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5 Shopify Apps That Will Make You Thousands of Dollars

Episode 62: 5 Shopify Apps That Will Make You Thousands of Dollars

Are you ready to boost the bottom line in your digital product shop? This episode is for you!

This is the second episode in our four-part series, all about creating profitable digital product shops, and I’m diving into some golden nuggets in this episode that you’re not going to want to skip, so make sure you have a pen and paper handy!

In this episode of Empowered Business, I want to talk about the five Shopify apps that have added thousands of dollars to the bottom line of our business. Money that we might as well have lit on fire before implementing what I’m about to tell you about today!

These apps are relatively inexpensive and easy to use. Not only do they boost your bottom line, but they also boost your user experience as well, which is so important.

In Today’s Episode We Discuss:

  • Apps for gamifying your shop 
  • The best app for offering order bumps in your shop
  • An app that allows you to group products together
  • The app you need to gather social proof for your shop
  • The best affiliate marketing app for your shop
  • My bonus tip for using Shopify Apps

If you have a digital product shop or are thinking about creating a shop for your digital products, I highly recommend getting started with these five apps. These are all you’ll need to take your shop and the user experience to the next level.

I have something super fun and special for you coming up and it’s called the Digital Shop Accelerator: Simplify Your Sales for More Profit. It’s happening the week of March 20th, and even better, it’s free to join! It’s a combination of short, impactful. audio drops and an interactive live training with me. I’d love for you to join us! You can do so by going to https://digitalshopexperience.com/training/.

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You are listening to. The Empowered Business. Podcast. I’m your host, Monica Froese, and. If you’re like. Me, you want. To grow. A business you love that gives you financial freedom and. Fits your. Lifestyle. Every week. You’ll get strategy and. Unfiltered opinions from me and other successful business owners that will inspire you. To make big moves in your business. When we work together, we not only grow faster. We also amplify each other’s voices. Are you ready to build your. Business on. Your. Terms? Let’s jump in. Hey, welcome back to. The Empowered Business. Podcast. This is the second episode. In our four part series, all about creating profitable digital product shops. Today, I want to talk about the five Shopify apps that have added thousands. Of dollars. To the bottom line in our business, money that we might as well have. Lit on fire before. Implementing what I’m about to tell you about today. This is one of those episodes you will probably want to take notes on because it’s full of golden nuggets. That are sure to make. You a ton of money. As always, you can find links. To everything. I’m going to be telling you about in the show notes. For this. Episode on. Monica. Frozen. So in episode 58, I broke down the five mistakes I made when I launched. Our digital product. Shop, which is called. The Empowered. Job. Two of those mistakes cost us a lot of money. And were easily fixed with the first two. Apps I want to chat with you about. One of the mistakes we made was not collecting email from new shop visitors. I mean, can you even believe that the. Sales funnel girl who teaches how to grow your. Email list and get paid. For it. At the same time didn’t implement this very. Obvious feature on her digital product shop. What the heck? So let’s set the stage here. When we started doubling down. On our shop, our primary strategy was to provide. A single call to action.

For our warm. Audience. Or customers. To shop with us. So this meant we were driving. People to the. Shop primarily through. Email. So in my mind I thought, why would I want to distract people with an email pop up? Well, let me tell you why you want to make a compelling welcome. Offer for new people in your shop. Because as you grow, you’ll get indexed in Google search and. People will start to. Recommend you not to mention a compelling welcome. Offer. Make sense for your existing audience as well, because why not help them off the fence to buy. The first. Time. Right? The first time in your shop. If you’re going to offer them. A deep discount and get them. To purchase. From you. Like, why would you not want to do that? And I’m thinking in my head, duh. So last year. A mastermind student of mine told me that gamification. Worked super well in her shop. Gamification is just like it sounds. It makes it super fun for the person to. Take the action that you want them to take. So our goal was to do two things. The first was to collect their email. Address and the second was to get them to make. A purchase. So the first app. I want to tell you about is called Willow. It triggers four new visitors to our. Shop, and it’s a spinning wheel, so the wheel shows different options that they can win when they spin. For us. This is a discount based and the discount. Lasts for 30. Minutes. And of course, they need to hand over their. Email to spin the wheel. So using this gamification method. Does three things. First, it makes it fun. Two, it gets them on my email list so we can follow up with them. And form a relationship for future. Sales. And three. It gives. Them an urgency to place an order right away. With us because the. Discount they’re presented. With is only valid. For those 30.

