do a couple years where like VIP days were like my main things by 17 2018 2019 even end of 2019 people were starting to like really question me about VIP days, mainly because I am a Systems like services person doing VIP days and people thought of VIP as being more coaching or like, You go and sit in the Ritz Carlton and like sip champagne sort of scenarios and they’re like, you’re not doing that what are you doing over there? And so you get asked you know enough times Mike as you are aware in in your expertise, you get asked you know, quite a few times about something you’re like, should I be doing this thing? Um, but it was interesting because I was I felt very special snowflake II as we all do. I’m like, I’m the outlier. Like I’m the only one who could possibly make VIP days work for me like this. Which is so silly, but I it was definitely like a fear of just like, I don’t know if I can teach other people to do this. Like, I’ve only been able to do this really for myself. What if like, I am the special snowflake and I don’t want to hurt other people or you know, cause harm. So I joined who we now mutually and in our in Mario’s group coaching program, having no idea what my group coaching program is actually going to be about.


Monica Froese  20:13

Really. So you joined high ticket that her accelerator, the actual High Ticket program. You know,


Jordan Gill  20:20

I know. It’s like, I don’t know, like, I’m sometimes Yeah, I question my either. I don’t know what naivete or just like follow along, I don’t know. Anyway, but I joined. And what was funny is I was like, but my group coaching program is not going to be about VIP days. Like, I was very adamant about that. Why? I’m not sure. Again, I think it was just all fear. And, you know, as I was going to program like, and I got the coaching, it was like, oh, okay, maybe it is about that. Like, maybe it could work. Like maybe I can actually help people with those. Because I remember when I first heard about VIP days, and like, I was so grateful that someone else told me about this, and what if there are other people that I could be helping that were in a similar place that I was in, burnt out exhausted, wondering if entrepreneurship was even right for me? Like, what if there were those people still out there, and I could help them with that and make it easier. So warmed up to it. And that was early 2020. And then the week that everything shut down? March 2020, was when I decided to launch? It was already pre plans, right for that timeframe. But I was like, Oh, my gosh, and I had launched my now is done in a day, which is my group coaching program and how my first 17 People join and you have permission. The rest is history. Yeah. Just rocking and rolling.


Monica Froese  21:49

That’s an audible story. I mean, I don’t think I realized that how teaching it came about. That’s yeah. Wow. Okay. So I have questions. Oh, first of all, do you work with? Okay, so I have never been a service provider in the online space. It just part of it didn’t resonate with me? Well, for a lot of reasons what you said, you’re on other people’s deadlines. And I’m like, No, I want to be an entrepreneur, to answer to myself, This is why I left corporate. So it just never I turned down contracts. I turned down lots of work that came my way. But I’ve realized that it seems to me that VIP days could work for someone like me, who’s not a typical service provider, because I do have a skill, I have a few skills in this online space. But you know, I could I could help someone make significant because I teach it. So I could do it in a container of a day and more of a done for you, it would have to cost a lot compared to you know what I’m making my progress. But that so it could work for someone like me, but it’s the predominant like person you get in the group service providers already.


Jordan Gill  22:57

It’s interesting. It’s it’s shifting, like we’re kind of in this interesting spot. Currently, as of today, I would say up until this point has been service providers, and even some coaches, but majority I would say 70 80% service providers, we just brought in we just had a launch we brought in 78 people you know, we good for you. Yeah. Which was awesome. And it’s been a really interesting mix. And we have quite a few people who are making close to a million dollar revenue that are have memberships or have an agency or have something else kind of running in the background, but they want to be able to lift up and do some VIP days when they want to and work with a more you know what more I call champagne client of the people that they normally work with. And they want to do that in VIP days. And it’s been really awesome to see how that’s happened. And you know, they’re able to sell them obviously fairly quickly. What not because they have the audience. But yeah, we’ve been actually seen a trend again the last like month of people who have again 50 to 70,000 coming in from courses memberships agency that are wanting to do VIP days themselves in a in a fun, close container. That’s very, the boundaries are very straightforward. Oh, yeah. What it is, and it’s it’s been refreshing. It’s been fun for them.


