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How To Repurpose Existing Content and Create A Profitable Digital Product Shop

Episode 61: How To Repurpose Existing Content and Create A Profitable Digital Product Shop

Are you wondering how you can leverage existing content into paid products for your shop? 

In this episode of Empowered Business, I’m sharing how you can repurpose your hard work, free or paid content, into shop product listings that can make you money every single day. This is part one in a four-part series all about creating profitable digital product shops. 

Digital product shops are the key to scaling your digital product business. The easiest way to get it started is to repurpose everything you already created and streamline the process of buying it for your customers by giving them one checkout cart and one call to action. 

Smart business owners leverage all of the hard work they’ve already done before moving on to the next thing, and I want that for you. 

So let’s break it down! I’m sharing the top five ways you can take existing content and turn it into scalable digital product assets. It’s all about doubling down on your existing efforts, and I’m showing you how.

In Today’s Episode We Discuss:

  • What a digital product is 
  • Why shops are the key to scaling your business
  • The biggest objection to a digital product shop 
  • The five ways to repurpose what you already have
  • Why it’s important to leverage your hard work
  • The benefits of having a digital product shop

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You are listening to. The Empowered Business. Podcast. I’m your host, Monica Froese, and if you’re like me, you want. To grow a. Business you love that gives you financial freedom and. Fits your. Lifestyle. Every week. You’ll get strategy and. Unfiltered opinions from me and other successful business owners that will inspire you. To make big moves in your business. When we work together, we not only grow faster, we. Also amplify each other’s voices. Are you ready to build. Your business on your terms? Let’s jump in. Hey, welcome. Back to the Empowered Business. Podcast. I am so happy to be. Back for another four episode series all about creating profitable digital product shops. If you missed. It, I shared all about our journey. In 2022 that helped us build a six. Figure. Plus. Digital product. Shop called The. Empowered Shop. You can learn. All about it in episode 57, which I’ll make sure to link to in the show notes. Today we’re. Going to talk about a topic. I’ve received. A lot of questions about. How to leverage. Existing content into. Paid products for your shop. In other words, how to repurpose all of your hard work, whether via free or. Paid content into. Shop. Product listings that can make you money every single day. Now, humor me for a quick moment and let me take you back. To the very first digital. Product that I ever launched. It’s called the Family Budget Spreadsheet. It’s a spreadsheet that sells for $17 that I created to. Use for my own household budget and. Decided to turn it into. A template. For my. Audience in 2016. That spreadsheet has gone on to. Earn over 400,000 with very. Minimal promotion. Over the years. I went on to create dozens of. Digital products. Including. More spreadsheets, principals, ebooks, courses, memberships. Templates, you name it. And my team and I. Have pretty much created. It. When I. Launched the Empowered Business. Brand in late 2020 to help small businesses.


Create profitable digital products, I started with. Showing them. How to create digital products from scratch. We teach how to do that inside of. Digital products. At scale, which. Is a pillar inside of our very first signature program under the Empowered Business brand. Called the Empowered Business Lab. Maybe now. Is probably. A good time for me to define what I consider a. Digital product. To even be so that we’re all on the same page. I define a digital product as an asset. You create ones that you can sell over and over again. It’s highly profitable because the majority of the. Work is done one time. And here is the key. A digital. Product is the solution to your. Customers. Problem in a digital format. That’s all it is. When I started. Teaching about. Digital products, I really. Wanted to help people develop. Their products from scratch. Whether you already had a business or you were new. To business. The Empowered Business. Lab would help you do that. Then something pretty interesting started to happen as I enrolled students. I realized that a lot of businesses I was working with were sitting on a goldmine of content that could. Easily be repurposed several different ways into profitable digital products. The problem. Is that it was. Impractical to create. Dozens of sales pages with. Different checkout cards for these products. Think about like Old Navy. Can you imagine if you had to check out once to. Order your sweaters, once to order your tank. Tops and another time to order your yoga pants? There’s no. Cohesive experience going on there unless the content that my students. Were. Creating. Was very limited. In. Scope. Either they were offering. Their content. For free. Hello, my blogging friends. Or they launched their product. One time and. Never really. Had the. Bandwidth to circle back to it. Or their. Content was living behind a paid. Firewall. Like. A membership or a high ticket offer. And thus all of that content was.