Minutes. We didn’t install this in our shop until. We were. Several months in. And according to. Analytics, it looks like Willow has added $20,058.21 to the bottom line. Worth it? I think so. So now let’s talk about my second. Favorite. App. App number two is Honeycomb. One of the ways. We were leaving money. On the table was by not. Offering order bumps, upgrades. And upsells. And the thing is, it’s. Actually super easy. To do. As you were listing a new product when. You use honeycomb, this is how. It works Every time. You go to checkout. In my shop. An order bump or an upgrade is. Going to pop up. Now here’s how I define what that means. In order bump is an enhancement to the. Product they are buying. It’s basically a no brainer. Easy. Yes to add it to your order. I offer the order bump at a larger than. Usual discount and they have 5 minutes to decide. Alternatively, I may offer. An upgrade replacement. Instead. So for example. If. You were purchasing Pinterest advertising 101 from me, I would offer you an upgrade to purchase. Ads that scale instead. Ads that scale is basically the 201. Or more advanced. Version of what they had. In their cart. So it’s not an add on like. An order. Bump is. It’s a replacement or upgrade. Finally, the last way we use honeycomb is by offering an upsell. After their purchase is. Complete. So this works similarly to the order bump where it will pop. Up and give them 5 minutes to decide if they want to. Start. A new order. In upsell is usually the next logical step in their. Customer journey. For example, if you buy. Digital products. At scale from us, which teaches how to. Create digital products. The next logical step would be. To sell your digital products. So I may offer you a sales funnel. Course. Next to help you do that. Since implementing these three things with.

Honeycomb, the order bumps. Upgrades and upsells. We’ve added $34,419.54 to. The bottom line. Definitely worth the. Extra few minutes it takes to add this on. Every. Time you list a new product in your shop. Oc App number three. Is. The frequently bought together app. This app allows you to create bundles of products that basically like the app name suggests. Are frequently bought together. The bundles show at the bottom. Of each product. Listing and make it. Super. Easy to add these additional. Products to their cart with. One click. Or they can click through to the other products and read more about. Them. So if you think about. Someone in your shop who is interested in buying a product from you and they are reading. About it, they may have no idea what other goodies you. Have for. Them and. Might not really know where to start either. This is a great way to not only encourage additional products. To be. Added to their cart. But also gives them a starting point to explore. More. So frequently bought together has added. $13,591 to the bottom line since implementing it seven months ago. And I will say I have not fully optimized it yet. So I think that the potential. Here is quite. High. To be more in the. Range of how much Honeycomb brings in. App number four. Is the judged app. Me app Judged at Me. Is a pretty amazing. App that helps you collect testimonials. Or reviews for your products. Social proof is incredibly important for the selling process. I know when I’m buying things on. Amazon, the first thing I do is scroll down to the. Reviews. I use a heat mapping software on my site called. Hotjar, where I’m able to. Watch videos of how people navigate through my shop, and it is. Incredibly. Enlightening. One thing I see a lot. Is people scrolling right to. The testimonials. For the product. It matters. Studies have shown time and time again. The power of social proof.

Now we use judge me to not only collect and display the. Testimonials throughout our. Site, we also incentivize people. To leave a review. By offering them a one time 25% off coupon on a. Future order. So we. Send a series of three follow up. Emails. Right. From the app asking. For the. Review and the app. Handles generating and delivering. The discount as well. This has worked really well for us. And we’ve been able to use the kind. Words. That people have left in our. Marketing. Emails as well. Now, we didn’t implement this until. We were six. Months in. And I really wish. We had done it sooner. I also am not going to attach a. Dollar amount. To this because honestly. If a. Review has encouraged people to. Buy, there’s. No way to track that. I can tell you anecdotally, I have no doubt that it has added a lot of money to the bottom line though. And at number five. I want to talk about is called Go F. Pro. So Go F Pro is. An affiliate. Marketing. App. People can sign up to become an affiliate of your shop and recommend. You to their friends for a. Commission. It’s a pretty. Easy to use app too. Honestly, it’s this is one of the thing we don’t do very. Well. That we. Need to do better. We have a pretty large affiliate network. And while setting up. The program. And using this app is not. Hard. We don’t do a good job at communicating what specials we have going on so. They can promote us. So in other words, Go f Pro makes it super easy for us to set up an affiliate program. But we don’t. Follow it through and make sure we’re giving the right. Type of information to those people that want to recommend us. And it’s honestly, it’s one of those things that. We need to get better at. But regardless. It is a no. Brainer to give.