Monica Froese  24:24

Yeah, cuz I can see it being a nice cash injection. Like I have a team. So you know, it doesn’t even have to be me being an I’m saying this Oh, no. And email me I’m not doing dumb for you right now. hasn’t occurred to me I like understanding all the levers I can pull to make revenue. And this is why it’s very fascinating to me, because, you know, like, Mariah has this concept of champagne level client. So it’s like this whole client continuum, and it’s a very fascinating thing go. I think she actually has like a training to go and ride cosmos. Watch it because I can’t do it justice. I In a snippet, but essentially, it would be like me working with my highest level student, you know, so because that’s the caliber that my VIP day would have to be at, for it to be worth it for me to do it. So, you know, it’s a fascinating idea. Okay, so can you give us examples of just like maybe one or two example of someone, you don’t have to, like, tell us their name or anything, but the type of industry that you’ve seen it work really well with?


Jordan Gill  25:31

Yeah, there’s been quite a few, but one has been in the online industry, I know somebody who she’s making like six to eight mil, with her group program, and her VIP days are 25k. And it’s all her team run. So it’s centered around, like building a funnel for your membership. So her team actually, like she sits in the room. But like, she’s, she’s like, I’m not really the one talk. Like, I’m not, I’m there. And like, I’ll have my sprinkle of things. But really, it’s my team poking out the strategy, and there’s no implementation. So this is 25 Pay for pure strategy. And that is her team delivering it, she could technically not be in the room if she didn’t want to, but she enjoys it and whatever else so and hers are in person, and whatnot. So that’s one example. Another one is lawyers. So she think it’s 10k. And she helps lawyers build out their agency. And again, it’s a very strategy oriented VIP day. And so yeah, she, like tossed it out in a Facebook group post and like sold seven of them. And I was like, Yeah, loan? Cash. Exactly. And so yeah, so she helps lawyers specifically, go down the agency side. So those are a couple that pin out, I think I have another one who’s pretty high up and does well with SEO, and has an SEO VIP day and helping people strategize with that,


Monica Froese  27:05

I have to say that for someone, I have my level where I can pay for things to make my life easier in both my personal and business life. VIP days, they are very attractive from a buyer’s standpoint,



very attentive,


Monica Froese  27:21

our podcast notes desperately need to be better SEO, I know this, because it’s just, it’s just like a snippet that we put up there. And we have a transcript, because that’s really important as well, but we don’t really optimize it right now, I would totally pay for VIP day to optimize all of my cuz it’s like, it’s like, it’s a little bit of a waste not to another, I just want to talk with someone who does tech strategy. So I met that kind of like, get that customer. It’s like, oh, cuz I have my compliance. And I have my bookkeeper. And I have my lawyer, and I’m like, Oh, but I pay a lot of taxes. There’s public Matthew about this. And there was someone offering a VIP day on that. And it’s like, okay, that’s so much better than me having to go find someone to put on like, a retainer. And plus, I get to find out if we Jive well together, probably get some good tips out of it, I would and I just don’t have the time either. Like, I don’t have the time to go back and forth with the tech strategist, right now my time is so finite, I would pay for it with HR stuff, like I would pay for so many VIP days. So I just kind of feel it. So it’s like a two fold thing, it really helps a service provider and or someone in the coach membership agency, you know, have that cash and Jack injection not be scope creep is going to be a lot more contained. But then on the flip side, someone like, you know, in my position who I’m not gonna hire someone on payroll for it, I don’t want an ongoing contractor for it. And I also think it makes certain services more accessible to people that wouldn’t otherwise be accessible. Because like, even, like, if you had asked me a year ago, if I was gonna hire a tech strategist, like who could afford that, what is that? And where do I find it? Like I had all these questions. It seems so bizarre. Like a year ago, that concept was so bizarre to me. And now I’m like, still, I don’t want to commit to it for like a year or something right now. I’m really just like feeling it out. So it’s really making it accessible to people like these high level services accessible to people that wouldn’t otherwise be, you know, the Gospel.