Not really. Serving them at scale until we. Discovered. This little thing called a. Digital product shop. And it. Blew the doors. Wide open with the possibilities of the types of. Digital products that could be created. And how many digital. Products. Could be sold at one time. In fact. Digital product shops are literally the. Key to scaling. Your digital product. Business. And the key to this. Is to leverage or repurpose all of the hard work you’ve been already. Doing. I mean, duh, right? Is your mind blown yet? Because I don’t know why I didn’t arrive at this conclusion. Sooner than I. Did. This is what we discovered. Some of our best content was hidden in other programs. How much content have you. Created that. Lives behind. A paid firewall. That only the people in a. Specific program course or membership. Can access? I know for us we had years and years of trainings, workshops, templates, spreadsheets, audio recordings. You name it. That would make amazing standalone. Products. But it would. Take hours and hours of manpower to create. Individual sales pages. For. Each of these. Not to mention. That would create. Way too many calls to action. I can’t put. Five different links. To five different sales pages to go by five different things in a single email. That’s confusing. So basically we sat on a gold mine of content that was gated. For no. Reason. Now, one of the major objections. I hear about. Repurposing content that lives in. Higher priced programs or memberships and turning it into standalone products is the risk. Of cannibalizing those offers. I vehemently disagree with this line of thinking, and I think it’s a two way street. Not everyone will. Want to have a monthly. Charge for a membership or buy. A high ticket program from you, but. You are still doing the hard work of developing resources for these programs. So if you can section things off that more people can benefit from, why would you not?


Not only. That, but the number of people. Who will tell you that they ended up buying a. Higher priced program or enrolled in your membership. Because of how awesome. Your lower priced products were will. Blow your mind. Basically, you have the opportunity to. Naturally lead your people. To the next thing that they need from you while getting paid at the same time. This is a win win situation. You are creating the content anyways and you. Should be leveraging it. In the best way possible, not just getting it behind a paid. Firewall. A shop allows you to cohesively get. All of your products in front of your best customers. While also letting. You repurpose a lot. Of the content you’ve. Already created into smaller products for your wider. Audience, all in one place with one checkout cart and one call to action. So let’s break down how. You can repurpose your free or paid. Content. Into profitable products inside of your digital product shop. Here are five. Ways you can take existing content and turn it into scalable. Digital product. Assets. The first. Talking to my blogging. Friends out there aggregate. Those blog posts and stop. Providing free resource libraries. Back in the day. I had an e-book about. How to get started with Pinterest ads. That made me multiple. Six figures. The core of that e-book. I had published in a How. To Get Started with Pinterest. Ads. Blog series to help. Attract new people to me organically. And guess what? No one batted an eye at me asking them to pay for the information in an aggregate manner, meaning when I put it into an e-book. Format and charged for it. Now, a huge opportunity I see amongst. Bloggers are those free resource libraries. Right there you. Have dozens and dozens of printables that could be individual. Or bundled. Product listings, which leads me to the second. Way you can repurpose. Existing content, bundle in bundle content. Do you have products that center. Around the same topic.


On our website? Redefining Mom. We have. Four budgeting. Products, so we bundle them together to make one product listing called the Ultimate Family Budget System. But we also sell. Each product. Individually. That is a total of five product listings. For our shop. Another example. Of this is we have an ultimate funnel template. Pack. There’s ten templates inside of that. You might not need all ten templates. So we also unbundled it and create. It $5 page. Templates so people can pick and choose what they need. The third way to repurpose. Content are those live trainings, workshops, challenges. Whatever fancy. Name you’re calling them. We hosted a paid challenge back in 2021 called The Passion to Profit Experience, and we sell it in our shop to this day for $9. It’s a perfect way to. Repurpose content that I put a. Lot of effort into. And it leads. Into our larger program, The Empowered Business. Lab. You can also. Do this for free. Live events that you posted When you put. On those free live events. You’re giving amazing content. You can repackage. That and sell it. With our low priced. Paid quick win workshops that we started doing in 2022. We created these two selling periods basically when we were going to be hosting it live. There was a sales push for it. And then once it went on. Replay, we did another sales. Push for it. So allowed us to have these two distinct marketing campaigns. Leveraging the. Same content. Plus, those workshops can now act as order bumps and upsells. For other products. In the shop. So it’s working. Smarter, not harder. The fourth way to repurpose. Content is podcast episodes. Or audio recordings. That you have done. Monica Soapbox is a behind the scenes content and snippets of mini Monica rants that I. Publish on a private podcast. Feed. This could also be used as a part two to the public facing episode. I do right here on the Empowered Business podcast. Another private.