People the opportunity to recommend you. Even though we do a bad job of giving information. To our affiliates. To. Make it easier to promote. Our affiliate program has still generated 293 orders. Which is $10,599.05 in sales. So still it’s worth having and I can only imagine how. Much better it would be if we put more effort into better. Communication. Okay, so let’s. Recap. The five apps that have helped us add tens of thousands. Of dollars to the. Bottom line are one, we’ll. Go for. Gamification. That’s where we collect. Email addresses. And really encourage them to make the first sale by offering them a 30 minute. Discount. The second app is honeycomb. And this is where we implement our order bumps, upgrades and. Upsells. Essentially get them to add. More to their shopping cart. The third app is frequently bought together. This is where we put product bundles together. To help them make decisions on what else makes sense for them to look at in our shop. But also it’s an easy way to add. More products to their cart. The fourth. App is judged at me and this. Is for customer. Reviews and testimonials because. Social proof matters. And the fifth app is Go. F Pro for our affiliate program. And this is how we allow people. To recommend our. Shop. To their. Audiences and. Of course, make more money. Now, if you have a digital. Product shop or are thinking about creating a shop for your digital. Products, I highly recommend getting started with these five apps. They are relatively. Inexpensive and easy to use. And definitely provide a. Nice boost to. Not only your bottom line, but the user experience. So I’m going to give you one last bonus tip when it comes to Shopify apps. The next type of app that I plan on exploring is a. Customer reward program. So one thing I found when digging. Through my. Data was that I have. A high percentage of return customers. Like. Over 30%.

And when I ran a customer report, I. Found that I had hundreds of people who have placed. Multiple orders with. Us. So at. This point, a reward program would be a pretty smart move for. Us if you couldn’t tell. I love talking about all. Things digital product. Shops and we have something. Super fun and special for you coming. Up. It’s called the Digital Shop Accelerator. Simplify your sales for more profit. And it’s happening the week of March 20. And even. Better, it’s free to. Join. It’s a combination of. Short. Impactful. Audio. Drops and an interactive live training with me. I’d love for you to join. Us and you can sign up today at Digital Shop Experience dot com. Forward slash training. Of course, we’re also going. To link to this in the show notes to make it. Super easy for you. Now, during this weeklong. Free event, we’re. Going to be diving into things like how to make the mindset. Shift from free to. Paid Hello my blogging friends. Or. Just. Content creator to e-commerce shop owner who provides their value through. Selling. Yes, that’s. Right. You’re going to hear me say it a lot. Selling is serving. We’re also. Going to talk about. The real power. Of having a centralized call to action in your business. Of course, I’m talking about your digital product shop. But we’re also going to talk about the transformation that you will see when you make this. Shift in your. Business. I’ll show you how one. Low price product can easily turn into a multi $100 sale. Oh, that’s going to be a good one. And then we’ll do a live interactive demonstration on how. You can leverage all of your hard work over the years at. Scale using a. Digital product shop. So if you’re in. Head on over. To digital shop experience dot com. Forward. Slash training and sign up. Also again, you can get that in the show notes. So tune in again next week when I’ll.

Be breaking down the four most important levers that. You have to pull inside of your shop to. Make a lot more money. You may be noticing a trend here. I want to help you make money. With your digital product shop. So that’s what we’ll be talking about next week as well. Until then. Thanks for tuning in to another episode. Of The Empowered Business Podcast. I just launched. A brand new subscribers only. Podcast called Monica Soapbox. It’s a nice supplement to. What I share with you each week here. Monica Soapbox. Is more laid back where you’ll. Get unscripted behind the scenes updates on my business and the. Industry. Head on over to empowered business. That co. Forward slash. Soapbox to sign up. See you here again next week.

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