Jordan Gill  29:21

It really is. And you know, too when it comes to longer containers for tax strategy, for example, it’s like, I kind of want to feel it out first. I don’t want to sign a year, six months minimum situation when like, I don’t know you like we haven’t worked together before. Like I kind of want to feel it out. And then you know a lot of people in my program like they use their VIPs as qualifying offers is how I frame it in the sense that like you and your clients are filling each other out and if it’s not a good fit for you both and you don’t have to like give them the monthly retainer. You can just be like, great like you were served all as well like we got each of the points that you wanted for today, and like we can go our separate ways or if y’all jive, you enjoyed each other you like, want to make this a thing like, then let’s like do six months or a year, or whatever the case is,


Monica Froese  30:12

which is also brilliant, because getting in a contract is someone who you’re not going to have a good working relationship with its miserable. Source. Okay, so in March of 2020, this was not a thing. And suddenly, as the world shutting down, you get 17 students in, it becomes a thing. And now you have how many active students


Jordan Gill  30:35

130 active. That’s how a six month program? Yeah, six months? Yeah, we’ve had 270 Go through it. Since March.


Monica Froese  30:48

Which is awesome. So now you went from what not having a team, like in March of 2020. How many people read working with in your bits,



I have three cont very, very part time contractors. And it was really me anticipating, like, needing program help, because of my like VIP day business. Again, I didn’t really necessarily need anyone. But it was kind of in anticipation of this program doing well. which thankfully it has. But yeah, yeah, we start with three very, very part time contractors. And now you have you have nine total team members, which six of those are full time employees.


Monica Froese  31:29

Did it stress you out?


Jordan Gill  31:32

Oh, gosh, you know, I’ve always known I wanted a team. Because I think that it’s one of those things where you see people in companies and businesses or friends of mine and stuff like that, where they’re like, really smart, and they’re like they’ve got going on. And yet, in their companies, they don’t. They can’t shine, like they can’t actually be how brilliant they are. Because of all of the corporate nonsense happening. And I was like, it’d be really awesome. Like, what would happen if like, I could create a team and accompany experience and business were like, the most brilliant dope people in their respective areas got to actually be brilliant, like, what would that look like? Well, that would have to happen in order to attract those types of people and have it be a really cohesive culture. And so you know, it was not, again, baby steps. The first person that I had become an employee was in September of 2020. So again, I still was kind of like figuring out contractors and all that, and then I was like, okay, if I’m gonna do this, like, I’m gonna, like, go all in. And so I started the first person as a full time employee. And then, you know, we’re continually hiring, there’s some people who leave or some people who comments like, you know, Team fluctuations. And it was interesting, because the people that have been on my team, the longest that started out as contractors, they came to me, and were like, how do I work here, like, all day, like, I just want you as the, like, I just want to work with you. And that was such a beautiful, like, honor to hear because I wanted to be able to commit to them as well, and create an environment that they felt safe, they felt secure, and an employee situation, because, you know, nothing is really secure, right? In the grand scheme of things. But from their perspective, they wanted the security to come from me versus corporate, or other gigs that they have to take. And so I had to really think about that. And so we just started basically hiring employees only starting in 2021. And so that has been, I mean, listen, if you are an employee, somewhere, there’s a lot of tax situations, a lot of policies, a lot of, like, just parameters around that. So like, even if you hate your job, just like give them a little bit of blessing, because it’s a lot of stuff to go through, in order to like make that happen. And I think that people are like, Oh, just like, hire me as an employee. And I’m like, dude, like, it is a process. Okay? It really is. So it really is, and I was fully unaware of that before having employees. And so you know, I, I can sit here and say today that my team is a players and it’s one of those things that you think about and and dream about. And, you know, every every person that’s come on my team and come off my team is still amazing. But the people who stuck around and the people we’ve continually hired are truly, like, brilliant in their respective areas. And it is such a blessing to be able to create that culture and to nurture that Because that’s really what people want, when they come into a company is they want to be able to shine, and they want to be able to become the best. And we have professional development budgets for them to do that. And you know, we have different policies in place like unlimited vacation, like take your mental health days, take your vacations, like, go be great, because the more great you feel in all aspects of your life, the better you’re going to show up in our business. And in our company.