Podcast I have is the Monica memo. For members of our Empowered Business. Society. But I could sell that as a one off lifetime access. So in other words. Instead of it just being behind the. Firewall of the membership. I could sell just that piece of the membership as a standalone lifetime access situation. Right now I offer Monica Soapbox for free. It’s a culmination of a lot of. Different snippets from different. Things that I do in my business, but I could. Also charge for that. Too and create a shop listing off of it. Both of these feeds are things I can monetize and both. Leverage repurposed. Content. Now the fifth. Way to repurpose. Content is that content behind. The paid firewalls. A good example of this is something we. Call our Perfect Your funnel. Bundle. It’s three live trainings that are empowered business society membership. Has access to that would. Never have. Seen the light of day outside of the society at any given time, except now that we have a shop, we. Discovered that why are we not offering these. Amazing workshops standalone? Because they. Have great. Standalone value. You don’t need to be inside of the society to benefit from them. This resulted. In. Four. Total shop listings. Three of those workshops stand alone, so three different product listings for each. And then we bundled them. So now you have options. So what is the message here? Double down on your existing efforts? The most effective way I have found to double down on my existing. Efforts is. To audit my content inside. Of our Google Drive. Or maybe you use Dropbox or any other place that you store your files. This includes. Everything. We have sold internal resources. We use audio recordings, video recordings, content inside of larger programs. You name it, audit that content. What content is just sitting there collecting dust. Now, for us, this is still a work in progress, but. I took about an hour of my time to start this, and just by going through my Google.


Drive for that hour, I realized. I was sitting on a gold mine of content that. I could repurpose. A. Million different ways for our shop. Think about. All the hard work that you’ve put into your business over the years, all of the free and paid. Content. You’ve created. That is just collecting dust. And not really serving a purpose anymore. Or maybe it is serving a purpose. But only a handful of people who paid you money. For a specific program are benefiting from. It. As entrepreneurs. We always want to. Create more, do more. We always think. There’s. A next best thing. Out there. Hello, Shiny object syndrome. Right? I get it. That’s how we are wired. But smart business owners also leverage all of the hard work they’ve already done before. Moving on to the next thing. And I want this to be you. A digital. Product. Shop can help you do this. It gives you four distinct things. First, credibility with. Your new and current customers. Again, back to my Old Navy example. If Old Navy made you check out ten different times every time you wanted. To order a. New piece of clothing. You would be very irritated. With them. It gives you a professional appearance. This is an e commerce brand. It way for you. To stand out and. Differentiate yourself from your. Competition. Three It’s a cohesive shopping experience, like I was just mentioning. Not only is it giving you that credibility, but it’s allowing the central place. For people. To buy from you. And that number four. Is a centralized call to action. To your. Customers. Again, you confuse, you lose. And if you’re going to send an email to people. And you’re like, here’s all this great things I have to offer, but go click ten different links, you’re going to lose. Them real fast. A shop allows you to have that central call to. Action. So are you excited about auditing all of your content and coming up with some cool product.


Listings for your digital product shop? We have something super fun and special for you coming up. I’m trying a brand new type of event called the Digital Shop Accelerator. Simplify your sales for more profit. Kind of sounds catchy, right? So this is happening the week of March 20th, and it is. Free. To join. That’s right. It’s free. It’s going to be a combination of. Short. Impactful audio drops and. An interactive. Live training that will blow your mind and show you just how easy it. Is to leverage all of your hard work over the years. At scale using a. Digital product shop. So I’d love for you to join us. You can sign up today at Digital Shop Experience dot com. Forward slash. Training. And of course we’ll also link to this in the show notes for you. So during this weeklong free event, we’ll be diving into things like how to make the mindset. Shift from free to. Paid, how to go from a content creator to an e commerce shop owner who provides value through selling because that’s what selling is. Selling is serving. We’ll cover the real power of having. A centralized call to action in your business. Hello, A shop and the transformation you will see when you make this shift in your business. I’ll show you how one. Low price product can. Easily. Turn. Into a multi hundred dollar sale. And then we’ll do a live interactive demonstration on how you can leverage. All of your hard work over the years at. Scale using your digital product shop. So if you’re in head on over to digital shop experience dot com slash training and sign up. I’ll see you right back here next week for another episode. To help. You grow your digital product. Business using. A storefront. Until then. Thanks for tuning in to another episode. Of The Empowered Business Podcast. I just launched a brand. New subscribers only. Podcast called Monica Soapbox. It’s a nice supplement to what I share with you each week here. Monica Soapbox is more laid back where you’ll.


Get unscripted behind the scenes updates on my business and. The industry. Head on over to empowered business. That co. Forward slash. Soapbox to sign up. See you here again next week.

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