Monica Froese  35:29

I love it. One of the things I really realized this year for myself was, so I pivoted my business completely in 2020. Because why not? It Oh, pandemic year, let’s just blow up, we built this house, I’m like, I’m gonna blow up my biggest revenue source, do you mind husband, and he’s like, um, whoa, I was like, Oh, it did. Luckily. I mean, I wasn’t that flippant about it. But I was, I mean, it was a pretty big deal. And part of the reason I blew it up was because of this idea that I just, I really need to feel like I’m making an impact for me to be motivated, literally. And one of the things I realized coming into 2021, that it’s not just who like our customers are, that we’re impacting it is the ability to impact other women by employing them. And then and that just bleeds into so many other things. Like I actually run two payrolls, I have a business payroll, and I haven’t any on payroll, you know, and just, I think of all the contractors I hire in the business, and outside of the business, and it’s, it’s actually really rewarding to think about all the impact that you can make around you by having a business and making money. And then you can, you can put it in areas where you’re not just helping your life, but other people’s lives. I do find that very, very rewarding. That’s like, and I am a little bit of an I’m really detail oriented, I think you are too. So I, I actually just redid our employee handbook, and I enjoyed it. I, we added some benefits, like we’re starting a retirement plan in 2022. And we’re doing some cool things. And so I got this great idea from Riot to do the stipend. So, you know, cuz, you know, it’s, it’s hard. My husband’s in corporate, so I have health insurance through my husband. And then and, you know, but like, so how, what do I What do I do with that, you know, we’re not quite big enough to really have a policy in the business. So we started the stipend to open it up and include things like daycare and stuff. And, like, that’s cool.



You know,


Jordan Gill  37:31

it’s so cool. I, it is such an honor to be able to support the lives of my team members, I agree with you that the impact isn’t just your clients, like it really is your team and, and how they impact your clients and how it just, you know, it all stacks up. And, you know, I think that it is scary to feel like you’re quote unquote, responsible with air quotes for someone’s livelihood. And like them being able to pay their bills, there is that initial fear of like, okay, I just got used to pay my own bills, like now I gotta like worry about everybody else’s bills, you know, in your own mind. And like, I’ve always hired before I was ready, if I could, which also has been a lot more beneficial. Because when you’re hiring when they’re like way behind, then it feels it does feel like oh my gosh, I’m like, not only do I have all these things I need to be done. But now money and my time are both coming out. And it feels like we’re just bleeding in every way shape or form. But there is just something really lovely about creating that impact in a deeper way through employment. Like you said, I think that it’s it’s a really awesome gift. Yeah,


Monica Froese  38:53

I agree. Oh, this is so exciting. Okay, so how can we learn about VIP days? If I mean, I’m like, you like sold me and I’m thinking I can’t do anything different. I have too much on my plate right now. But I actually very tempted, maybe well, like, I’ll put it on my wish list of things, maybe 22 or something.



But how do people find you? Yeah, totally. I’m


Jordan Gill  39:15

very good at overcoming all of the objections to VIP days, I’ve been studying it and been obsessive about it for a year and a half. But if you want to learn more about VIP days, some of the best places are our website has like a ton of resources as a quiz on there about which type of VIP day you should create. We have a bunch of different resources, freebies, and whatnot. So that’s just something calm and then Instagram we have a ton of content, IG TVs, Rails, you name it over there. So some saved me plural systems, not just one and then I would say those are probably the main two places. We do have our podcast that is on pause right now, but there are back episodes that you can listen to about VIP days as well. No shocker system saves me on any of the podcast platforms, and yeah, I would say those three places the best.


Monica Froese  40:04

Awesome, we’ll definitely link to them in the show notes for you too.





Monica Froese  40:08

Thank you so much for joining us and telling us all this great stuff.



Yes, thank you so much for having me. Monaco’s Awesome.


Monica Froese  40:16

Thanks for tuning in to another episode of the Empowered business podcast. If you want to get started creating your own digital products and don’t know where to start, we have a brand new training that can help. It’s called the passion to profit. How to discover your unique million dollar digital product formula, head on over to empowered business.co forward slash profit to join the training for free. Plus, we’ve added on a private podcast feed to make consuming the content even easier. You can choose to consume it via video or a private podcast feed. I can’t wait to see you back here next week.

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